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  • + Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems sets new standard in corrugated production with launch of new Kongsberg Ultimate

    Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS) has today (30 November) unveiled its game-changing new digital cutting platform, the Kongsberg Ultimate. Poised to transform the...

    December 05 2023

    Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS) has today (30 November) unveiled its game-changing new digital cutting platform, the Kongsberg Ultimate. Poised to transform the corrugated production industry, the groundbreaking platform delivers unprecedented levels of productivity, precision and safety. 

    With its new, innovative drive technology, an impressive acceleration rate of up to 2.74G and a remarkable cutting speed of 168 meters per minute, the Kongsberg Ultimate is a testament to Kongsberg PCS's commitment to developing the latest technology. 

    “Engineered with our deep understanding of corrugated and display converters’ needs for precision, the Kongsberg Ultimate promises to redefine standards and usher in a new era of productivity and innovation, delivering a fast return on investment for convertors of corrugated board,” said Kongsberg PCS President and CEO, Stuart Fox. “Enhancing operations and providing a significant competitive advantage, the platform sets a new industry benchmark and is set to drive the future of corrugated production for years to come.” 

    Incorporating six core values in the design, the Kongsberg Ultimate represents a quantum leap forward in technology, directly addressing the unique challenges faced by corrugated converters involved in continuous high volume multi-batch production. 

    “With corrugated converters around the world under increasing pressure to produce better, faster, safer and more efficiently to meet the demands of the global market, we have underlined our commitment to deliver a solution that has been engineered for precision and built for productivity,” added Stuart. 

    “Businesses seeking to elevate their operations need look no further than the Kongsberg Ultimate.” 

    Kongsberg Ultimate Core Values:

    Unlocking the Kongsberg Ultimate's performance capabilities

    Productivity: With its new drive and beam design, the Kongsberg Ultimate defines the next generation of design and performance. This leads to significant productivity gains and return on investment for users. 

    Precision: With its meticulously designed custom carbon fiber beam, the Kongsberg Ultimate ensures unparalleled stiffness and consistently applies a 50kg downforce. The tool head camera further elevates its precision, making every cut align perfectly with the highest industry standards. 

    Safety: The Kongsberg SmartzoneTM safety solution is an innovative proximity-driven dual-zone system crafted to blend safety and efficiency seamlessly. Furthermore, the intuitive LED lighting ensures machine status is crystal clear, ensuring a safe and productive environment. 

    Uptime: With new self-diagnostics and remote operator alerts, combined with the application of proven robust technologies from other high-demand industrial fields, the Kongsberg Ultimate is designed to deliver the highest uptime to maximize utilization. 

    User Experience: Operators are at the heart of every production. Keeping this in mind, the Kongsberg Ultimate boasts the intuitive IPC 3.0 interface with touchscreen to enhance the operator experience, with easily accessible buttons on the machine making every task seamless and user-centric. 

    Sustainability: The Kongsberg Ultimate incorporates greater use of recycled, readily recycled and other materials with less environmental impact, demonstrating that Kongsberg PCS takes its commitment to a greener future seriously. 

    Unveiling the innovative new table at the company’s headquarters in Gent, Belgium, Stuart Fox said: “We have worked creatively to ensure that our future is built upon manufacturing equipment that our customers and team can be proud of. The Kongsberg Ultimate is not just an evolution but a leap forward in corrugated production technology and a commitment to the corrugated industry for the future. 

    “This remarkable achievement reaffirms Kongsberg PCS's position as an industry leader and underlines our dedication to delivering innovations that empower businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.” 

    For more on the Kongsberg Ultimate, visit www.kongsbergsystems.com/en/cutting-systems/tables/ultimate/overview

  • + Xante Sets Price and Ship Date for Its New Direct-to-Film Printer

    The Xante F-24 direct-to-film printer will begin shipping in January 2024 at an MSRP ...

    November 14 2023

    The Xante F-24 direct-to-film printer will begin shipping in January 2024 at an MSRP of $26,995 for the complete system. The F-24 DTF debuted at Printing United in October with a lot of excitement and interest from show attendees. This latest launch accentuates Xante’s continued commitment to deliver ever-adapting solutions for the modern business landscape.

    The new F-24 prints 24″ wide film to allow a varitey of detailed designs to be ganged up for maximum effiency and cost per print.

    Some specs of the F-24 include:

    1. Space-Saving Design: The F-24 is specially engineered to fit through a standard-sized door, offering unrivaled convenience in terms of installation and location. This compact design ensures that businesses can seamlessly integrate the F-24 into their existing workspaces without the need for extensive renovations,
    2. Cost-Effective: DTF printing reduces the need for expensive screens or plates, significantly lowering setup costs. With film, powder, and ink it costs you pennies for a standard 13″x18″ T-shirt logo. A perfect choice for both established businesses and startups looking to print on fabric.
    1. Quick Turnaround: The Xante F-24 offers rapid printing capabilities, enabling businesses to meet tight deadlines and customer demands efficiently. This product also allows you to print full sheets of designs to then cut and apply on demand. 
    2. Versatile and Vibrant: DTF printing is vibrant, does not crack, and washer/dryer durable making it ideal for creating eye-catching promotional materials, customized apparel, and more. The F-24 comes with two Epson i3200 printheads CMYK+WWWW.

  • + LogoJET Leaps into Large Format with the Unveiling of Strata Series

    LogoJET, a global leader in direct-to-substrate printers for specialty items, is excited to announce the launch of its game-changing Strata Series at Print United 2023 in Atlanta, ...

    October 24 2023

    LogoJET, a global leader in direct-to-substrate printers for specialty items, is excited to announce the launch of its game-changing Strata Series at Print United 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia, taking place from October 18-20th. With 18-years of delivering top-of-the-line small format printers, LogoJET expands its product offering into the large format flatbed sector to meet its customers’ growing needs and reinforces its commitment to profitable, scalable solutions.

    Breaking New Ground with the Strata Series

    The Strata Series features two groundbreaking flatbed printers: Luna, with a print area of 3.2 feet by 5.9 feet, and Terra, boasting a generous print area of 4.9 feet by 8.2 feet. These additions represent industrial engineering excellence, built to provide consistent, high-quality prints across a diverse range of substrates.

    The move into large format printing isn’t just an expansion—it’s a revolution that aligns perfectly with LogoJET’s mission to empower their customers with profitable solutions that scale, and backed with LogoJET’s 3-Year Warranty and 5-Star Support.

    Susan Cox, CEO of LogoJET, shared her enthusiasm: “As we mark our 18th year in the business, LogoJET is thrilled to unveil the Strata Series, a transformative line of medium and large format flatbed printers designed to elevate what is possible in signage and specialty printing. Expanding into large format has been a pivotal decision that aligns with our mission to provide our customers with scalable, profitable solutions. The Luna and Terra represent the future of LogoJET—innovative, customer-focused, and limitless. We can’t wait to introduce them at Print United 2023.”


  • + Vanguard unveils the VK3220T-HS UV-LED flatbed

    Vanguard Digital Printing Systems, a Durst Group Company, introduces the Vanguard VK3220T-HS ultra-high production UV-LED flatbed.This printer offers a larger bed...

    October 24 2023

    Vanguard Digital Printing Systems, a Durst Group Company, introduces the Vanguard VK3220T-HS ultra-high production UV-LED flatbed.

    This printer offers a larger bed size, up to three rows of industrial printheads for maximum productivity, an electromagnetic carriage drive system as well as field-upgradeability. It offers up to 1800 dpi print resolution and speeds up to 3,875 sf/h.

    The VK3220T-HS redefines the meaning of productivity on a 3.2 x 2 meter (126” x 80”) UV-LED flatbed. With up to three Rows of printheads, print speeds can reach over 3,800 square feet per hour.

    Utilising 4 picoliter drop size Kyocera printheads and a high-speed magnetic drive, there’s no compromise on speed to achieve remarkable quality. With the ability to add channels for additional speed or application potential after installation, the VK3220T-HS can grow alongside business possibilities.

    Jim Peterson, COO and founding partner, Vanguard Digital North America, said, “The VK3220T-HS is the culmination of years of technological advancements and our response to the demands of the market. We are dedicated to delivering the best printers available, and through our innovation and commitment to our customers, we have created the new benchmark for speed and quality, with a focus on productivity and efficiency. The VK3220T-HS symbolises the start of a new chapter for Vanguard Digital, and we are so proud to share it with the North American market.”

    The VK3220T-HS can print on nearly any substrate up to 4 inches thick and is driven by an electromagnetic drive. Other features include auto height detection, one-touch pin registration, front-to-back and back-to-front printing, water-cooled LED curing technology, and ionization bars.

  • + HP Inc has announced a new 36-inch DesignJet portfolio

    HP Inc has announced a new 36-inch DesignJet portfolio that simplifies the printing needs of AEC (architec...

    October 10 2023

    HP Inc has announced a new 36-inch DesignJet portfolio that simplifies the printing needs of AEC (architecture, engineering & construction) professionals who increasingly work in a hybrid environment - needing a high-quality printing experience, whenever and wherever they are. The devices will also enable copy shops to better meet the requirements of AEC customers.

    With 54% of AEC firms deploying a hybrid work policy, flexible working models are here to stay. This new approach has changed workflows, requiring aspects of the job, including large format printing, to be enabled in a hybrid environment. Because of this, users need intuitive print technology that meets their technical needs, whether that is printing A3-A1 CAD drawings or architectural boards, all without compromising on security.

    “More than ever, AEC pros, or the copy shops that serve them, need easy-to-use tools that help them be more productive and deliver high-quality work - whether they are in the office, at home or somewhere remote,” said Daniel Martinez, General Manager, Large Format Business, HP. “With our new HP DesignJet lineup - alongside software such as HP Click and the HP app - users can print, monitor jobs and check device status from virtually anywhere, as well as collaborate on documents with colleagues.”

    Sustainable and Secure

    With the new 36-inch DesignJet portfolio, HP helps customers to go beyond and run their businesses while achieving their sustainability goals. Thanks to HP’s Forest First initiative, with every page a user prints with the HP DesignJet T850/T950, Smart Tank T858/T908 MFP or XL 3800, HP collaborates with non-profit organizations , to ensure forests are restored.

    The HP DesignJet T850/T950 are both made from at least from 35% recycled plastic, use carboard-based cartridges, and, along with the DesignJet Smart Tank T858/T908 MFP, can be scheduled to power on and off automatically to preserve energy consumption. Meanwhile, the T858/T908 MFP and the HP DesignJet XL 3800 are comprised of at least 33% recycled content.HP has also prioritized cyber-security, with HP Wolf Security protection built into the HP DesignJet T850/T950 and XL 3800. HP Wolf Security provides comprehensive endpoint protection and resiliency that starts at the hardware level and extends across cloud-based software and services – safeguarding an organization’s PCs, printers and people from cyber predators.

    With additional Enterprise-level Wolf security features, the HP DesignJet XL 3800 is also the world’s most secure large format printer, based on third-party analysis of security features available on the market.

    Solutions for all AEC Requirements

    The new HP DesignJet lineup – consisting of three product families - provides several options and features to cater for all AEC user needs, including:

    HP DesignJet T850/T950:

    • Save time by moving effortlessly from A3 to A1 prints, with the A3-to-Large Format integrated device
    • High-quality CAD and renders on any size and application
    • Simplify remote collaboration with one-click scan and copy workflows from the front panel

    HP DesignJet Smart Tank T858/T908 MFP

    • Accelerate turnarounds with speeds of up to:
    • 90 A1 pages/hour for the T858
    • 120 A1 pages/hour for the T908 MFP
    • Confidently refill ink—even while printing—with spill-free bottle system
    • Maximize efficiency - with reduced energy consumption, spill-free refills, and 85% less ink used for routine cleaning
    • Available in certain Asia markets only (see end of the press release for more details)
    • Suitable for copy shops

     HP DesignJet XL 3800

    • Keep projects moving with the fastest color printer in its class at 6 A1/D color pages/min, and first page out in 20 seconds
    • Excellent CAD lines and graphics applications in mono and color
    • Optimize space with 20% more compactness
    • Perfect for copy shops and enterprises

    • Vibrant colours – more achievable than ever with the power of white ink
    • Go beyond – with environmental certifications and carton-based cardboard cartridges
    • Grow online – HP PrintOS Design & eCommerce unveiled to help PSPs grasp online opportunities  

    HP Australia launched the new HP Latex 630 printer series, completing HP’s Latex range and making white ink technology available to Print Service Providers (PSPs) of all sizes. White ink allows users to produce a more impactful range of signage and décor jobs with stunning image quality and colors that jump off the page, creating attention grabbing campaigns for end-customers.

    The HP Latex 630-series, as with the rest of HP’s Latex portfolio, allows firms to offer more sustainable printing services: with water-based latex inks that give off negligible chemicals or odors; UL ECOLOGO® and EPEAT® environmental certifications;[[iii]] and carton-based cartridges that reduce plastic by using 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard containers, as well as recycled plastics from HP’s closed-loop process - including post-consumer beverage bottles.[iv]

    “The new HP Latex 630-series packs our leading latex features, such as white ink, into a more compact and affordable form factor - allowing even the smallest of print businesses to effortlessly deliver high impact signage and décor applications, boosting margins,” Craig Hardman, ANZ Large Format Country Manager. “Beyond the hardware, we have continued to innovate when it comes to services and solutions, with new cloud-based HP Print OS functionalities giving time-pressed users the ability to process and monitor jobs from virtually anywhere.”


    The HP Latex 630 family provides a number of options and features, including:

    • A choice of four SKUs
      • The HP Latex 630 and HP Latex 630 W – the latter with white ink functionality
      • HP Latex 630 and 630 W Print & Cut – giving customers the option of upgrading to a dual-device solution, with print and cut functionality
    • Save time – with automated front-loading system and simple, fast load/unload workflows
    • Easy re-prints – with in-printer storage of up to 10GB
    • Stunning image quality – with HP Pixel Control Technology and new printhead architecture for sharper small text, all at standard speeds of 14m2 (150ft2) an hour[v]
    • Software as standard – SAi RIP solution offered out of the box


    Win business online and simplify operations

    As part of a continued focus on helping PSPs improve productivity and grow their business, HP has also announced HP PrintOS Design & eCommerce – an intuitive web-to-print solution that saves valuable time with simplified print application design capabilities, efficient production paths, and step-by-step guidance on how PSPs can integrate it with an existing e-commerce store.

    "We spend a lot of time listening to print providers about what they need to grow, and one key area was evolving their e-commerce capabilities and better connecting the front and back-ends of their business," added Craig Hardman. “HP Print OS Design & eCommerce is our response, giving PSPs a quick and easy way to enhance their online shop, as well as new ways to process orders and automate jobs.”

    The Design & eCommerce solution will be made available in select countries within HP’s PrintOS suite to subscribers of the HP Professional Print Service Plan (PPSP) ‘Plus’ tier, making the PPSP offering more appealing to small and medium sized PSPs. HP’s Professional Print Service Plans are designed to enable business agility, maximize uptime, and to provide learning opportunities and support.

    For further information about HP Print OS Design & eCommerce and HP Professional Print Service Plans, please visit the website here. 


    The HP Latex 630, HP Latex 630 W, HP Latex 630 Print & Cut Plus, and HP Latex 630 W Print & Cut Plus are expected to be available from September 19th, 2023, in major markets globally.

    The HP Print OS Design & eCommerce solution is expected to be available from November in the UK, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. For further information, please contact a local sales representative.

    For further information about HP Print OS Design & eCommerce and HP Professional Print Service Plans, please visit the website here.

  • + Hasler introduces the first 5-meter wide XY flatbed cutter

    Hasler Cutting Systems have launched a groundbreaking development for large format cutting operations, int...

    September 19 2023

    Hasler Cutting Systems have launched a groundbreaking development for large format cutting operations, introducing the world's first 5-meter wide digital flatbed XY cutter, equipped with the latest Optiscout software, delivering unparalleled quality, versatility, and affordability.

    Hasler's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions with exceptional value has led to the creation of 15 different table configurations, including the remarkable 5-meter wide cutting table, setting a new industry standard. Unlike any other offering on the market, our product combines European craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, and affordability, making it the perfect digital cutting solution for a wide range of industries.

    Key Highlights of the Hasler Digital Flatbed Cutters:

    Optiscout Software: The industry standard Optiscout software empowers users with advanced capabilities for precision cutting, ensuring optimal results for a diverse range of materials and applications.

    Competitive Pricing: Hasler's 5-meter wide cutting table and other flatbed XY digital cutters are available at the highest quality and lowest cost on the market.

    Experienced Team: Hasler's team of large format digital cutting table specialists boasts over 50 years of combined experience, ready to assist your company in optimizing production operations.

    Versatile Tool Options: Hasler tables offers a complete selection of tool options, from routing to knife cutting to crease and kiss-cut tools, ensuring a tailored solution for your specific cutting needs.

    Transparent Pricing: Hasler's upfront pricing and table configurator provide clear and straightforward price information, allowing you to make informed decisions without the need for negotiations.


    Choose from fifteen distinct configurations based on five standard cutting table widths, or personalize the length with table extensions. Add features like roll-off/sheet fed systems, full conveyors, and various tool heads and up to 5kW router and accessories to meet your unique cutting demands.

    Exceptional Warranty Package:

    Every Hasler table is backed by an industry-leading 2-year full warranty, giving our customers peace of mind and confidence in their investment. In addition to a 5-year limited warranty that includes remote technical support, and a 10% discount on consumables and labor costs.

    "Hasler is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in large format cutting technology while maintaining affordability," said Melody Thompson, Sales & Marketing Manager for North America at Hasler Solutions USA. "The new 5-meter wide digital flatbed cutter with Optiscout software is perfectly paired to any 5-meter wide format printer on the market today, and represents the culmination of Hasler’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. Hasler cutting tables are built for 24/7 production. Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, Hasler has the solution you need to enhance your cutting capabilities, increase productivity, and drive success."

  • + Roland DG launches new Desktop Printer/Cutters with VersaSTUDIO BN2 Series

    Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters worldwide, today announced the addition of the BN2-20 and BN2-20A desktop inkjet printer/cutters to ...

    September 11 2023

    Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters worldwide, today announced the addition of the BN2-20 and BN2-20A desktop inkjet printer/cutters to its VersaSTUDIO product lineup.

    "Since our founding in 1981, we have been providing digital solutions that enable anyone to easily do what could only be achieved previously by people with special skills and experience," said Tony Miller, President of Roland DG’s Global Sales and Marketing Division. "Today, our compact, easy-to-use, and affordable desktop products are marketed under the brand name VersaSTUDIO and include a broad range of popular desktop solutions, such as inkjet printers, cutters, engravers, metal printers, and foil transfer laser decorators." 

    The new BN2 series offers a choice of two powerful eco-solvent desktop devices that use the same high-definition print heads, eco-solvent inks, and cutting technology as our wide-format printers for outstanding print quality and precision contour cutting. In addition to their compact size, printing speed for the new BN2 series is approximately 4 times greater than previous models, allowing users to produce a wide variety of high-value-added items, from original T-shirts, posters, stickers and labels, to displays; quickly and easily from their workspace. 

    According to Miller, the BN2 series was designed to offer excellent usability, even for novices, who can begin producing professional print quality items straight from set-up. This simplicity extends from installation to usability through multi-colour LED lights which indicate printer status at a glance. 

    The included Utility software supports intuitive operation through easy-to-understand icons for quick access to menu items, while the functional bundled software can be used for everything from design creation to output. Also, the innovative Frontal Access Structure allows media setup and maintenance to be performed from the front of the printer for a more efficient use of space. 

    Incorporating the Roland DG Connect App, which virtually connects the BN2 series printer production and creative output, users get an in-depth view of their printer’s operating status to keep their device/s running at optimum print performance. 

    Customers can choose from two models, the CMYK plus White 5-colour BN2-20 and the CMYK 4-colour BN2-20A. Each model includes design and output software and comprehensive manufacturer’s warranties as standard, which present an attractive value proposition for first-time users. 

    "Since the first model was introduced, over 25,000 units of the BN Series have been sold worldwide, with broad applications including start-ups, shifting out-sourced production in-house, and educational settings" Miller said. "With further advances in productivity and usability, the BN2 series opens the door to greater creativity and business success for even more people. We will continue to expand our VersaSTUDIO series lineup to meet the creative needs of desktop professionals around the world." 

    Learn more about the new VersaSTUDIO BN2 Series desktop printer/cutters at www.rolanddg.com.au/products/printers/versastudio-bn2-series-printer-cutter.

  • + Summa release new state-of-the-art S Class 3 device

    The Summa S Class 3 is a state-of-the-art device designed for professional users who demand top performance in their cutting applications and want to explore new opportunities....

    September 11 2023

    The Summa S Class 3 is a state-of-the-art device designed for professional users who demand top performance in their cutting applications and want to explore new opportunities.

    At the heart of the S Class 3 is its unique True Tangential Cutting Technology, ensuring top-notch performance. The addition of the all-new OPOS Camera with onboard image processing provides ultra-fast mark recognition and processing, making print&cut workflows smoother and more efficient. The performance head is the most advanced in the vinyl cutter series and can now automatically switch between cutting and creasing, perfect for short-run packaging jobs, and setting a new standard in the industry.

    High-Precision & Unrivalled Performance

    The S Class 2, a proven performer, has been on the market for ten years. It is not only unmatched (still!) by its competition, it is also very much valued by its customers. "For the S Class 3, we kept the good and proven. And while they may look similar under the hood at first sight, a lot has been upgraded. The latest electronics made it possible to achieve faster responsiveness, better data processing, and more precise motor control, resulting in a smoother, faster, and more reliable result.", says Randi Kerkaert, product manager.

    Reliable & Versatile Cutting

    Nowadays, vinyl cutting is probably not the hottest topic in the Sign & Display industry. "The long lifetime of every Summa vinyl cutter allows sign shops to avoid the need for further investments in vinyl cutting equipment. On the other hand, having a premium cutting plotter available on the work floor remains essential and critical for many businesses", states Christof Van Driessche, CCO at Summa. "A reliable cutting plotter is much appreciated even in an industrial environment. With the introduction of the S Class 3, we aim to provide new opportunities for sign shops to expand their current vinyl cutting businesses and explore new territories, like cardboard cutting and creasing."

    The S Class 3 will be available in our partners' showrooms as of September 2023. Check out all the details of this amazing product, including the barcode workflow with enhanced roll-up system, its Performance Head and the all-new OPOS Camera.

  • + Mimaki Europe announces faster TxF300-75 direct-to-film printer

    Mimaki Europe has announced the development of a new direct-to-film (DTF) printer, the TxF300-75. The new system incorporates the stability and functionality of Mimaki’s first...

    August 29 2023

    Mimaki Europe has announced the development of a new direct-to-film (DTF) printer, the TxF300-75. The new system incorporates the stability and functionality of Mimaki’s first DTF printer, the TxF150-75, while delivering new levels of productivity with print speeds that are three times higher.

    Mimaki’s intention, when entering the DTF market earlier this year, was to offer customers a stable, efficient DTF platform that incorporates Mimaki’s renowned quality standards. In line with the original machine, the new TxF300-75 meets these objectives, whilst catering to a diverse set of printing demands, including larger companies requiring higher volumes of high-quality output.

    “We believe in giving customers choice and anticipating their needs, which is why we are expanding our DTF printer line-up hot on the heels of the inaugural system.” explains Arjen Evertse, General Sales Manager, Mimaki Europe. “The TxF300-75 has been designed to offer even greater productivity. The innovative 80cm width introduced with our first DTF printer remains a feature of this new system, enabling customers to print more efficiently.”

    The reliability of the Mimaki DTF printer series is achieved through the built-in ink circulation system that prevents white ink clogging, and a degassed ink pack, lowering the risk of poor ink jetting. The new printer also includes core Mimaki features, including NCU (Nozzle Check Unit) and NRS (Nozzle Recovery System) for stable, uninterrupted print production. The DTF process also enables customers to print on a wider range of fabric such as cotton, mixed fabric, polyester, and dark coloured fabrics.

    In line with Mimaki’s sustainability goals, the TxF300-75 utilises Mimaki’s PHT50 pigment inks which are ECO-PASSPORT certified - validating their lower environmental impact and meeting the requirements for OEKO-TEX certification.

    Distributed in the UK and Ireland by Hybrid Services, the company’s sales director, Andrew Gregory, welcomes the addition to the line-up. “Since its launch, the TxF150-75 has been an overwhelming success, receiving a very positive response from the market. It’s exciting to be able to announce the higher production machine joining the range, and we look forward to seeing it later in the year.”

  • + Canon Colorado M-series approved for 3M MCS warranty program

    Canon has announced that 3M has recognised the exceptional quality of the Colorado M-series and approved its UVgel 460 white ink as part of the 3M MCS Warranty program, following i...

    August 01 2023

    Canon has announced that 3M has recognised the exceptional quality of the Colorado M-series and approved its UVgel 460 white ink as part of the 3M MCS Warranty program, following its successful introduction earlier this year.

    The 3M MCS Warranty program provides assurance that applications printed on the Colorado M-series in combination with UVgel 460 inks and 3M’s approved media will achieve the highest quality standards. The applications it covers include vehicle graphics, signs and displays, floor graphics, as well as transparent film and multilayer applications, such as window graphics and many more.

    In combination with a variety of 3M media, the Colorado M-series and its UVgel 460 inks, including the new white ink, had to pass a series of rigorous tests carried out under 3M’s stringent assessment conditions to qualify for the approval. Recognised as a trusted industry standard and representing the most comprehensive, all-inclusive warranty for finished graphics, the 3M MCS Warranty provides non-prorated protection for the graphic’s intended lifespan, including protection against fading, cracking, peeling, blistering, discoloration and many other aspects of graphic performance. In doing so, the warranty gives both print service providers and their customers the confidence that their images will perform as expected for the intended lifetime of the printed graphic.

    The Canon Colorado M-series was launched earlier this year and is designed as a single, fully modular platform that can be configured to graphics providers’ needs and grow with their business, with easy in-field upgrades. The scalable series includes two base models (M3 and M5) that offer a choice of output speeds and the option to upgrade from one model to the other. Both printers can also be upgraded to include white ink (M3W and M5W).

    The Colorado series is Canon's most productive 64-inch printer family and uses the unique UVgel ink technology. It incorporates all the best aspects of alternative ink technologies, such as the colour gamut and light fastness of eco-solvent, the fit for indoor and outdoor use, due to there being no odour and quick drying time associated with latex and the productivity and low-temperature printing process of UV.

    The inclusion of the white UVgel ink for the 3M MCS Warranty program maximises the scope for customers to benefit from UVgel’s renowned performance advantages across a full spectrum of premium graphics, including window graphics, labels, interior décor and many multi-layer applications.

    UVgel inks produce odourless, ultra-robust output, fully certified for indoor use as well as being very durable for outdoor use. Customers benefit from zero VOC emissions, zero hazardous air pollutants and a low average ink usage of 5.9ml /m2. And with more than 3,000 UVgel engines installed worldwide, UVgel has already proven itself to be a sustainable, cost-efficient and highly productive alternative for latex and eco-solvent technology.

    Woonsik Shim, Vice President, Graphics and Personal Auto Business, 3M Commercial Branding and Transportation Division, says: “At 3M we take pride in the ability to provide graphics manufacturers the widest selection of premier printing solutions. Extending the warranty through our partnership with Canon and their growing UVgel portfolio reinforces our commitment to quality and to our customers' success, which in turn inspires confidence in the printed graphics.”

    Mathew Faulkner, EMEA Director, Marketing and Innovation, Wide Format Printing Group at Canon Europe, comments: “We’re committed to working with large format graphics producers to evolve their production and enable them to exploit new growth opportunities. With the new Colorado M-series, which has Canon’s UVgel technology at its core, we’re helping our customers to do just that by providing a fully modular printer platform capable of effortlessly handling high-value, white ink applications. Through collaborative efforts with key partners such as 3M and by acquiring the highly regarded 3M MCS Warranty for the M-series including white ink, we’re better equipped than ever to empower print service providers to meet the highest quality standards, achieve boundless creativity, improved efficiency and grow their profitability.”

    The Colorado 1630, Colorado 1650 and also the new Colorado M-series with the UVgel 460 ink set, which includes white ink, are now all approved for the 3M MCS Warranty program.

    Canon is seeing a rapid growth in the take-up of its Colorado platform and patented UVgel technology and, in 2020, invested in a new, state-of-the-art ink factory at its HQ in Venlo, Netherlands, which is now fully operational and increasing its production capacity continuously to keep up with demand.

  • + New Mutoh Flatbed UV-LED printer, XpertJet 1462UF

    High productivity, high image quality, and ability to print on various media MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD., a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, affil...

    August 01 2023

    High productivity, high image quality, and ability to print on various media 

    MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD., a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, affiliated with MUTOH HOLDINGS CO., LTD. today announces the release of the XpertJet 1462UF, a flatbed UV-LED printer with a table size of 1,420 mm (55.9”) x 700 mm (27.5”), which combines high productivity and high image quality to meet diverse user needs.

    The XpertJet 1462UF is equipped with two newly developed 4-inch UV-LED lamps and staggered dual print heads with independent CMYK and white/varnish for faster two-layer printing.

    The highly rigid and precise chassis and MUTOH's unique alluminum rail mechanism deliver high ink dot placement accuracy. 

    The printer supports media up to 1,420 mm (55.9”) x 700 mm (27.5”), 150mm (5.9”) thick, and 50 kg/m2 in weight. The table unit is equipped with a 4 zone vacuum table with 4-stage suction force control, and service holes for fixing jigs, allowing greater flexibility in media selection. 

    The XpertJet 1462UF brings the best "Made in Japan Quality" to various markets such as personalised items, store decoration, sign, industrial products and more.

    Key Features of the XpertJet 1462UF

    Both high productivity and high image quality in bi-directional printing enable faster 2-layer printing

    - Two new 4” wide UV LED lamps

    Newly developed 4-inch wide UV-LED lamps are placed on both sides of the print head. Combined with "UV-LED local dimming control technology," which individually controls the UV-LED lamp irradiation for each segment according to the printing conditions, it achieves optimal ink curing even in bi-directional printing.

    Dual print heads in a staggered setup

    Staggered dual printheads ensure high-productivity. The first head prints CMYK, the second head prints white/ varnish, which enable 2-layer printing without speed loss. It is ideal for braille and 2.5D structure prints.*ADA-compliant Braille printing will be supported in NorthAmerica.

    Highly rigid & high-precision chassis

    Highly rigid and precise chassis and adjustment of MUTOH’s high precision alluminum rail mechanism deliver high ink dot placement accuracy.It enables stable and high-quality printing.

    4 zone vacuum table

    The  XpertJet 1462UF has both sufficient table area and strength, it is capable of printing on heavy or thick media. The media size of 1,420mmx700mm (55.9”x27.5”) supports a wide range of applications from large signage to small print runs . It improves productivity and shortening delivery time. The 4-zone vacuum table can be configured for single or multi area vacuum suction securing virtually any media in place. Select from four levels of suction force (strong, medium, low, and off).

    Designed for ease of use to improve operability

    Table function for easy media fixation

    Suction holes and pre-drilled holes outside the print able area can be used to secure custom jigs. In addition, unique ferro magnetic table easily secures a variety of products with magnets.


    The simple nozzle check function

     Even after the jig and media to be printed are set on the table, nozzle check can be performed at anytime in a dedicated area next to the print table.


    Other key features of the XpertJet 1462UF are as follows.

    Ease of use Signal tower light - The status of the printer can be checked at a glance from a distance.

    Automatic nozzle checking unit - Automatically detects missing nozzles and performs nozzle cleaning.

    Nozzle area select - Nozzle area select temporarily prints using selected areas of active nozzles when clogged nozzles fail to recover.

    Automatic media detection - The onboard laser sensor automatically detects media thickness.

    Ink circulation system - Three circulating pumps for white, black and yellow inks are installed to ensure stable colour reproduction.

    Ionizer (optional) - Optional ionizer neutralises static charges on the media surface to support stable printing.

    MUTOH genuine RIP software VerteLith - Genuine RIP software that achieves unmatched image quality and workflow efficiency.

  • + Megnajet launches new fluid management system - JetSource HFR

    Megnajet has launched the JetSource HFR Core, a new fluid management system designed to meet the challenges of high-volume, inkjet printing and additive manufacturing applications....

    July 25 2023

    Megnajet has launched the JetSource HFR Core, a new fluid management system designed to meet the challenges of high-volume, inkjet printing and additive manufacturing applications.

    Developed in response to the increasing industry demand for jetting large volumes of fluid, Megnajet’s latest fluid management system recirculates fluid at up to four litres per minute across up to five independent ports for printheads.

    In addition, the JetSource incorporates an impressive system architecture which minimises any restrictions and enables peak flow rates to be achieved, thereby maintaining print system productivity.

    This innovation in inkjet fluid management systems helps OEMs and integrators to overcome the common challenges in jetting large volumes of fluids. The system provides accurate, high-quality results across a range of applications including labelling and packaging embellishments, special varnish effects, braille and high-build 3D printing.

    Optimised tank volumes ensure continuous availability of conditioned fluids with the advanced dual heating and sensing system providing precise temperature regulation for jetting.

    Pressure stabilisation is also guaranteed with the JetSource HFR Core, providing a fast response to changes in print duty and maintaining control when ejecting large volumes of fluid. Thanks to a compressed air venturi system, it can react quickly and accurately to deliver high quality print regardless of the duty cycle.

    Easily integrated to customers’ inkjet systems, its compact nature and ease of use make the JetSource HFR Core the ideal fluid management solution in high volume applications. Units can also be customised to suit specific fluid types, including the use of alternate body materials such as FDA approved food grade acetal or a choice of gasket materials and customisations to user software.

    The launch of the JetSource HFR Core opens up the opportunity for OEMs to take advantage of the benefits of high productivity printheads and printbar-based architecture, without having to invest in developing their own solution.

    Mike Seal, General Manager at Megnajet said, “We’re delighted to launch the JetSource HFR Core as it meets the growing demand to precisely and accurately control large volumes of fluid across high productivity printheads.

    “JetSource will help our customers to access the many opportunities of high-volume inkjet applications, delivering print quality that is essential to their success, while saving them time, effort and resources in having to develop their own standalone solution.”

  • Print service providers can benefit from increased flexibility with the Flex RTR module, which doesn’t need undocking when transitioning from rolls to boards or sheets. This improves printer uptime and maximizes print production efficiency. The module marks the next step in the Tauro’s automation story, focusing on the optimal utilisation of this hybrid printing solution’s versatility.

    “Automation is at the core of our inkjet printing solutions development track,” says Dieter Jancart, Segment Manager for high-end inkjet systems at Agfa. “Depending on a company’s specific job types and printing requirements, we will offer a tailored solution that will ensure the most efficient handling of their workload, regardless of whether it involves rigid or flexible substrates, or a combination of both.”

    The Flex RTR was developed to match the one-pass printing mode on the Tauro H3300 UHS LED, up to a printing speed of 905 m²/h. It has a compact footprint and is ergonomic and user-friendly. With the simple press of a button, the dancer rolls controlling media tension move upward, enabling quick and effortless loading of the media by a single operator.

    With the ability to handle both single- and dual-roll printing, the Flex RTR module can accommodate widths of up to 3.3 m and 1.6 m, respectively, with a maximum roll diameter of 400 mm and a weight of 450 kg for each roll. Switching from single- to dual-roll printing and back is a quick and straightforward process that can be accomplished by a single operator. The dancer rolls do not need to be removed or reinstalled but can remain in place during the changeover.

    To ensure accurate double-sided printing, the integrated camera system reads QR codes generated by the printer’s user interface to pinpoint the exact image location and adjust the print position at the start of each job. If printing on the back side is unexpectedly halted, the camera system will identify which image needs to be printed, so that production can resume rapidly and flawlessly.

    The new Flex RTR module is available as of this moment for all Tauro H3300 LED printers.



    Vastex International have expanded their line of l...

    April 25 2023

    Vastex International have expanded their line of low wattage, high efficiency dryers for curing of DTG-printed inks and pretreatment, and water-based screen-printed inks and discharge, at high rates using 20 percent less energy than comparable dryers.

    The new Lo-E1D model with 46 cm long heating chamber and 2.85 kW of power draws 12.5 amps at 230V, curing up to 23 garments/h printed with digital white ink at 3 minutes dwell time, or 64 garments/h with DTG pretreatment only or water-based inks at one minute dwell time.  

    The new Lo-E3D model with 132 cm long heating chamber and 6.35 kW of power draws 38 amps at 230V, or just 10 amps at 400V, 3 phase, and cures up to 64 garments/h with digital white ink at 3 minutes dwell time, or 180 garments/h with DTG pretreatment or water-based inks at one minute dwell time.

    "We engineered the new models for energy conscious-printers having lower or higher capacity requirements than satisfied by our first Lo-E2D dryer, which gained immediate acceptance following its 2022 introduction," says Vasilantone. With a 89 cm long heating chamber and 4.6 kW of power drawing 22 amps at 230V, that model cures up to 45 garments/h with digital white ink at 3 minutes dwell time, or 88 garments/h with DTG pretreatment or water-based inks at one minute dwell time.

    All Lo-E models are equipped as standard with a 76 cm wide conveyor belt that runs true by means of a low friction belt aligner patented by the company, with belt speed controls allowing infinitely adjustable dwell times from one to five minutes. 

    The Lo-E2D and Lo-E3D models come equipped with a 224 cm conveyor belt length and a 10.5 m3/min. exhaust system that evacuates moisture and air contaminates from the heating chamber, and cools the enclosure's outer skin and control panel.   The Lo-E1D has a 122 cm conveyor length and a 7.9 m3/min. exhaust system.

    Height-adjustable heaters offer dual zone temperature control with a boost zone to quickly reach cure temperatures, and carry an industry-leading 15-year warranty.

    As with all Vastex floor-standing conveyor dryers, the modular design of the low energy models enables users to add one or more heating chambers and extend the conveyor belt, multiplying capacity in direct proportion to each heating chamber added. Conveyor extensions can also be added to the infeed or outfeed of the dryer to optimize loading and cooling/unloading of garments.

    The company also produce mid- and high-capacity dryers for DTG, DTF and screen-printing applications, as well as commercial-grade and entry-level manual screen printing pressesflash cure unitsscreen exposing unitsscreen drying cabinetswashout booths and complete screen printing shop systems, and offers a comprehensive range of training classes for entry level, intermediate and advanced screen printers.

    For information contact Vastex International, Inc., +1 610 625 2702, sales@vastex.comwww.vastex.com

  • Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and printer cutters worldwide, announced today the launch of a new VersaOBJECT brand of products capable of printing brilliant colour directly on a wide variety of three-dimensional objects. The lineup adds six CO models to its series of large-format UV-LED flatbed inkjet printers, four with fixed flatbed tables and two with belt systems, providing users with a host of options. 

    “The VersaOBJECT line is our direct printing solution that enables easy and efficient high-precision printing on three-dimensional objects without using conventional methods such as pad printing or screen printing that require specialised skill and know-how,” said Tony Miller, President, Global Sales and Marketing Division. “We were quick to recognise the value of direct printing by digital technology, and in 2011 we launched our first UV flatbed printer capable of printing on materials such as resin, leather, and wood. Since then, we have added numerous UV direct-to-object inkjet products that have become very popular.”

    "As consumer needs become more diverse and individualised,” Miller continued, “it is essential to provide one-of-a-kind products and services, and to respond flexibly to the trend toward small-lot, high-mix manufacturing. In such an environment, it is becoming increasingly important to add value to consumer products and other items and to provide them on-demand. To respond to these increasing needs across various industries, we have launched a new brand, VersaOBJECT, to strengthen and diversify our offerings to our customers.”

    The new CO inkjet series is equipped with UV inks that cure via ultraviolet irradiation and can print directly on various materials such as plastic, leather, wood, and cloth. Based on their material and application, customers can choose the best solution for their needs from six different models in 64” and 30” widths, including four flatbeds with three different fixed table sizes for the 64” versions, and two printers with belt systems.

    The CO series can print to objects up to 200 mm in height and 100 kg/m2 in weight and allows printing to be performed on gently curved or uneven surfaces. This makes it ideal for personalisation of a variety of consumer products, and customisation of industrial products and parts, interior decoration, sign graphics, POP displays, packaging, and other high-mix, low-volume production. In addition, the belt system allows printing on items with longer shapes, as well as on unique, thicker roll media like natural or synthetic leather, felt, and rubber mats.

    Precision ink firing and powerful LED lamps cure the ink fast. This combination delivers stunning images and high colour saturation and reproduces the finest details, from small text to elaborately textured patterns and gradations. CO series printers support CMYKOrRe and special inks of Clear, White, and Primer. The use of Clear ink produces finishing effects such as gloss, matte, textures and simulated embossing. High-opacity White ink is often used as a base coat when printing on transparent film or dark objects, while Primer ink makes it possible to print on materials that were previously difficult to print on, such as metal.

    Miller said, "VersaOBJECT's direct printing solutions revolutionise the conventional decorating process, bringing numerous benefits and a competitive advantage to our customers' businesses, including shorter delivery times, reduced costs, greater flexibility, reduced environmental impact, and new business development. We will continue to expand our product lineup and the possibilities of on-demand decoration with VersaOBJECT to enhance our customers’ creativity and grow their businesses.” 

    To discover more about Roland DG's VersaOBJECT CO Series, click here.

  • Canon Production Printing today launches the new Colorado M-series, a modular 1.6m roll-to-roll printer with two speed configurations and now also with Canon UVgel white ink, boosting the printer’s unmatched productivity and substantially expanding the range of applications that customers can create. 

    Retaining Colorado’s industrial build quality, the new M-series design is based on a single platform that can be configured to customers’ needs and grow with their business, with easy in-field upgrades. The scalable series includes two base models (M3 and M5) offering a choice of output speeds (cruising speed of 29m2/hr [312ft²/hr] and 40m2/hr [427ft²/hr] and maximum print speed of 111m2/hr [1,195ft²/hr] and 159m2/hr [1,709ft²/hr] respectively), with the option to upgrade from one model to the other. Both printers can be easily upgraded to ‘W’ versions for white ink (M3W and M5W). 

    The introduction of a white UVgel ink maximises the scope for customers to benefit from UVgel’s renowned performance advantages for a full spectrum of premium graphics and décor applications – for example window graphics, labels and wallpaper. With this addition, and with new media detection sensor technology for easy media handling, Colorado M-series customers can expand their typical product offering using heavy structured, transparent, coloured, reflective and magnetic materials. 

    The unique gel formulation of Canon UVgel ink translates to fast build-up of dense and opaque white images in fewer passes than with conventional printing technologies, and printed output maintains its original whiteness over time. UVgel’s particular properties also eliminate many of the production, nozzle-cleaning and maintenance issues commonly associated with white ink, offering smooth, error-free printing, minimising ink usage and waste, and maximising productivity. 

    Customers can also choose the popular FLXfinish+ option with their Colorado M-series printer, allowing them to add matte, gloss or mixed matte and gloss on the same print, without additional varnish. High-volume customers can automate the print-to-finish process with a UVgel Print Factory or UVgel Wallpaper Factory configuration, which seamlessly integrates the Colorado M-series printer with cutting, rewinding, taping or sheet stacking to manage volumes of at least 50,000m2 (500,000ft²) per year with minimal operator time. 

    Craig Nethercott, Managing Director, Canon Production Printing Oceania says: “Ever since they burst onto the market, Colorado printers with UVgel ink have set the highest bar for speed, quality and all-round productivity. On top of these business-critical performance criteria, customers today want to make smart, environmentally-responsible investments in large format graphics printing solutions that can evolve with them and help them tap into lucrative creative applications, products and markets. With the addition of an easy-care white ink option, the new modular Colorado M-series is the growth engine that businesses need to level up their capabilities and turn ideas into reality.” 

    Canon UVgel ink delivers pin-sharp image quality and consistent colour, while its instant drying properties enable immediate cutting and finishing, and its ultra-durability removes the need for lamination. Like previous Colorado models, the M-series is designed to handle the workload of multiple legacy roll-to-roll printers, with industrial-grade round-the-clock reliability and unattended printing with minimal operator intervention. The new M-series Colorado printers are supported by PRISMAguide XL, the easy and powerful make-ready software which results in effortless production runs with consistently high quality. 

    Compared to other ink technologies such as latex or eco-solvent inks, UVgel technology consumes up to 40% less ink to build up the same image quality and colour intensity. The low-heat, energy-efficient LED curing system and ‘instant-on’ operation results in reduced energy use compared to other technologies. Furthermore, with UVgel technology, customers can print on environmentally responsible materials such as PVC-free and paper-based media, even uncoated. This means the Colorado M-series printer fits perfectly in a sustainability-conscious organisation. 

    The Colorado M-series is designed with low total cost of ownership and rapid return on investment in mind, thanks to the lowest operating costs in its category, the ability to produce high-value applications, and the unique modular upgrade options. 

    The Colorado M-series is available immediately via accredited partners as well as Canon’s direct sales organisations. 

  • Designed to deliver high speed print, scan, copy and share functionality


    Epson’s multifunction models, SureColor T-Series T5760DM 36-inch and T7760DM 44-inch dual-roll, have joined the newly released production-class T-Series, taking the total in the range to 6 printers. All printers are available now from authorised Epson dealers.

    New SureColor T7760DM dual-roll MFP printer


    Developed from the ground up, the all new SureColor T-Series MFP models embody the philosophy of high-speed printing, scanning, copying and sharing across an even wider range.

    New SureColor T-Series compact form factor in-situ


    All SureColor T-Series MFP models share the same key features as the other models in the range which include Epson’s latest 2.64-inch PrecisionCore™ printhead providing outstanding image quality. There’s also improved usability, streamlined workflows and media handling, Adobe’s Embedded Print Engine as standard, dual rolls, built-in take-up reel for roll-to-roll printing, complete front operation and easy automatic roll loading. 


    The new MFP models like the other models in the range also share the same compact industrial design with flat top providing a small footprint for space-constrained production environments.

    The new SureColor T-Series range’s many save options


    The SureColor T5760DM 36-inch and T7760DM 44-inch models incorporate an advanced high speed integrated 36” scanner for scan and copy functionality. The scanner flat opens automatically when selecting either copy or scan mode and the printer conveniently allows for printing to continue when these modes are selected and in use. The scanner supports scan and copy functionality with network and direct USB and included is a 960GB SSD for file storage in a variety of formats. It features a dual light source to ensure the best possible imaging even on aged and creased documents. It also incorporates advanced CIS with RGB filters to reproduce accurate colours and recognise highlighter and pen-based markings even with fluorescent ink.


    The SureColor T5760DM 36-inch and T7760DM 44-inch delivers posters and POP displays at speeds over 27 m2/h and CAD and technical drawings at production-class speeds over 130 m2/h, for fast cost-effective production with lower power consumption. 


    More about the new SureColor T-Series MFP

    The new line delivers a range of features designed to revolutionise business productivity, including:


    • Advanced performance – Delivers crisp, detailed, colourful prints using a reliable 2.64-inch PrecisionCore Micro TFP printhead, producing remarkable prints at speeds over 130 m2/h. The integrated scanner provides high speed productivity with an A1 portrait scan speed: 25.4cm/s or 10.0 ips for mono and 11.43cm/s or 4.5 ips for colour (200 dpi).
    • Superior image quality with UltraChrome XD3 6-colour inks - including a new red ink. Produces durable prints with crisp lines and vibrant colours for graphics, signage, blueprints, documents, and more.
    • Compact design for small spaces – up to 25% smaller than the previous generation with a sleek design that simplifies workflow and features a usable flattop design, complete front operation, and small footprint for space constrained environments. 
    • Seamless, dual-roll productivity – Included in all 6 new models, to accommodate two media types or sizes, or so the second roll can be used as a take-up reel for roll-to-roll production
    • Easy setup and operation – Simple to install, large 4.3” LCD touch screen control panel, all front-loaded consumables, integrated pull-out drop-down media
    • Adobe Embedded Print Engine – High-speed processing and PDF printing convenience powered by a powerful Adobe Embedded Print Engine with four on-board Intel Atom CPUs. Provides up to 3x faster1 processing of complicated data and accurate printing of transparent layers than previous generations, with PDF RIP resolution up to 1200 dpi
    • Epson Cloud Solution PORT – Remotely manage and monitor entire printer fleets cost effectively with a convenient dashboard on laptops or smart devices, including production rates, page and square meter counters, printer status, and equipment utilisation.
    • Versatile media handling – Print on a wide range of media, including glossy, bond, matte and specialty medias, and rigid posterboard up to 1.5 mm thick
    • Versatile connectivity – High-speed USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet or Wi-Fi® connectivity (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) options to fit virtually any production workflow 

    -Enhanced security features and IT tools – 28 IT security features to assist with data production, communication security, and access control, including IC card option for user control and tracking, and SSD encryption.


    As a further update to the original T-Series line-up, the SureColor T7760DL 44-inch dual-roll printer with large cost-effective 1.6L ink pouches, T3760D 24-inch and T5760D 36-inch dual-roll printer versions are also available now.


    The SureColor T5760DM 36-inch and T7760DM 44-inch dual-roll MFP models are available in Australia and New Zealand now for the following RRP (ex-tax):


    T5760DM Printer with 5-year CoverPlus – $16,995

    T7760DM Printer with 5-year CoverPlus – $20,295


    New Zealand

    T5760DM Printer with 5-year CoverPlus – $18,495

    T7760DM Printer with 5-year CoverPlus – $21,995


    Picture credits

    New SureColor T7760DM dual-roll MFP printer

    New SureColor T-Series compact form factor in-situ

    The new SureColor T-Series range’s many save options


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    Twitter: @EpsonAust
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  • Fujifilm has confirmed that the Acuity Prime L flatbed printer is now commercially available. The printer, which was unveiled at FESPA 2022, is a larger version of the award-winning Acuity Prime 20 and 30 models.

    Offering a maximum print area of 3200mm x 2000mm and a headline print speed of 202m2/hr, the Acuity Prime L is easy to operate, and produces high quality results at high speed. It features six vacuum zones and 16 media location pins, as well as the ability to print side by side jobs with its dual zone function, for maximum flexibility.

    Uvijet HM – an ink system formulated specifically for the Acuity Prime series – provides excellent adhesion to a broad range of substrates while also producing a wide colour gamut. The new ink range is optimised to produce high quality, vibrant images day-in, day-out.

    A new jettable primer improves adhesion still further for particularly challenging substrates. This removes the need for the offline pre-treatment of substrates before printing, saving time and money.

    Available with up to seven ink channels (CMYK, plus white, clear and primer) the Acuity Prime L with Uvijet HM inks offers the ultimate versatility and value by providing the flexibility for print businesses to customise it to their own needs.

    In January 2023, German graphics arts business Tom Fox became one of the first companies in Europe to invest in the Acuity Prime L. The company purchased the machine just a few months after adding an Acuity Prime 30 to its production line.

    Anda Baboi, Marketing Manager, Fujifilm Wide Format Inkjet Systems says: “Following the success of the Acuity Prime 20 and 30 printers, we are pleased to announce the commercial availability of the Acuity Prime L. Larger in size, it enables businesses to increase their productivity without compromising on speed or quality."

    “Tom Fox is one of the first companies to have invested in the Acuity Prime L and we look forward to seeing how it boosts business for them and other print service providers in the sector.”

  • Mimaki has announced its first ‘direct to film’ (DTF) inkjet printer, the TxF150-75, at its Global Innovation Days event.

    Utilising a heat-based transfer method, the printer is ideal for creating premium, customised merchandising, sportswear and various other promotional textile applications.

    DTF printing provides an easy and affordable process for decorating apparel, and is commonly used for decorating T-shirts. The design is printed directly onto a special transfer film, which is then sprinkled with hot-melt powder, and once heated and dried, the transfer sheet is ready to be applied to the fabric using a heat press.

    Based on Mimaki’s best-selling 150 Series, the new TxF150-75 responds to the market need for a reliable, stable DTF technology. A built-in ink circulation system and degassed ink pack design help prevent common DTF issues, and by utilising proprietary Core Technologies, which include a nozzle check unit and nozzle recovery system, the printing process is carried out efficiently with minimal user intervention.

    Mark Sollman, Sr. Product Manager EMEA, Mimaki Europe comments, “Apparel decoration is a hugely popular and dynamic sector, one which we are already operating in with our other textile technologies. However, we could see the impact DTF technology has had on the industry in recent years, with its significant advantages over existing technologies. Namely, DTF avoids the time intensive process of plate creation in screen printing and the required weeding in traditional vinyl heat transfer. The technology can also create vibrant designs with its full colour printing capabilities. We’re excited to bring a solution to the market that is designed for those already active in the decorated apparel sector and those looking to enter it, which excels in usability, reliability and quality.”

    DTF printing is a printing method that has become widespread in the textile and apparel industry, especially in the wear printing market typified by T-shirts. In DTF printing, the design is first printed directly on a special transfer film by a printer. Next, the printed film is sprinkled with hot-melt powder, which is then heated and dried to form a transferable ink layer on the film. The formed ink layer is then transferred to a fabric such as a T-shirt by a heat press to complete the finished product.

    As the company’s first entry into a new segment, Mimaki has created its own range of water-based pigment inks (PHT50) especially for this solution. As of March 2023, these inks are OEKO-TEX ECO PASSPORT certified, guaranteeing that safety and environmental standards are met in line with Mimaki’s sustainability pledges. Unlike sublimation heat transfer printing, DTF is much more versatile when it comes to materials, able to work with more than just polyester and polyester blended materials, and on light or dark coloured fabrics.

    The TxF150-75, developed by Mimaki Engineering, is an inkjet printer with a maximum printing width of 80 cm for producing DTF print transfer sheets. The PHT50 heat transfer pigment ink for DTF, consisting of five colors (CMYK and white), is scheduled to obtain the ECO PASSPORT certification by the end of March which is essential for obtaining the international safety standard for textile products “OEKO-TEX”.

    The DTF printers have been plagued by ink ejection defects and white ink clogging. To overcome these issues, Mimaki has adopted a degassing ink design that uses aluminum packs as the printer's ink packaging form, as well as a white ink circulation function MCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology)*1. The new printer also features Mimaki's NCU (Nozzle Check Unit)*2 and NRS (Nozzle Recovery System)*3 technologies that support stable operation. They ensure continuous printing without stopping the operation to support customers' productions.

    Currently, silk screen printing is widely used in the wear printing market, but this printing method requires the preparation of plates, making it unsuitable for small-lot production. Moreover, full-color printing requires time and labor to create plates for each color. The heat transfer method using rubber sheets is also commonly used, but it involves manual labor for "weeding," which is the process of manually removing unnecessary portions of the transfer when fixing the printed design on the fabric. In recent years, there has also been a growth of direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, which uses inkjet printers to print designs directly on garments and fabrics. DTG printing does not require plates and can be used for full-color printing, but it does require fabric preprocessing and manual handling by the operator at each printing steps.

    Under these market circumstances, DTF printing eliminates the need for plate preparation and weeding, which have been difficulties in conventional printing methods. Since it enables unattended printing process operation, it is rapidly being adopted in the market as a technology that contributes to labor savings.

    The printer is supplied with Mimaki’s RasterLink7 RIP software, allowing users to have full oversight and the ability to streamline the process from the design to the final product. Distributed in the UK and Ireland by Hybrid Services, the TxF150-75 will be commercially available via its network of specialist resellers from April 2023.