• + Introducing the Primera AP380 Label Applicator

    Label Power has been crafting top-tier labels for more than 15 years. Therefore, we are always thrilled whenever an exceptional product emerges, improving our process even further....

    April 02 2024

    Label Power has been crafting top-tier labels for more than 15 years. Therefore, we are always thrilled whenever an exceptional product emerges, improving our process even further. The AP380 is the latest product from Primera, featuring intuitive controls and an incredibly easy set-up, it allows for quick adjustments and seamless integration into existing production lines. Operators can save up to nine settings for optimal label spacing, streamlining the labelling process, and enhancing consistency. With a built-in rewinder, LED counter and five roller locations, it comes with all the bells and whistles that place it firmly ahead of the competition.

    The AP380 is built to be able to handle a wide array of cylindrical containers of all shapes and sizes, including bottles, jars, cans, and tubes. It can accommodate containers with widths from 25mm to 239mm and diameters from 15mm to 170mm, providing unparalleled versatility. Even for those containers with slight irregularities or tapering, the AP380 ensures seamless label application. 

    With a labelling capacity of up to 1500 containers per hour, you can achieve a 30% increase in production speed compared to previous models. Moreover, you can apply labels to both the front AND back of the container at the same time. But you won’t be trading accuracy for speed, the AP380 uses precision sensor technology that automatically adjusts based on a labels thickness and the built-in spring-loaded pressure arm applies labels firmly and without wrinkles, ensuring consistent and beautiful results every time. 

    The AP380 is on display at both our Brisbane and Melbourne showrooms. Bring in your jars and bottles and we’ll show you exactly what this machine can do. If you’re based in Sydney, our consultant can bring the AP380 to you for a demo on-site. Online demonstrations are also available by appointment. You can see more about the AP380 on our site here or [CP1] you can contact us today on 1300 727 202 or at

  • + Innovia launches white floatable PO shrink film for light-sensitive products

    Patented extension of RayoFloat™ product range of floatable shrink sleevesThe film will be marketed under the nam...

    February 20 2024

    • Patented extension of RayoFloat™ product range of floatable shrink sleeves
    • The film will be marketed under the name RayoFloat™ white APO (WAPO)
    • New sleeve film expected to increase recycling of food grade PET packaging

    Innovia Films, a leading material science pioneer that manufactures polyolefin film materials for labels and packaging, has announced the extension of its product range for floatable polyolefin shrink films. The new film is a low density white film made from polyolefin (WAPO) that maintains floatability when printed. The opaque film contributes to the light blocking properties of the shrink sleeves that later can be applied to containers for industries that are light sensitive such as dairy, food supplements, nutritional products and cosmetics. The film will be produced at the European Innovia site in Płock, Poland.  „We have seen a need in the market to create an opaque film that floats and can be combined with transparent PET bottles. Many light-sensitive products are packed in HDPE bottles that are not recycled back into food grade packaging – at least not at the moment“, explains Simon Huber, Managing Director Innovia Europe. „This innovation is a game changer and can enable dairy brands and other companies that have light-sensitive products to switch to a transparent PET bottle that can and will be recycled back into food grade packaging – closing the loop.“

    „The new Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWR) that is being created by the EU will be a big driver of Design for Recycling“, explains Lucija Kralj, Business Unit Director Labels EMEA. „As all packaging will need to be recyclable by 2030 and certain recycled content targets will be mandatory, a transparent PET bottle with a floatable sleeve that automatically detached during sorting and recycling is the ideal solution. We have patented the film solution that will be manufactured in Poland but will be available globally.“ 

     Just as the clear film range, RayoFloat™ white APO facilitates easy separation and removal of labels from PET bottles and other types of plastic containers in the recycling process. It automatically detaches during sorting and recycling in the sink/float process and thus enables a high yield of high-quality PET flakes that are the basis of food grade recycling.
     The film also supports a closed loop in the production facility and contains up to 20 percent post-industrial recycled content.

  • + Mark Andy introduces Digital Pro PLUS

    Leading US manufacturer of narrow web technology, Mark Andy, has launched a new version of its highly successful and user-friendly Digital Pro series of hybrid presses.  Known...

    February 13 2024

    Leading US manufacturer of narrow web technology, Mark Andy, has launched a new version of its highly successful and user-friendly Digital Pro series of hybrid presses.  Known as Digital Pro PLUS, it uses the well proven Mark Andy Pro Series flexo platform as a base for short to. Medium run high-quality digital printing that combines dry toner with optional flexo and inline finishing techniques.

    Described by Mark Andy’s newly appointed Product Manager for Digital Presses, Ben Luly, as: “An affordable and versatile digital hybrid with expandable capabilities to suit changes in market demand, from roll-to-roll to a fully configured single-pass print and finishing line,”Digital Pro PLUS has a standard web width of 13” (330mm), and a 1200 x 2400 print resolution, equivalent to 3600 DPI.  Capable of production speeds up to 77 ft/min (24 m/min) on a variety of substrates from paper to supported films and foil, the compact design of DPro PLUS gives it a small footprint that will fit into even the most crowded production floor.

    DPro PLUS builds on the success of Digital One and Digital Pro, which have seen more than 300 successful installations worldwide since launching in 2016.  By combining a proven digital toner engine with Mark Andy’s 77 years of web handling expertise, DPro PLUS offers label converters a unique investment opportunity to grow their business organically and in an affordable way in response to changes in customer demand.

    “We genuinely see it as a clear roadmap for growth as its capability can be scaled up as and when required.  It’s the right press for high-quality CMYK printing roll-to-roll but is easily and affordably upgradeable to a full-scale inline production tool that can include flexo printing before and after the digital unit, cold foil, lamination, semi-rotary die cutting, slitting, scoring, sheeting, and delivery onto a stack conveyor – it really is a great all-rounder!” he added.

    With no ‘clean room’ requirement DPro PLUS is the ideal production tool for a variety of prime p/s labels for the food & beverage, industrial, craft goods and health & beauty sectors amongst others.  Its variable data capability is perfectly suited to today’s increasing demand for the shorter runs, more personalization and versioning that are demanded by brand owners and print buyers alike.

    “Perhaps, best of all, it’s a Mark Andy product with all the benefits that brings to the narrow web sector.  This includes service plans, a global network of support and parts, technical expertise in all aspects of printing and converting, and a 24/7 helpline if you ever need it, as well as the availability of all consumables through Mark Andy Print Products (MAPP).  We have the most extensive portfolio of narrow web technology on the market and the knowhow to match – that’s why I’m confident that DPro PLUS will be a winner,” he concluded.

  • + Fujifilm Launches the 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System, a High-Speed Inkjet Imprinter for Labels and Packaging

    FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions, a leading global inkjet solution provider, today announced the launch of its FUJIFILM 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System, a new integrated print sol...

    January 23 2024

    FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions, a leading global inkjet solution provider, today announced the launch of its FUJIFILM 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System, a new integrated print solution for industrial production operations for printing on a wide range of labels and packaging material. The FUJIFILM 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System features a drop-on-demand design to streamline workflow with fast, industry-leading printing speeds of up to 500 feet per minute.

    Fujifilm’s 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System uses Fujifilm’s proprietary SAMBA® printhead technology, which leverages the precision of silicon MEMS processing and sputtered PZT in an ingenious parallelogram shape. Additionally, Fujifilm’s 46kUV Inkjet Printer System has a native resolution of 1200 dots per inch (DPI) to cover a broad range of today’s label quality needs, and can print individually unique QR codes, as well as produce high-quality small fonts.

    “We’ve seen the use of inkjet continue to grow in the label and packaging markets given its ability to produce high-quality output with variable data,” said Greg Balch, vice president and general manager of the FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions group. “Our vision behind the 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System is to help fill an important gap in the market for imprinting at high DPI and with high reliability.”

    Fujifilm’s 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System is available in four print widths, including 10”, 13”, 17” and 20” to integrate seamlessly into traditional printing processes, minimizing the need for extensive training and process changes. Fujifilm’s 3IC document creation software can be used with the 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System to efficiently create variable data content. The printbar’s cleaning and capping module is designed to help maintain image quality. The use of the 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System utilises Fujifilm’s proprietary REDIJET® patented ink recirculation to optimise image quality across the print width to minimise the need for printhead refurbishment.

    The FUJIFILM 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System is now available for sale worldwide. 

  • + Mark Andy Adds Retrofit Option to its Digital Inkjet Offering

    The global leader in label and package printing equipment has partnered with Domino to further extend its Digital Series iQ product line.As the digital printing market conti...

    October 31 2023

    The global leader in label and package printing equipment has partnered with Domino to further extend its Digital Series iQ product line.

    As the digital printing market continues to grow, Mark Andy has partnered with Domino to bring another solution to converters looking to expand their print portfolio.

    DSiQ-R is a retrofit digital inkjet module designed to seamlessly integrate with Mark Andy Evolution and Performance Series press platforms to create a fully hybrid, single-pass production solution. The 600dpi engine, powered by Domino technology, can accommodate web widths up to 13.4 inch (340mm) and in production mode can run up to 230 fpm (70m/min), bringing higher productivity to versioning and multi-SKU jobs. The module is available with four (CMYK) or five (WW+CMYK) color modes, and mounts directly to the press, making high-end label enhancements including cold foil, lamination or diecutting a reality in single-pass production.

    The DSiQ-R is equipped with iTech features including ActiFlow2, CleanCap2 and SetAlign, resulting in consistent density and quality across the printed web. Software integration is seamless, with the Digital Front End (DFE) included, and a single user interface makes job set-up and management intuitive. And all equipment is compatible with Mark Andy’s sMArt link technology, a cloud-based job management system that monitors real-time press data to optimize pressroom workflows from job to job and shift-to-shift, ensuring most efficient and effective print production.

    For more information or to schedule a discussion with a specialist, contact Mark Andy.   Mark Andy Marketing Team

  • + News from OS: Canon Announces the Expansion of its Label Printing Portfolio with New LabelStream LS2000

    Canon announces a technology preview of the Canon LabelStream LS2000, a new 40m/min inkjet label press, at Canon Expo in Yokohama, Japan (19th – 20th October 2023). Designed for in...

    October 17 2023

    Canon announces a technology preview of the Canon LabelStream LS2000, a new 40m/min inkjet label press, at Canon Expo in Yokohama, Japan (19th – 20th October 2023). Designed for industrial-scale label printing, the LabelStream LS2000 is based on a new blend of innovative and proven Canon technologies. As Canon’s first water-based inkjet label press, the LabelStream LS2000 prints CMYK plus white on self-adhesive substrates including paper and film with a new ink set designed to comply with food safety standards. The LS2000 makes Canon’s LabelStream digital label press series accessible to a broader range of label converters serving industries including food and beverages, personal care, household goods and electronics, and the manufacturing of bespoke or customised products.

    Built on water-based inkjet technology, the LabelStream LS2000 is the ideal solution for label converters looking for a reliable, productive, and flexible digital press that fulfils the demand for shorter runs of diverse, self-adhesive labels, produced against tighter deadlines. This demand results, amongst others, from the need to respond quickly to a growing array of different products, packaging innovations, and the challenges of an ever-changing supply chain. In Europe, visitors to drupa 2024 will be amongst the first to witness the output diversity of the LabelStream LS2000 on the Canon stand (Hall 8A, Stand B41).

    Reliable, high-quality, label production with new printhead technologyThe LabelStream LS2000 is a five-colour (CMYK plus white) inkjet label press that prints at up to 40m/min with a maximum printing width of 340mm. The press features a new 2400 x 1200 dpi printhead with an ink circulation mechanism that keeps the ink moving along a precise flow path to the tips of all the nozzles, minimizing nozzle failure due to clogging and helping to extend the life of the printhead. For reliable and stable production, printhead maintenance and quality control are automated, as is colour measurement and adjustment, while the digital front end offers tight workflow integration for outstanding ease of use and operational efficiency.

    Application flexibility with innovative ink technology designed for food safety compliance.The new inks in the LabelStream LS2000 are high-density, water-based polymer inks that have been developed specifically for the new printhead by Canon. Containing highly saturated pigments and producing a wide colour gamut, the inks form a very thin layer on the substrate that drastically reduces the scattering of light, resulting in superb colour reproduction. White ink comes as standard and allows for printing on transparent film and other media – it also produces high-opacity white, which can be used as an undercoat for other inks for vivid and clear colour printing. Suitable for a wide range of applications, the LabelStream LS2000 inks have also been designed to comply with several food safety standards.

    Fast label production on a wide range of substratesLabels used on the exterior of food packaging and other everyday items, from personal care to household products, are often required to be produced in small batches and with fast delivery times due to shorter product lifecycles – and with printing speeds of up to 40m/min, the LabelStream LS2000 is equipped to deliver. The new label press will be able to flexibly handle substrates from coated to synthetic paper and film, including lower-heat-resistant film, opening up possibilities for diverse label applications. The thin ink layer of the print is almost imperceptible to the touch, which allows printed substrates – including textured media, chosen for a certain design – to maintain their original look and feel.

    Jennifer Kolloczek, EMEA Planning, Marketing & Innovation Senior Director, Production Print at Canon Europe, comments, “While demand for labels continues to grow, converters are facing challenges, such as the increasing trend of shorter runs and the production of high-quality labels on demand, which continue to drive the adoption of digital printing technology. As our first water-based inkjet label press, the LabelStream LS2000 will offer converters the reliable productivity and speed needed to meet their customers’ demands and, thanks to its versatility and expected food safety compliance, will allow them to diversify their offering.”

    The LabelStream LS2000 will become available in the EMEA region in early 2025. Additional product details will be provided in due course.

  • + Durst Group launches Hawk Eye game-changer technology at Labelexpo

    Durst Group has today unveiled full details of a new innovative technology that utilizes computer vision and artificial intelligence to take high qua...

    September 19 2023

    Durst Group has today unveiled full details of a new innovative technology that utilizes computer vision and artificial intelligence to take high quality label production to another level. On its stand C45 in Hall 7 at Labelexpo in Brussels, Belgium, the manufacturer of digital printing and production technologies is demonstrating the Durst Hawk Eye system that is designed to assist operators and automate the print quality. In addition, it significantly reduces set-up time and waste, resulting in enhanced efficiency and a more competitive total cost of ownership (TCO) for the Tau RSC platform printers.


    Durst Hawk Eye includes a scanner system, workstation and touch screen monitor. It corrects print mistakes, such as missing nozzles, inline and in real time. In the rare event of a printhead nozzle malfunctioning, in-built artificial intelligence (AI) systems automatically detect and localise any problems without any speed reduction. Neighbouring nozzles then compensate with larger drops to ensure that outstanding print quality is maintained. Operators do not need to complete any set-up and there is no need to print a special test pattern.


    Other announcements by Durst at Labelexpo include important ink developments. It is expanding the Tau RSC ink portfolio with the new Tau RSC LED inks. The new ink set, available in CMYK, with optional orange, violet, green and white, is increasing the attractiveness of the Tau RSC press portfolio. By significantly reducing the energy consumption during the operation and by eliminating frequent UV bulb and reflector changes, the overall TCO of the Tau RSC presses becomes even more attractive. The new Tau RSC LED ink combines the excellent print quality and performance of the existing Tau RSC UV ink with Durst Group’s roadmap towards a more sustainable printing industry. It provides reduced energy consumption and a reduction in consumable cost and maintenance time. This results in economic benefits for customers and a reduced ecological footprint. The vivid inks create a huge color space allowing to precisely reproduce important brand colours.


    Durst has also unveiled the new Tau RSC UV Ink 3 high speed UV inks, formulated without the need for TPO photoinitiator.


    Durst’s software label ecosystem also features prominently on the Durst stand. Tau printers are equipped with Durst Workflow Label, prepress and production software, and Durst Analytics, the analytics and monitoring tool, to make the printer a production unit from day one. All Durst software solutions are modular and can be easily managed through a web-based user interface. A browser based VDP editor for creating and managing variable data is available in the workflow.


    The show also provides the platform for Durst Group to show live running of the Tau 510 RSCi single pass press, which is equipped with new automation features. The press on its stand is equipped with the powerful double white feature, allowing excellent opacity white ink printing at 80m/min.

    “Our team of experts are on hand at Labelexpo to provide personalised demonstrations, answer questions and discuss how our solutions can revolutionize customers’ printing operations,” said Martin Leitner, Product Manager of Durst Group. “The Durst Hawk Eye is a game-changer for the digital printing industry. This technology will greatly increase productivity and efficiency, but, more importantly, it will reduce waste and the carbon footprint of our customers. We are thrilled to introduce this innovative solution to the market and provide exclusive information during Labelexpo.”

  • + Esko launches complete end-to-end inspection workflow for digitally printed labels

    New AutoSet Digital reduces waste and delivers efficiency gains for digital label printers

    September 11 2023

    New AutoSet Digital reduces waste and delivers efficiency gains for digital label printers

    Esko has today (11 September) launched a new complete print inspection solution for digitally printed label production, delivering unparalleled quality control to reduce waste and boost efficiency. 

    With AutoSet Digital, Esko has introduced an end-to-end solution that automates AVT print inspection of digitally printed labels from prepress through to on-press and finishing. 

    “The labels market is in a period of considerable change,” said Guy Yogev, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Esko. “Volume-wise, there has been around a 15% growth in digital label printing and around 40-to-50% of all label presses sold today are digital or hybrid, so it’s clear the market is growing significantly. 

    “But in this volatile market, the overall macro-economic climate of crisis and economic recession is driving increased pressure on margins, forcing label converters to look for ways to improve operational efficiencies and reduce waste,” said Guy. “Businesses are looking for ways to reduce the volumes of material they use, which means reducing defects, over-runs and waste, all while dealing with the added pressure of on-time deliveries and quality expectations. Operators might sometimes still be able to visually identify errors on presses running at 30m per minute, but as speeds increase, so does the risk of error. With digital presses getting faster, now is not the time to be loose with quality. The cost implications of such errors can be huge, which is why we have created a complete end-to-end automation solution based on connectivity between prepress to production and all the way to finishing. 

    “Historically, many businesses have been put off investing in print inspection on digital lines because of perceived product limitations,” said Guy. “For example, an inspection system needs to be set up for every run, and digital printers will typically have multiple SKUs in the printed roll and in many cases the design and job can change on the fly with no press stop. With inspection you might have had to stop and reset the system for each SKU, which created a real-time barrier with integrating inspection. But now, AutoSet Digital takes information for each SKU from Esko Automation Engine and relays it directly to the print inspection system.” 

    AutoSet Digital is now covering all of the digital workflow - whether the inspection is done on the digital printing press, on a hybrid press or on a digital finishing line.

    The innovative inspection workflow for digitally printed labels combines the accuracy and speed of the AVT Helios 100% print inspection systems with the automation of AVT AutoSet Digital, empowering operators to automatically upload and switch between jobs, enabling the AVT WorkFlow Link to record, scan and edit multiple jobs on the same roll. “The system on the press records defects, and after production the physical roll is uploaded to the finisher together with the virtual roll,” explained Guy. “This virtual roll includes the recorded defects mapped on the entire roll and either the operator or a dedicated QC editor can review and edit the virtual roll. Once edited, the mapped virtual roll will automatically signal the rewinder/doctor machine where the physical roll should stop at the identified point to remove the defect. 

    “It could be a single label due to an isolated defect, or an entire segment if there has been an issue,” said Guy. “Either way, the operator can immediately clean up the roll and rectify the error, it also brings operator efficiencies, freeing up their time to work on other value-adding tasks during a run.” 

    Guy explained that AutoSet Digital brings these same efficiency and productivity benefits to hybrid presses and digital finishing lines. “Our 100% inspection platforms can be installed at any production workflow with AutoSet Digital, providing complete hands-free inspection setup and continuous non-stop inspection when job and job design changes. 

    “With the Digital Workflow, unique barcodes are used to identify the job automatically,” he said. “When these barcodes are identified between jobs (‘lead-in/lead-out’ area), or within the print job design, they automatically set up the inspection parameters for the job that has already been created in prepress. That way, jobs can now be printed or finished with no manual setup and no production stop or slow down,” he said. “The system automatically loads up inspection parameters between jobs, keeping the line running and saving the business time and money, while ensuring accuracy and reducing waste.” 

    Entirely automated workflow 

    One of France’s leading label producers, AG3M has been using Esko AVT print inspection systems since 2020. As a member of the Esko pre-release community, the company was among the first to integrate AutoSet Digital into its prepress and production. 

    Sylvain Marchal, Président Directeur Général AG3M, said that one of the main benefits of the new system is that the company now has direct control over the print quality for multiple runs. “We can check as many as ten files simultaneously,” he said. “We can immediately link to the master PDF and view the inspection report which tells us if the job ran ok or not. The counter on the digital press tells us that we have printed a sufficient number of labels to move the job to the rewinder. 

    “Having such an entirely automated workflow has been a major development,” he said. “Before we integrated the print inspection system with the production floor, errors would lead to a bad print run and cause regular press stoppages or even, in the worst cases, a return of the artwork to prepress. 

    “Today, with this digital inspection workflow, there is inline Delta E colour measurement which ensures us a stable print run from start to finish. We have increased production by about 30%, reduced paper waste, unnecessary reprints, lost time, and machine stoppages. Now we ended up with 99.9% of all faulty prints being removed from the rolls supplied to the customer,” he said. 

    Guy Yogev said the speed and scale of results experienced by AG3M are common amongst users of AutoSet for Digital. “We have created a true end-to-end solution for print inspection for digital labels print inspection, and we are delighted to be making it available to customers,” he said. 

    For more on AutoSet for Digital and the complete range of Esko AVT print inspection solutions, visit

  • + Fujifilm launches new LED UV curing system: LuXtreme

    at Labelexpo Europe, Brussels, Fujifilm launches LuXtreme, a new LED UV curing system that allows any traditional flexographic press to be converted to LED UV curing, resulting in ...

    September 11 2023

    at Labelexpo Europe, Brussels, Fujifilm launches LuXtreme, a new LED UV curing system that allows any traditional flexographic press to be converted to LED UV curing, resulting in enhanced label production on a narrow web press.

    LuXtreme offers high speeds of up to 200m/min, along with better substrate stability, resulting in enhanced productivity for printers. Additionally, the system offers 30-50% higher radiant intensity than competitive LED curing systems, up to 25W/cm².

    The system uses 30-60% fewer LED lamps to achieve the same radiant intensity as other comparable systems. This results in better registration and less material distortion. improving the overall quality of printed materials. The energy savings this offers compared to conventional UV systems, as well as competitive LED curing systems, are significant, with both material usage and waste also significantly reduced, enhancing overall productivity and making the system a highly sustainable mercury-free solution.

    Due to the reductions in power required for the LED UV lamps, cost savings can be made across the production process. Additionally, the lower maintenance, downtime and make-ready times required to support the system also lead to a lower number of replacement parts required over its lifecycle, and lower associated labour costs.

    The working environment for operators is also improved, with many undesirable factors eliminated or reduced, including heat from conventional UV and air cooled LED lamps, ambient noise and odours.

    The system offers up to 50,000 hours LED life and up to a 720mm lamp length, scalable in 24mm steps. An LED adaptor allows easy integration on to existing mountings.

    Manuel Schrutt, Head of Packaging, Fujifilm EMEA comments: “We are excited to be bringing such an innovative and unique solution, alongside other innovations such as LED IFDC inks, to the labelling market. Sustainability is at the forefront of our processes and product development, and this launch demonstrates our commitment to providing high quality solutions that are beneficial for the environment, while providing customers with improved efficiency and productivity and a pleasant work environment. Labelexpo provides the ideal opportunity to launch this to the market and we look forward to showcasing the product to existing and potential customers.”

  • + BOBST Combines a New Benchmark Hologram Application System with Connected Tools to Achieve Maximum Quality and Efficiency

    Building on the innovative technology of the NOVAFOIL 106, BOBST launches a new version of the hot foil stamper, dedicated to the application of holograms. Featuring a completely redesigned hologra...

    August 29 2023

    Building on the innovative technology of the NOVAFOIL 106, BOBST launches a new version of the hot foil stamper, dedicated to the application of holograms. Featuring a completely redesigned hologram application system, the NOVAFOIL 106 H gives converters maximum flexibility and efficiency for hot stamping transfer with holograms.

    Only two years ago, the NOVAFOIL 106 was introduced. It was the first inline hot film stamping machine from BOBST offering an advanced cross-foiling option, increasing its efficiency and versatility. It also offered a new level of embellishment quality with its redesigned platen section - ensuring longer dwell time, stable platen temperature and higher pressure. Reliability, coupled with cost-efficient foil use and great flexibility, is also the basis for the new version of this compact and productive machine.

    Being conscious of the particular needs of hologram application, BOBST wanted to provide an option for converters who specialise in this area of hot transfer. The result is a new system with individual hologram modules, which can be mounted on rails on the NOVAFOIL 106. With up to 2 rails and 5 modules each, 10 hologram reels of maximum 100 mm width can now convert jobs which previously required two runs, in one single pass. To guarantee the zero-fault quality customers expect, the NOVAFOIL 106 H has been equipped with a register for every reel to ensure perfect application precision. The film advance is controlled via an electronic system and advance shafts with pressure rollers ensure perfect film tension. The modules can be positioned rapidly, and the hologram reels can be introduced within seconds. What is more, the modules can be directly plugged into one of two connecting boxes on each side of the machine. This “plug and play” system ensures quick and hassle-free changeovers.

    To cut down setup times even further, BOBST has also introduced the Digital Makeready Tool (DMT). Inspired by the Digital Inspection Table (DIT) quality control solution, the pdf of any embellishment job can be sent to the DMT, where the digital layout is projected directly onto the honeycomb chase. This projection indicates precisely where the dies have to be positioned, eliminating lengthy setup checks. The DMT shortens setups and increases accuracy to ensure impeccable stamping register quality, which in turn reduces the number of waste sheets.

    Everything has been considered to make sure owners of a NOVAFOIL 106 H can expect flexible use, short setups, and maximum precision for premium brand protection with hologram application. At the same time, BOBST pushes digital and connected production efficiency by continually integrating new innovations which path the way to the transformation of the packaging world.

    To find out more about BOBST and its products designed for the folding carton sector, please visit

  • + Trimatt Systems wins the MICE Product Innovation Award for Coffee Accessories

    In a remarkable entrance into the industry and public showcase at (MICE) Melbourne International Coffee Expo’s 10th year running, Trimatt Systems proudly presented their...

    August 29 2023

    In a remarkable entrance into the industry and public showcase at (MICE) Melbourne International Coffee Expo’s 10th year running, Trimatt Systems proudly presented their cutting-edge color digital packaging printing systems. Highlighting the event's finale, the Trimatt ColourStar AQ V emerged triumphant as the recipient of the coveted Product Innovation Award for coffee accessories.

    The winning product, Trimatt’s ColourStar AQ V, redefines sustainable printing for paper and cardboard packaging, placing the profit in food and drink manufacturers hands by providing a versatile and economic solution for eco-friendly packaging needs. Its capabilities span various applications, from coffee bags to packing boxes, to take-away food packaging. 

    Expressing his elation, Director Matt Johnson shared his thoughts on the win: "Securing this award and gaining industry-wide recognition is an exhilarating feat," exclaimed Trimatt CEO Matt Johnson. "Our victory can be attributed to the value people place on innovation, coupled with the relatability of supporting a local equipment manufacturer. As pioneers in the engineering domain, we spot opportunities, invest considerable effort, channel resources into research and development, and subject our equipment to rigorous testing. It's an intensive undertaking by the entire team, and the results are evidently remarkable." 

    Speaking to Trimatt's successful presence at the exhibition, Mel McFarlane, Marketing Coordinator, remarked, "Participation in the event has been an overwhelming triumph for Trimatt, with substantial market interest. This recognition stands as a testament to the team's alignment with the right course of action." 

    About Trimatt Systems: 

    Trimatt Systems is an award-winning automation machinery engineer and manufacturer dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for the packaging industry. With a strong commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, Trimatt Systems has established itself as a trusted partner for packaging companies worldwide. 

  • + Doggett Labels expands offering

    Doggett Labels has invested in new label equipment and expanded their service offering to better service the changing market.With a high percentage of Doggett Labels orders ...

    August 08 2023

    Doggett Labels has invested in new label equipment and expanded their service offering to better service the changing market.

    With a high percentage of Doggett Labels orders being for short runs and with quick turnaround requirements, we’ve improved some of our processes and invested in new machinery which allow us to more closely align with the changing markets we service.

    We’ve expanded our “off the shelf” label range to now include over 150 products, all available for same-day despatch. 

    Our new manufacturing equipment offers increased flexibility, with small run custom-shape orders not requiring the investment and manufacturing of a new die.

    So how will these improvements benefit your business?

    Roger Gee explains in the video below.

  • + Xaar Expands Versatex Range with New Printbar for Label and Packaging Printing

    Xaar has launched its Versatex Printbar, enabling specialist label and flexible packaging producers to digitally print the highest opacity whites and colours and add a wide range o...

    August 08 2023

    Xaar has launched its Versatex Printbar, enabling specialist label and flexible packaging producers to digitally print the highest opacity whites and colours and add a wide range of features to their existing presses.

    Building on the Versatex Print Engine and Evaluation Kit launched last year, the new Versatex Printbar provides an opacity of 82 percent at 50 meters per minute, achieving the most brilliant whites and vibrant colours for labels and packaging.Textured and high-build print effects, varnishes, foils, and mass personalisation all become available with the Versatex Printbar which can both be integrated with new machine configurations or retrofitted onto existing presses.

    Powered by Nitrox printheads with Xaar’s TF Technology, High Laydown and Ultra High Viscosity Technologies, the Versatex Printbar can handle a wide range of inks and fluids, printing at widths of 410mm and at up to 720dpi with eight grey levels at speeds of up to 75 meters per minute.

    Adding a Versatex Printbar to existing machines facilitates printers in meeting the growing demand for embellishments on packaging and labels. Xaar’s High Laydown Technology delivers very high volumes of fluid in a single pass with exact temperature control, enabling the creation of high-build inks and varnishes to deliver an extensive array of tactile effects more efficiently. By complying with European standards for tactile warning triangles on labels, their application onto packaging is now much easier without the added complexity of screen printing.

    Ease of use and flexibility are key. The Versatex Printbar’s ‘TIFF catching’ workflow enables operators to simply drop a printable job into the software and make amendments ‘on the fly’. It can also be fully integrated with industry standard workflows, such as Esko, to send the output directly to print for maximum efficiency.Dynamic synchronization technology also ensures maximum uptime and quick registration with pre-printed substrates. The integrated sync to mark reader can be moved into any position across the web, and once running, can be in full registration within three or four image repeats.

    The Versatex Printbar includes a fully integrated and flexible control cabinet that houses all the necessary electronics and controls, and can be easily located up to five metres away for ease of operation and access.With sustainability in mind, the innovative Versatex Printbar, when compared to screen printing, offers shorter setup times and a higher utilisation rate, resulting in small run jobs being completed faster. In addition, the ability to jet higher volumes and viscosities of fluids improves the efficiency of print processes, reducing the need for multiple passes, delivering faster print speeds and cutting energy use and costs.

    Graham Tweedale, Chief Operating Officer at Xaar said, “We are delighted to add the Printbar to the Xaar Versatex range as it enables OEMs and integrators to take advantage of our proven ready-to-market inkjet technology without further development overheads.

    “The highest opacity digital whites and colors, alongside the latest high-build print and visual embellishments, can now be easily added to existing presses, saving time, energy and money across a range of self-adhesive label and flexible packaging applications.”

  • ‘Three-in-one’ solution simplifies complex packaging workflow for start-ups and growing businesses 

    Mox, the cloud-based tool specifically developed to help small-to-medium sized consumer brands (SMB) meet the challenges of today’s omnichannel market, is boosting the ability of businesses to scale up with great packaging by delivering the simplicity and streamlined processes they need. 

    Launched earlier this year, Mox combines project management with digital proofing and digital asset management (DAM) in one user-friendly solution, taking the complexity out of packaging artwork management and delivering technical know-how to growing businesses. 

    “Brand equity and trust is hugely important to young and growing brands,” said Adrian Fernandez, general manager of Mox. “With limited promotional and people resources, emerging brands count on packaging to play a significant role as part of the marketing mix - the fifth P. It is a major component in building that brand equity – but the process of managing the artwork can be complex and cumbersome. Many small businesses and brand teams still rely on emails with file attachments and manually updated spreadsheets for workflow management and collaboration, but with so many elements to keep track of in the omnichannel environment of today this way of working is fraught with danger. 

    “It’s too easy to simply lose track of digital assets and team members’ approvals, feedback, and even version histories,” he said. “There are a lot of data points that need collecting during artwork development process, and if the final content is incorrect, or the wrong version is used at the wrong stage, that priceless brand equity is already at risk. 

    “When scaling up, it’s vital that businesses realize effective packaging artwork development is an evolving process, involving project management through to artwork review. Ultimately, it is creative collaboration that brings the whole marketing team together,” he said. 

    Ensuring accuracy throughout the process is a key element of a recent webinar - Scaling up with Great Packaging – in which Adrian was joined by Megan Young Gamble PMP®, renowned project manager, Packaging Consultant and principal of Get Level Consulting, to discuss how Mox was making years’ of packaging experience and know-how available to growing businesses. 

    Megan details the importance of goals, roles, processes and interpersonal relationships - and how establishing these pillars is vital in helping businesses scale up with packaging that reflects the brand and builds that oh-so-valuable equity. 

    “Whether you’re a young or growing brand, packaging is a critical element of the marketing mix, playing a large role in building trust and fostering brand loyalty,” Megan said. “But before we can start building our packaging, we need clarity of purpose. Don’t just create your product and then look at the packaging. It is a crucial part of the product and should be considered at the start of the process. 

    “In terms of stakeholders, everyone from R&D and product development through marketing, production, sales and procurement will all be involved in the process,” said Megan. “Each of the various aspects of packaging are the responsibility of a stakeholder, so it’s important the cycle of packaging design is transparent, everyone involved has oversight, changes are up to date, and there is only one version of the truth that everyone works to.” 

    Adrian added that the more complex the packaging is, the more time needed to design and produce that packaging. “As a business scales up, there are so many different levels to consider. Launch dates might vary in different markets, product shelf life, logistics - all of these can play a part in deciding our path to market,” he said. “It’s foundational that we look at all these core elements, and this is where Mox comes into its own. 

    “Everyone starts somewhere, and with so many different files, folders and ways of sharing, collaboration is crucial. Mox standardizes and simplifies these stages and acts as an engine that helps businesses to scale up smoothly.” 

    Combining project management with digital proofing and DAM, Mox was created by Esko, the global provider of software and hardware solutions that accelerate the go-to-market process of packaged goods. Mox helps SMBs work more efficiently and to deliver right-first-time packaging and marketing content on time. 

    “Great packaging is the result of a team effort with a practical but robust standard process, with coordinated collaboration across disciplines and organizations,” Adrian said. “With Mox, we have been able to use the many years of Esko’s experience with top consumer product companies and their ecosystems to develop a best-practice software tailored to the needs and budget of growing consumer brands, helping them increase productivity, reduce costs, and save time in their packaging and content creation process.”

    Watch the Scaling up with Great Packaging webinar now, and discover best practices to help build an efficient collaboration process for packaging and artwork development. 

    Want to try Mox for yourself? Request a free 30-day trial by clicking here 

    Or to explore the benefits of Mox for your business, click here and complete the simple form to be put in touch with a Mox expert.



    April 18 2023



    Combining the best of both worlds: Innovia Films has recently applied their surface technology to their material science, by developing a uniquely engineered printable coated cavitated BOPP facestock film, Rayoface™ AQBSA.  Designed for pressure sensitive labelling (PSL) applicationsthe film is 58 microns thick, has a printable top-coating, and an adhesive receptive coated surface on the reverse side.  

    “AQBSA is suitable for use within a wide range of market segments such as Household and Personal Care, Food and Beverage, and other consumer packaged goods sectors”, explains Lucija Kralj, Business Unit Director Labels. “The 5-layer technology in the cavitated base film, means AQBSA is a high-performance product that gives both superb economics and a high yield.”

    With an extremely high opacity of 91%, Rayoface™ AQBSA provides a brilliant white surface, and even after top-coatings, has EU food contact compliance.

    The enhanced coating technology of Innovia Films means AQBSA provides the off-press ink adhesion label printing requires, as well as the print and cold-foiling appearance the PSL market demands.  

    This film has already undergone in-depth trialling and shown excellent results throughout the PSL supply chain and is available immediately.

    To find out more contact your local Innovia Films Sales Manager or email

  • + HP Debuts the HP Indigo 200K Digital Press Designed to Accelerate Growth for the Flexible Packaging Industry

    News Highlights Increases productivity – pushing the break-eve...

    March 28 2023

    News Highlights

    • Increases productivity – pushing the break-even point by 50 percent and allowing customers to triple their volume. Opens door to more flexible packaging converters who want to enter the digital market.
    • Delivers gravure-matching colour quality – using HP Indigo Liquid Electro Photography (LEP) and One-Shot Colour technologies. With patented Indigo Spot Master technology, converters can easily reach the right colour fast, keep it consistent, and share the colour results online with the brand.
    • Improves sustainability – carbon-neutral manufactured, minimises waste during set-up and production, reduces energy consumption and is food packaging compliant.

    HP has unveiled its new HP Indigo 200K Digital Press, designed to give digital flexible converters the competitive edge with better productivity, on-demand delivery, no minimum orders, unique designs, reduced energy consumption, and minimal waste. The new press is based on the only field-proven digital technology for digital flexible packaging and on a successful install base of over 300 HP Indigo 25K digital presses, series 4, worldwide2. The new, series 5, HP Indigo 200K digital press, prints up to 56 m/min (183 ft/min) and dramatically increases the productivity of high-margin, sustainable short runs of digital flexible packaging, to be delivered in days, not weeks.

    “The HP Indigo 200K is a mid-web digital press especially designed for converters addressing the needs of brands in flexible packaging, but it also serves the growing requirements of the label and shrink sleeve industries for higher productivity and wider format,” said Noam Zilbershtain, VP & General manager of HP Indigo & Scitex. “Flexible Packaging is a growing market, and as HP Indigo customers are growing much faster than the market3, I have no doubt that the HP Indigo 200K digital press will open the door for more flexo converters who want to join the success, and reign in industry 4.0.”


    Increased speed while maintaining quality

    The HP Indigo 200K digital press showcases a 30 percent increase in speed and 45 percent boost in productivity compared to the HP Indigo 25K4. Featuring gravure-matching color quality based on the HP Indigo Liquid Electro Photography (LEP) and One-Shot Color technologies, the new press offers the widest available range of ElectroInks and is designed to print high coverage packages with white on the majority of industrial substrates, both surface and reverse. Additional business opportunities include unique brand protection elements.

    Following the announcement of UK-based Sirane Group as one of the press' first beta customers, Peter Ralten, Commercial and Business Development Director said: “At Sirane, we have been looking into digital print for a while now, realizing it is where the future lies. The HP Indigo 200K digital press, with its incredible increase in productivity, opens new business opportunities for us. With the unmatched HP Indigo quality and versatility, we can’t wait to see the results of adding it to our portfolio.”

    The HP Indigo 200K digital press achieves efficient production with HP Indigo’s PrintOS software automation capabilities for batching, ganging, and variable data, as well as faster, accurate color match and workflow. Automation tools for operator efficiency5, coupled with sustainable production, circular packaging and food packaging safety6, all amount to an outstanding digital solution.

    Features of the HP Indigo 200K Digital Press

    • Mid-web press offers on-demand delivery, no minimum orders, fast setup, and minimal waste per job.
    • Press print speeds up to 56 m/min (183 ft/min).
    • A sustainable solution for the flexible packaging market to meet the needs of brands.

    The HP Indigo 200K Digital Press will be supplied in Australia and New Zealand by Currie Group.

    • 1 In comparison to the HP Indigo 25K digital press.
    • 2 Proven technology claim based on IT Strategies Digital Packaging 2022 report, which identifies HP as the market leader in Flexible Packaging with more than 90% share of installations.
    • 3 The Future of Global Flexible Packaging to 2026, Smithers Pira – 2021 (and internal HP Indigo customer statistics)
    • 4 Increased speed is based on Enhanced Productivity Mode
    • 5 Operator efficiency is improved by optimized user interface, quick color calibration, fast ink loading, and fast recovery
    • 6 Selected HP Indigo ElectroInks were tested for compostability against leading standards, and can be used, under certain limitations, as an ink for printing compostable packages (Industrial and Home Composting). For details on approved inks and allowed limits, please contact the HP Indigo team for more information

  • HP launches its newest high-speed, post-print digital corrugated press, the HP PageWide C550 Press. This advanced single-pass platform is designed to help converters optimise manufacturing costs and improve operational efficiency for the production of corrugated packaging.

    Based on the award-winning, field-proven technology of the C500 press, the C550 offers enhanced productivity and value to the industrial packaging industry. It uses HP's Thermal Inkjet technology and true water-based inks to deliver consistent offset print quality at fast production speeds, while also supporting packaging converters' circular economy goals .

    With a speed of 90 linear meters per minute (295 linear feet per minute), the C550 press is capable of producing high-quality Flexo and Litho boxes at a constant speed, without slowing. It will also help converters to optimise inventories, reduce obsolescence, and accelerate turnaround times through digital printing technology.

    By enabling improved economics, greater production versatility and more sustainable packaging solutions, the C550 press presents a significant opportunity for business growth for converters facing increasing supply chain pressure. It allows them to say 'yes' to jobs that require flexibility, which can only be achieved with digital production.

    David Tomer, General Manager of HP Post-print corrugated solutions, said, "HP is continuing its investment in the packaging market to create new opportunities for packaging converters and brands to benefit from the analog to digital transformation.  We are very excited to deliver the C550 press to the corrugated industry. It is built on the field-proven success of the C500 press and allows converters to economically produce Flexo and Litho boxes at high speeds without slowing down the press. We are constantly working on innovative solutions that not only improve post-print stability and productivity for converters, but also meet the quality and flexibility demands of brands for packaging."

    Available for installation later this year, the new press runs at a constant speed of 90 lm/min (295 lft/min), delivering outstanding print quality. The press supports increased plant capacity and helps reduce manufacturing costs for corrugated packaging production .

    Corrugated packaging specialist, Saica Group, has ordered the C550 for their operations in Viana, Spain. The company is committed to digital transformation and using innovative technologies to respond to the growing demand for shorter and customised runs. The press is set to be installed later this year and will support increased plant capacity for corrugated packaging production.

    HP has recently collaborated with HYBRID Software on prepress workflow for packaging to easily transition artwork from litho and flexo formats. HYBRID PackZ provides a unique blend of automated actions and dedicated prepress tools. The professional PDF editor makes designs ready for any print process, by enriching them with priming and finishing separation, handling ink sets and object-based screening, as well as applying trapping and generating dynamic marks and panels. HYBRID PackZ will enable C550 converters to prepare files efficiently, and reduce errors, making prepress easier and more productive .

    HP will be presenting at the CCE International 2023 in Messe München, Munich, Germany, March 14-16, in booth #2528, and will be delivering an introductory presentation about the new C550 Press on March 14th in the exhibition Hall.

  • Tecnau, a leading company with a complete product portfolio dedicated to paper handling, monitoring, processing and finishing for the digital printing industry, announces the opening of a new division. Tecnau Automation & Packaging will deliver end-to-end solutions in the fields of industrial automation and smart packaging.

    The company has a proven record in engineering, manufacturing and servicing customized solutions to support customer demand for automation aiming to simplify and streamline whole production processes, reduce touch points and errors, as well as increase efficiency and throughput.

    Industrial automation: responding to industry trends
    With the opening of the new division, Tecnau is responding to a recent impetus toward more complex solutions in industrial automation, integrating a broad spectrum of hardware, software, robotics and Internet of Things (IoT). These trends are present in several markets, including the digital print industry, where Tecnau is a leading supplier with highly-automated finishing solutions, as well as in packaging, where Tecnau has developed its latest automated solutions.

    “Over the last few years Tecnau has responded to an increased demand to act as a comprehensive solution provider, combining existing products which are typically supplied as stand-alone items, into a single connected process” stated Stefano De Marco, chief executive officer at Tecnau. “Tecnau has the experience and flexibility to integrate systems not only from a mechanical/hardware perspective but also from a software standpoint, with a single point of operation, a seamless control and diagnostic capabilities. In addition, Tecnau has the experience to design and produce missing modules, thus adapting to customer needs for a tailored solution fitting each customer requirement.”

    Smart packaging: automation is even more important in the packaging phase
    Companies have been focused on improving the efficiency of the last phases of the process, specifically packaging, for multiple reasons: turnaround times and SLAs have become more and more tight; the packaging phase is currently a bottle neck or a critical point for many company’s operations; online business and multi-channel sales are requiring companies to reconsider the way they pack their products and to define more secure, ecological and cost effective packaging. Such focus goes across industries, from traditional manufacturing to e-commerce, where accommodating high volumes and minimizing time to market are particularly important.

    Scalable packaging solutions
    Packaging can involve multiple processes such as material loading, wrapping, banding, boxing, document printing and insertion, labelling, and palletizing - all these processes are supported by Tecnau Automation & Packaging. “There are several companies offering well-fitting technical solutions in each segment of the process, but most fall short of delivering an end-to-end solution which fits a specific customer application”, continues Stefano De Marco. “By choosing a partnership model which leverages on the best of each process solution, plus adding what is missing with our own know-how and experience, we are able to deliver well-fitting, scalable solutions to our customers”.

    The goal of the new division is to provide significant advantages to existing and future customers that will benefit from a cross-industry expertise capable of offering a one-stop-shop for complex and tailored projects. The Tecnau knowledge and capability to function as a system integrator will result in higher-quality products that can better serve specific customer's needs in shorter times. Innovative, automated, streamlined solutions are augmented by tracking and other advanced smart process features.

    Cross industry benefits for Tecnau customers
    The demand for automation to reduce touch points and errors, as well as to increase efficiency and throughput is evident across the digital print finishing marketplace. With Tecnau Automation & Packaging the company will develop further its expertise in this field with the ability to propose a wider range of solutions to its current and long term customer base.

  • + New Mox delivers industry-leading packaging and label management capabilities to growing brands and small businesses

    Esko is launching a new software solution to help growing brands and small businesse...

    January 31 2023

    Esko is launching a new software solution to help growing brands and small businesses bring quality products to market in a consistent, fast, and sustainable way. Mox is the new cloud-based tool that has been specifically developed to help small-to-medium sized consumer brands (SMB) meet the challenges of today’s omnichannel market, to work more efficiently, and to deliver right-first-time packaging and marketing content on time. 

    “Combining project management with digital proofing and DAM in one simple solution enables small teams and growing businesses to increase their speed and simplify their go-to-market processes,” explained Adrian Fernandez, general manager of Mox. “This rapidly reduces approval time for impactful product packaging and content, enabling teams to develop and deliver artwork and content to get new SKUs to market quickly, efficiently and in compliance with all regulation requirements.” 

    Adrian added that Mox was created by Esko, the global provider of software and hardware solutions that accelerate the go-to-market process of packaged goods. “With Mox, we are leveraging the many years of Esko’s experience with top consumer product companies and their ecosystems,” he said. “We have been able to use that to develop a new best-practice software tailored to the needs and budget of growing consumer brands, helping them increase productivity, reduce costs, and save time in their packaging and content creation process. 

    “We developed Mox as a collaborative, scalable solution for marketers, packaging and project managers, creatives, and all internal and external stakeholders who participate in creating and distributing product packaging and content,” he said. “Many businesses and brand teams are still relying on emails with file attachments, spreadsheets and shared drives for workflow management and collaboration. In today’s omnichannel environment, this is simply no longer fit for purpose. It’s easy to lose track of digital assets and team’s input, especially for approvals, feedback, and version histories,” he said. “If the final content is incorrect, or the wrong version is used at the wrong stage of the go-to-market process, brand reputation is at risk. 

    “Mox delivers real-time project and task visibility, improves collaboration, and helps accelerate speed to market. It provides the tools you need to take control and scale your brand,” said Adrian. “With Mox, small businesses and growing brand teams can now get to market faster, overcoming the challenges of demand for ever-changing SKUs in a fast-paced, omnichannel market - and all while safeguarding their brand consistency.” 

    Mox delivers a host of benefits to businesses, including: 

    • Collaboration - Bring internal and external contributors together with the right information to create and review before product launch 

    • Review & Approve - Get feedback in real-time, make revisions, and obtain approval before content distribution, with automated notifications 

    • Workflow Templates - Configure and build standardized templates to use consistently every time 

    • Track & Audit - Fully understand your content process, including when, how, and who approved it 

    • Advanced Proofing Capabilities – View content for proofing with deep zoom, visual comparisons, ink type and density, and font usage for most popular file formats 

    • Digital Asset Management – Tag and organize content, leveraging metadata with 100 GB of storage per user 

    • Permissions & Roles - Manage who has access to projects and assets, including fast external sharing

    “Mox serves to connect teams, content, and consumers at SMB brands like never before,” said Adrian. “With Mox, businesses can create content that actually connects their brand to their consumers, helping teams to build brands that people love.” 

    Want to see for yourself? Try a free 30-day trial of Mox by clicking here 

    To explore the benefits of Mox for your business, click here and complete the simple form to be put in touch with a Mox expert. 


    • BOPP film offers higher yield and an improved carbon footprint
    • New material has EU food contact compliance

    Innovia Films is launching Rayoface™ CSA46, a clear, one-side gloss coated BOPP film, perfect for use in Food and Beverage or Household and Personal Care applications. This 46 micron film is approximately 10 percent thinner than most facestock films, giving this a higher yield and an improved carbon footprint. 


    Rayoface™ CSA is a high clarity and low haze film which gives enhanced product visibility and the “no-label look” appearance. The material has a very wide print window and is suitable for printing with flexo, gravure, screen offset and letter press. Also with UV, low-migration, and water-based inks. 


    Alasdair McEwen, Product Manager, Labels explains “the performance of CSA46, means it has excellent cold foil adhesion and appearance, allowing eye-catching graphics and label designs for your product. Whilst reducing carbon impact versus thicker coated facestock films” 


    McEwen adds “CSA46 provides balanced orientation for enhanced die-cutting and die lifetime and importantly also has EU food contact compliance”.


    To find out more contact your local Innovia Films Sales Manager or email