MUTOH MP Ink Now Available in Spot Colors ; Orange, Blue and Green

 Expand color gamut and improved color saturation for vivid color development

MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD., a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, affiliated with MUTOH HOLDINGS CO., LTD. today announces that it has added spot colours; orange, blue and green inks to its proprietary MP31 ink lineup for the VJ-628MP and VJ-1628MH printers.

The “MP” in MUTOH MP31 ink stands for Multi-Purpose, and MP 31 ink can print directly on a wide variety of materials, including acrylic, PET, metal and synthetic leather, as well as paper. Compared to UV ink, it is less uneven and smoother, and produces a natural finish that brings out the texture of the material. 

The use of spot colour-inks; orange, blue and green added to the basic CMYK inks expands the colour gamut and broadens the range of colour expression. These inks produce more vibrant and beautiful colour expression including vivid orange and green, and deep blue. 

Compared to the colour gamut of CMYK inks alone, the colour reproduction area using spot-colour inks have been extended and the saturation has been increased.

Features of MP31 ink
 - Weather resistance*, abrasion resistance, and colour development equivalent to eco-solvent ink
 - High-opacity white ink brings out the original brightness of color inks regardless of the underlying 
substrate color.
 - Natural finish with no unevenness and smoothness compared to UV curable inks, making the most of 
the original texture of the material.
 - Resistant to heat, stretching and bending, and the printing surface does not crack easily when bent. 
Printing and processing on polycarbonate and shrink film used for vacuum forming are possible. 
 - Selectable from 4, 5, 7 or 8-colour ink configurations depending on application
*Except for orange ink      

The VJ-628MP and VJ-1628MH provide highly accurate inkjet colour proofing using the original printing paper. The ability to check the design and colour proof on the same sheet of paper provides a consistent image of the finished product, prevents reversals due to image inconsistencies, and can also be used for colour proofing with high reproducibility.

In addition, effective use of original paper also eliminates the need for dedicated inkjet paper and reduces running costs.

MUTOH makes continuous efforts to provide new products to the market to meet the diverse needs of our customers.