Zortrax Launches M300 Dual Desktop Industrial 3D Printer

Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax is launching a new with a dual-extrusion system called the M300 Dual.

This desktop 3D printer has a 265 x 265 x 300 mm workspace and is aimed at “prosumers” who require a machine for industrial-grade applications. The “user-friendly” M300 Dual will be available to purchase in mid-2019 and will cost $4,490.

The machine can print with two materials due to the dual-system built-in extruder, which offers a double hot-end and two separate nozzles.

“The dual-extrusion system and large workspace allow industrial-standard detailed and complicated printing, while maintaining the characteristics of a desktop printer,” said Zortax CEO Rafał Tomasiak in a press release. “Our goal is to transfer the possibilities offered by an industrial printing to smaller, more user-friendly devices. The new M300 Dual is another step in this direction.”

M300 Dual is a Desktop Solution for Specialists

To print using two materials, the two nozzles extrude at alternate times to create the desired printed object and use a water-soluble support material. After printing is complete, the support can easily be rinsed off.

Other features include keeping your prints in progress even when a power outage strikes thanks to a blackout response system. This is made possible by capacitors which are built into the printer and store enough energy to make sure the machine saves the stage of the process and starts up again when the power comes back on.

Zortrax has worked on reducing the rate of print losses by improving material end/jam detection. If there are any errors, the user will be notified and printing will pause. The machine also includes a built-in camera to keep an eye on prints.

“Moreover, the M300 Dual is compatible with the Apoller smoothing device. We have created a comprehensive system enabling users to work using Zortrax devices,” adds Tomasiak.

Other features include WiFi connectivity, Ethernet, and a USB connection. It also boasts an “intuitive” colour LCD touchscreen and can install different build platforms such as glass and perforated materials. The printer also supports third-party filaments.

To see the printer in action, please click here.