Vanguard unveils the VK3220T-HS UV-LED flatbed

Vanguard Digital Printing Systems, a Durst Group Company, introduces the Vanguard VK3220T-HS ultra-high production UV-LED flatbed.

This printer offers a larger bed size, up to three rows of industrial printheads for maximum productivity, an electromagnetic carriage drive system as well as field-upgradeability. It offers up to 1800 dpi print resolution and speeds up to 3,875 sf/h.

The VK3220T-HS redefines the meaning of productivity on a 3.2 x 2 meter (126” x 80”) UV-LED flatbed. With up to three Rows of printheads, print speeds can reach over 3,800 square feet per hour.

Utilising 4 picoliter drop size Kyocera printheads and a high-speed magnetic drive, there’s no compromise on speed to achieve remarkable quality. With the ability to add channels for additional speed or application potential after installation, the VK3220T-HS can grow alongside business possibilities.

Jim Peterson, COO and founding partner, Vanguard Digital North America, said, “The VK3220T-HS is the culmination of years of technological advancements and our response to the demands of the market. We are dedicated to delivering the best printers available, and through our innovation and commitment to our customers, we have created the new benchmark for speed and quality, with a focus on productivity and efficiency. The VK3220T-HS symbolises the start of a new chapter for Vanguard Digital, and we are so proud to share it with the North American market.”

The VK3220T-HS can print on nearly any substrate up to 4 inches thick and is driven by an electromagnetic drive. Other features include auto height detection, one-touch pin registration, front-to-back and back-to-front printing, water-cooled LED curing technology, and ionization bars.