- New generation film Supreme PPF Xtreme to safeguard vehicles’ painted surfaces

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions today launched its next generation paint protection film, SupremeTM PPF Xtreme, aimed at empowering vehicle owners to safeguard their investment against the impact of extreme environmental conditions in Australia and New Zealand.

Built on the foundation of Avery Dennison’s top-of-the-range paint protection film, the new Supreme PPF Xtreme is a step forward in performance with an extended 10-year warranty across all zones, optimised installation performance, and enhanced self-healing and stain resistance.

“As materials science is in our DNA, the Avery Dennison team is driven to meet the constantly evolving needs of our customers through innovation,” said Chris Sherry, Senior Product Manager, Australia and New Zealand, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions. “We are, therefore, proud to announce significant technological upgrades to our premium paint protection film, creating the new Supreme PPF Xtreme.”

“The new Supreme PPF Xtreme will help owners safeguard the painted surfaces of their vehicles against the impact of challenging road and environmental conditions across the ANZ region.”

The new Supreme PPF Xtreme, designed to answer vehicle owners’ need for a highly durable film for the extreme environment in the ANZ region, is a virtually invisible ultra gloss, non- yellowing, and self-healing polyurethane film that enhances a car’s appearance and preserves its resale value.

“Throughout our product development stage, we engaged with our installer community intending to deliver a film that not only protects against impacts from road debris, and environmental contamination, but also installs efficiently,” added Chris. “We want to ensure the best installation experience for our installers. We are confident that the new Supreme PPF Xtreme has the right balance of conformability and adhesive tack, giving installers of all levels faster and easier installation the first time.”

The Supreme PPF Xtreme is available through our authorised Avery Dennison Graphic Solutions distributors in Australia and New Zealand. We invite automotive businesses and installers to be an Avery Dennison [Insider] to receive priority news and alerts from the company directly at