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  • Epson has won multiple Red Dot Awards in the product design category at the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Awards for the sixth consecutive year.

    Epson’s Red Dot Award winners include the SD-10, a highly accurate, compact, and affordable spectrophotometer equipped with a MEMS Fabry-Perot tuneable filter developed by Epson.


    The SD-10 can be used to measure colour and perform colour matching, a conventionally time-consuming process. It can be used stand-alone or with a smart device for added functionality. Pocket-sized and portable, it allows you to measure colour anytime, anywhere.

    The SD-10, highly accurate, compact, and affordable spectrophotometer


    Another Epson Red Dot Award winner was the SureLab D1000 series (sold as the SL-D1060 in Australia and New Zealand) commercial photo printer.


    These printers are loaded with features to suit the needs of professional photographers and photo printing service providers. The compact size takes up minimal counter space and suits installation in cabinets and on shelving.


    SureLab D1060 commercial photo printer


    With flexible media handling and an optional duplex feeder, users can produce a wide range of photo prints and photo merchandise including photo books. Durability has been significantly increased over its predecessor for enhanced ROI while ink packs have replaced traditional cartridges for superior productivity with less waste.


    For more information go to the Red Dot Awards official website:

  • Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS) is today (6 April) celebrating the first anniversary of becoming a standalone company – and what a successful year it has been.

    “We have achieved an incredible amount in this first 12 months,” said Stuart Fox, President of Kongsberg PCS. “Despite facing the same obvious challenges and market volatility that has affected every business, we have enjoyed an amazing and incredibly rewarding first year as a standalone business. We delivered outstanding results and released innovative new products, we have changed our go-to-market models and strengthened our customer service and satisfaction offering, and we have made strategic acquisitions to support our strategic growth,” he said.

    In May last year, just weeks after the sale of Kongsberg to private equity firm OpenGate Capital was announced, Kongsberg PCS launched the smallest high-speed production table on the market, the Kongsberg C20. The latest addition to its Kongsberg C Series of digital finishing tables packs all the professional features of the market-leading range – renowned for being the most productive cutting tables available - into a compact size of just 1.6m x 1.4m.

    “While the C20 is the smallest in the Kongsberg C Series range, it retains all the same professional features and specifications as its bigger counterparts,” said Stuart. “The high cost of owning or renting space is a serious problem for many in the sign and display market, but by introducing the Kongsberg C20, we made it so there is no longer any need for businesses to compromise on production and quality due to a lack of available space,” he said.

    In August, Kongsberg PCS announced the acquisition of MultiCam, Inc., a U.S. manufacturer and distributor of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) cutting machines and digital finishing processes. The acquisition of MultiCam, which included its operations in the U.S. and sales offices in Canada and Germany, expanded Kongsberg PCS’ market reach and customer base across North America and Europe, creating the world’s first diversified provider of digital finishing and CNC cutting machines.

    “From a customer perspective, we now have a very broad range of products – we have an offering for any application our customers might need,” said Stuart. “We now have much more powerful routers within our portfolio, so we have a solution for those customers that are working with more heavy-duty materials or indeed high volumes of sign and display materials. We also have access to more industrial and fabrication markets around the world, with customers that are using lasers, plasma, water-jet cutters, routers and in a whole variety of and industries in which Kongsberg just did not operate before.”

    Similarly, the company entered into a number of new distribution deals ensuring its digital finishing solutions and service technology were more widely available, while partnerships with distribution companies have ensured more Kongsberg PCS tables are installed in demo centers around the globe.

    “One of our key objectives is to make sure our customers can bring their designs to life, which is why we continue to develop robust, reliable precision cutting technologies,” said Stuart. “We have a strong new product roadmap for the coming year, which will see us developing exciting innovations in cutting tables, machines, tooling and automation.

    “We have also made significant changes in terms of customer service and satisfaction in our first year, with plans to achieve best-in-class status in the future,” said Stuart. “We know that great service gives a great customer experience, and this year we have a real focus on customer service and training. We want our customers to enjoy the experience of owning a Kongsberg or MultiCam machine. We absolutely want our deployment and service to be the best, and we will put every effort into ensuring we achieve that.”

    Stuart said this attention to customers and the impact it has had on the first year of the business was only possible because of the commitment of everyone involved. “The success of our business and satisfaction of our customers only comes from having this great team behind us,” he said. “None of this is possible without the service technicians, the R&D engineers, marketing, service teams, back office, everyone here,” he said.

    “We’ve shown in the last 12 months that we have a fantastic team and that there isn’t anything we’re not capable of achieving together,” he said. “Following an amazing first year, with more innovations in the pipeline and our commitment to our customers, we’re looking forward to very exciting times ahead.”

  • Kornit Digital Ltd. (“Kornit”), a worldwide market leader in sustainable, on-demand digital fashionx and textile production, introduced its distinctive Kornit Atlas MAX Poly system – an industry-first direct-to-garment (DTG) solution delivering superior-quality digital decoration for vibrant, colourful design on polyester and poly-blended apparel.

    Kornit’s Atlas MAX Poly capitalises on the demand for fashionable, unique sportswear and apparel. As the industry emerges from a post-pandemic environment in which athletic and leisurewear became mainstream, there is increasing demand for apparel combining polyester and poly-blends with vivid designs across a range of colours. Atlas MAX Poly can transform the multi-billion-dollar professional and recreational sports apparel and teamwear markets, limited today by limitations in mass customisation of polyester.

    “Kornit Atlas MAX Poly is a game-changer,” said Omer Kulka, Chief Marketing Officer at Kornit Digital. “As fashion and sports apparel merge, there’s new opportunity for innovative fashion on polyester, currently the fastest-growing textile vertical. For the first time, recreational sportswear, promotional, and sports brands can embrace vibrant and colourful design with Kornit’s proven MAX technology – setting superior quality standards for on-demand production previously not possible.”

    Unveiled during Kornit Fashion Week Tel Aviv 2022, Atlas MAX Poly incorporates Kornit’s field-proven MAX technology for high-quality premium decoration, process automation, and smart autonomous quality control. With Kornit’s XDi decorative applications, Atlas MAX Poly enables endless designs and creativity on polyester, and empowers new styles for multiple effects and unlimited combinations such as emulating threadless embroidery, high-density vinyl, screen transfer emulations, and 3D effects.

    The solution is compatible with mesh and plain fabrics, including brushed polyester, while maintaining durability and breathability. It brings the highest throughput for on-demand polyester decoration, reducing total cost of ownership to drive profitability. Customers gain competitive advantage via Pantone colour-matching and a wide colour gamut including neon colours for bright and vibrant impressions, using single-step mechanisms minimising production footprints while maximising versatility.

    Beyond superior quality, graphics, colour, and application variety, Kornit Atlas MAX Poly offers efficient, reliable, profitable end-to-end polyester production via:

    • Kornit’s ActiveLoad automated garment-loading and pallet adjustment for repeatable, high-quality output with minimal errors reducing time and waste, eliminating operator ramp-up and boosting throughput up to 20%.
    • Seamless integration with KornitX Global Fulfillment Network, enabling a pixel-to-parcel-to-doorstep experience. This unleashes untapped demand for polyester short-run production, personalisation, and disruptive direct-to-fan and direct-to-recreational business models.
    • Integration with KornitX& #8217;s workflow ecosystem and Kornit Konnect dashboard, optimising process visibility and control, adding data-driven insights for production floor efficiencies.

    Kornit Atlas MAX Poly is successfully deployed across four global beta customer sites with expected availability in 2Q22. Click here to view Kornit MAX technology in action. 

  • Mutoh Industries announced the launch of their new 54”/1,371mm wide water-based inkjet printer, “XpertJet 1341WR Pro” from the MUTOH XpertJet series which delivers excellent print quality and high productivity. In a compact body with a space-saving design that’s easy to handle, equipped with MUTOH’s latest unique technologies, the XpertJet 1341WR Pro is designed for high image quality and user convenience.

    Dye-sublimation transfer ink to be paired with is MUTOH original "DH 21" ink, which provides superior media transfer and achieves high-density colours with less ink consumption. The fast ink drying enables printings on thinner/lighter transfer papers, and excellent jetting performance and colour stability provide high-quality output.

    The XpertJet 1341WR Pro is an ideal printer for trade show graphics, flags, banners, custom interior design, apparel, custom merchandise and more.

    The XpertJet Pro series achieves both high image quality and high productivity by combining the newly developed "AccuFine" print head and the new print effect "i-screen".

    The “AccuFine” extra wide and high-density piezo print head delivers the best-in-class ink drop placement accuracy and achieves both high-speed printing and high image quality. The “AccuFine” can produce high-quality solid printing with less banding, even at high speed.

    The new print effect “i-screen”, created from MUTOH’s "Intelligent Interweave" printing technology, optimises the new print head "AccuFine", reducing banding for smoother print images.

    Other key features of the XpertJet 1341WR Pro are as follows:

    Bi-Directional adjustment “DropMaster2”, a built-in sensor on the carriage which automatically calibrates bi-directional alignments, saving time and reduces validation in adjustment among different operators.

    The Media feed adjustment “FEED MASTER”, which automatically performs paper feed correction by printing a pattern that is read with a sensor.

    Nozzle selection function “Nozzle Area Select”, which temporarily prints using selected areas of active nozzles when clogged nozzles fail to recover.

    Media roll balance management “Media tracker”, that manages the remaining media by printing barcodes before removing roll in use. It will read the barcode when reloading that roll and streamlines management of remaining capacity for multiple media.

    Three head height settings, allowing the optimal print head height to be selected from 3 stages depending on the media being used. This reduces the risk of contact, and also provides stable print quality.

    Partial pressure cancel mechanism, In order to prevent cockling, the pressure rollers can be individually cancelled to finely adjust the pressure applied to the media. A wide range of media types can be fed under optimal conditions.

    MUTOH Status Monitor (MSM) enables checking the printer’s operation status in real time.

    Paired with MUTOH original dye-sublimation ink “DH21” : Ink cartridges of 220ml and ink bags of 1,000ml are available for each colour of CMYK. Selection can be made according to the application and business situation.

  • + One Fujifilm at PacPrint

    FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia and FUJIFILM Australia will not only come together for PacPrint but have now combined their industry knowledge and technology to create what it ca...

    April 11 2022

    FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia and FUJIFILM Australia will not only come together for PacPrint but have now combined their industry knowledge and technology to create what it calls ‘the ultimate one-stop-shop’for the print industry – where everything’s covered, from commercial offset and print-on-demand to packaging and large format print.

    Innovation is not just a slogan at FUJIFILM, it’s a promise to the market of non-stop innovation that keeps businesses ahead in an ever-changing world with solutions focused on transforming day-to-day operations with fresh products, fresher ways of working, and unexpected ideas.

    In the spirit of delivering game-changing innovation, PacPrint will be no exception, and visitors should prepare to see the latest technology on stand – technology the company says has been developed with its customers in mind, to help them win new business, cut costs, expand into new markets, and generate bigger margins.

    “We are thrilled at the prospect of being able to connect with our customers and the industry again at a face-to-face tradeshow,” says Chris Lynch, General Manager of Graphic Communication Services at FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia. 

    “PacPrint provides the perfect platform for us to not only introduce ourselves as FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia but also showcase our innovative products, solutions, services, and our transformative thinking to help our customers meet new business challenges.

    “We are pleased PacPrint is back on the calendar. It’s a great event to showcase our new products and provides a great opportunity to catch up with our customers and partners and meet our future customers.”

    While the FUJIFILM Australia has always co-exhibited with its sister company, FUJIFILM Business Innovation, this PacPrint will be different says Tony van Broekhuizen, General Manager of Graphic Systems at FUJIFILM Australia. 

    “We are now more unified with one common goal, to support our customers. We can’t wait to get on the stand and show our customers what that means for them – more products and greater opportunities.”

    Step onto the FUJIFILM stand G14 at PacPrint, and you’ll be taken on an end-to-end interactive journey where you can test applications, see the company’s presses in action and talk to its team of print experts about how to add value for your customers. 

    “Expect to see the new Revoria PressTM PC1120 and Acuity Prime on stand, just to name a couple, with more innovative on-stand products, experiences, seminars and solutions to be revealed closer to the show,” says van Broekhuizen.

    “We are excited for the Revoria PressTM PC1120 to make its PacPrint debut, and to show the industry how the press’s six stations combine for striking digital colour combinations, as well as it’s transformational artificial intelligence (AI) driven prepress and image management capabilities, high speeds and simplified media handling courtesy of the Air Suction Feeder and Static Eliminator Device.

    “Visitors can also expect to be shown the wide range of application possibilities that will show you how this press can open the door to higher value markets such as luxury brand promotion and packaging.”

    Van Broekhuizen says the Acuity Prime is likely to be another hero on the stand that will garner a lot of interest. 

    “A true flatbed printer with outstanding image quality and excellent adhesion to a broad range of rigid and flexible media, materials, and objects, the Acuity Prime offers exceptional performance, value, versatility and ease-of-use,” he says. 

    “With the rise in demand for wide format applications over the last few years, we see the Acuity Prime as an ideal solution for print providers looking to expand their production and diversify their print capabilities in order to open up new revenue streams and attract new customers.”

    Both the Revoria PressTM PC1120 and Acuity Prime are available for sale through FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia and FUJIFILM Australia and the duo say that they are already welcoming enquiries about the company’s combined product portfolio – existing customers can contact their account manager, or click here to chat to the team ahead of the show, and learn more about the unified approach.

    PacPrint will co-locate with Visual Impact Melbourne and the Label & Packaging Expo from 28 June to 1 July at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Click here to register for the show, or go to for more information on the expo.

  • Onyx Graphics, Inc., today announced a new annual prepaid option for ONYX Go, the company’s subscription RIP software. In addition to the no-contract monthly subscription, these one-, three-, and five-year prepaid options are available exclusively through Authorized ONYX Resellers. ONYX Go prepaid is available for both ONYX Go Lite and ONYX Go Plus product tiers. 

    “Offering print shops prepaid options was an easy decision for us,” said Matt Crawford, Director of Product Marketing at Onyx Graphics, Inc. “This is especially true when a new printer is leased instead of purchased. By enabling our channel to provide one-, three-, and five-year subscription options, ONYX resellers can tailor a complete package to suit each user’s specific needs.”

    ONYX Go prepaid also includes the same no-cost software support and free product upgrades as featured in monthly subscriptions to ensure the same premium user experience. Support teams are located across North America, Europe, and Asia with dedicated call centers for expert product help. Users can also access on-demand video libraries, how-to-guides, white-papers, and product manuals from the company’s website.

  • Sustainability Spotlight and Associations Pavilion set to educate and inspire 

    Visitors to FESPA Global Print 2022 (31 May – 3 June 2022, Messe Berlin, Germany) are set for an inspiration and education boost with the launch of two new content-led features: Sustainability Spotlight and the Associations Pavilion.

    Spotlight on Sustainability

    To enable speciality printers to make more sustainable and environmentally conscious choices for their business, FESPA will introduce its Sustainability Spotlight feature. Located in Hall 25 Stand C50, visitors can join presentations from several industry experts providing useful, informative and actionable advice around environmental best practice. Graphics producers and textile printers can also view a wide range of material samples on display and learn how to produce innovative but sustainable finished products that their customers will value. The headline sponsor for the feature is HP and the stand will be recyclable and reusable, made using products from Reboard Technology. 

    During the event, industry experts will be hosting a series of highly informative talks on subjects including: Sustainable materials to use for graphics and textile applications; How to reduce energy consumption; Carbon footprint facilities and benchmarking; How to make supply chains more transparent; and How print professionals can avoid greenwashing. 

    Commenting on the launch of FESPA’s new Sustainability Spotlight, Michael Ryan, Head of FESPA Global Print Expo comments: “Building a successful and profitable business is every entrepreneur’s number one goal, but the print community has an obligation to sustainability too, and this is becoming a priority for print buyers. Becoming sustainable means understanding the whole operation and the opportunities and risks that need to be addressed, now and in the future. Our goal with the launch of Sustainability Spotlight is to inform the print community of the different options open to them as they progress along the path towards sustainable operations. We want to show print businesses how to meet changing customer demands, increase productivity and profitability, while making meaningful improvements to their supply chain and efforts to decarbonise.”

    Celebrating talent – FESPA’s Associations Pavilion 

    This year’s event also sees the launch of the Associations Pavilion, celebrating the talent of FESPA’s international member community. The Pavilion gives members of FESPA’s worldwide network of Associations the opportunity to showcase their talent through samples of their screen- and digitally-printed work. Visitors to the South Entrance of the Messe Berlin are set to be inspired and learn how the diverse applications were printed and finished by members from 16 countries, including Japan, Thailand, Mexico and South Africa. 

    Printeriors immerses FESPA in nature

    Back by popular demand, Printeriors will return to Berlin to connect brand owners, designers and architects with PSPs and manufacturers as they explore the latest trends in décor and design. Also located in the Messe’s South Entrance, the showcase will bring illustrations to life across a range of textiles, wallcoverings, furnishings, flooring, fine art, lighting and accessories. 

    Once again, FESPA has collaborated with illustrator Jasper Goodall whose work is being curated and developed through design, manufacturing and onto finished products by FESPA Textile Ambassador Debbie McKeegan. 

    Highlighting the multiple opportunities for printers in the world of interior and exterior décor, visitors will be immersed in an interactive world of flora and freshness of the natural world as they move through a collection of seven themes: Tropical Verdure; Nature’s Canopy; Opulent Lux; Aqua Mist; Surface Micro; Organic Flora; and Cacti Geos.

    Get wrapped up in the action with the return of ‘Wrap Masters’

    The popular, high-octane World Wrap Masters is also back this year, in association with 3M as vinyl partner and HP as print partner. As in previous years, participants will be tasked with wrapping cars as well as surprise objects in a series of timed battles where they will then be judged by a panel of past Wrap Masters winners and experts.

    As many as 36 European wrappers will compete in the regional competition on the first two days of the competition. In the event’s biggest-ever final to date, 12 successful semi-finalists will then go head-to-head to compete for the title of Wrap Master 2022.

    Michael Ryan concludes: “With new content streams and enthusiastic participation from our partners and Association members, FESPA Global Print Expo 2022 will be a must-attend event for the print community. Print professionals stand to gain so much by investing in time away from their day-to-day operations to boost their knowledge, network with peers and be inspired by other people’s creativity. With brand-new content streams, visitors will leave FESPA brimming with innovative ideas, fresh insights and valuable contacts, primed to make positive changes and enhance their offering.”

    For more information on FESPA’s event features, visit

    To find out more about FESPA Global Print Expo 2022 and to register to attend, visit: Visitors receive a €30 discount on the cost of their entry ticket by using code FESM213.

  • How has the global printing industry changed? What impact have the pandemic, supply and resource shortages and shifts in demand had on the industry? These and many more questions are illuminated by the 8th Global Trends Report. For this purpose, the world's leading trade fair for printing technologies is activating its renowned international drupa expert panel and at the same time inviting other interested print service providers and manufacturers along the entire value chain to participate in this worldwide industry panel. The results are expected to be published in autumn as the 8th edition of the drupa Global Trends Report.

    The survey is aimed specifically at executives and experts from print service providers and the machinery/supplier industry. Registration as a panelist is possible until 31 March via, the survey will take place in April. All participants will receive the full version of the drupa Global Trends Report as well as benefits in the run-up to and during drupa 2024.

    "In view of the continuous change and further developments in the print and packaging industry, current, representative market data and assessments of global industry participants are more relevant than ever," explains Sabine Geldermann, Director Print Technologies Messe Düsseldorf. "The drupa Global Trends Report is a valuable tool for highlighting market dynamics and the corresponding impact on investment plans and growth potential. With this in mind, we cordially invite manufacturers and print service providers to register in order to provide an overall picture of the industry."

    drupa has been surveying international print service providers and suppliers since 2013 in order to shed light on industry and global megatrends, market potential and innovations in all key areas of the print industry. Messe Düsseldorf has commissioned the independent market research companies Printfuture/UK and Wissler & Partner/Switzerland to conduct the trend surveys.

    For further information on the drupa Global Trends Report and previously published editions (Executive Summaries), please click here:

    Click here to register for the drupa Expert Panel:

  • Epson and its subsidiary company Epson X Investment Corporation have, through their EP-GB Investment Limited Partnership, invested in robotic piece-picking solutions developer, RightHand Robotics.

    RightHand Robotics is a startup that combines its grasping knowhow with computer vision1 and machine learning to develop piece-picking solutions. The company was founded in 2015 by a DARPA Autonomous Robotics Manipulation (ARM) Program challenge-winning team from the Harvard Biorobotics Lab, the Yale GRAB Lab, and MIT.

    RightHand Robotics’ RightPick™ platform uses AI software equipped with advanced computer vision to recognise and reliably pick a wide range of products at a high rate with an intelligent gripper that combines suction and compliant fingers. The platform contributes to automated logistics operations in the warehouse supply chain process and meets the evolving needs of the fulfillment2 industry.


    Epson has efficient, compact, and precision technologies along with expertise in volume production at factories that assemble small, precision products. The company seeks to leverage these strengths to drive innovations in manufacturing by co-creating flexible, high-throughput production systems that reduce environmental impacts. By engaging in cooperation with RightHand Robotics, Epson will respond to the growing demand for automation in factories beset by labour shortages and will explore a range of applications to improve working environments.

    Going forward, Epson aspires to achieve a sustainable society by creating a variety of partnerships and synergies based on proprietary technologies, products, and services.


    1A field of research and technology in computer science that focuses on enabling computers to identify and understand objects and people from information such as images and videos. Computer vision, especially in combination with machine learning and AI, can enable computers and robots to replicate human abilities and automate tasks.

    2In businesses engaged in e-commerce and catalogue sales, for example, fulfilment refers to the entire process from the time an order is received until it is delivered to the customer. (Fulfilment may encompass everything from order management and the handling of inquiries to payment, inventory management, item picking, packing, and shipping, as well as after-sales support for returns and exchanges.)

  • Esko continues to simplify and optimise production with emphasis on colour consistency, data processing and powerful insights 

    As the packaging industry continues to grow and adapt to the very real threats of today, supply chain volatility, labor shortages and rising consumable and energy costs all underline that converters need to accelerate their search for increased efficiencies throughout the workflow. That’s why Esko has today (28 March) launched a series of innovations to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation and unlock considerable productivity gains. 

    Esko Release 22.03 includes a host of new features, such as: 

    • New - Next generation Colour Preflight with Automation Engine and ArtPro+ 

    • New - Assembly instructions with ArtiosCAD, reducing assembly time by up to 20% 

    • New - Native Apple Silicon support for ArtPro+, DeskPack and Studio 

    • New - ArtPro+ Digital Edition for digital print workflows 

    • New - Improved WebCenter user experience and reporting 

    “This latest software release sees a number of breakthroughs in innovation that will streamline complex workflows,” said Jan De Roeck, Esko Director of Marketing, Industry Relations and Strategy. “We are simplifying processes from structural design through to reporting analytics, ensuring process control, and advanced colour software to deliver guaranteed quality and output to levels that were previously unattainable. 

    “Our continued software innovations respond to the market need for more effective processes that connect workflows between presses, departments, and even between remote facilities,” said Jan. “Many companies are now digitising many of their processes, tasks and workflows. We continue to support that ongoing digitisation by making our solutions even more powerful, robust, yet simple to engage and user-friendly. 

    “Addressing a growing need for actionable insights, this release also includes new features to enable businesses to make optimal use of data,” said Jan. “For those organisations who are already advanced with their digital transformation, collecting more data than ever before, we are empowering them to make more with what they have.” 

    New reporting tools in Automation Engine and business analytics in WebCenter help to turn that data into useful business insights that can help shape a business by identifying and untapping new efficiencies and eradicating further waste. “New additions to WebCenter, our packaging management solution, remove barriers and improve the user experience by increasing ease of use, while advanced reporting features and dynamic 3D viewing serve to better equip teams to meet today’s challenges,” said Jan. 

    “Our close relationship with customers and partners informs how we identify and respond to specific market trends,” he added. “With colour accuracy and consistency being key concerns for brands – and therefore to our customers - the ability to deliver accurate colour, regardless of run length or substrate, is of paramount importance to today’s packaging converters. That’s why we have introduced our next generation Colour Preflight in ArtPro+ and Automation Engine. 

    “Delivering a true forecast of colour conversion results, and with defined tollgates ensuring colour quality, it not only delivers accuracy on press but simplifies the editing process, simplifying colour matching work and speeding up the entire process,” said Jan. “What’s more, with Esko Release 22.03 we are making some of these innovations more accessible than ever. We want to remove barriers to digital transformation and ensure that everyone is equipped with the data, analytics and production intelligence to meet the challenges they already face today and are prepared for the emerging challenges of tomorrow. 

    “That’s why, for example, our new release also features a Digital Edition of ArtPro+. This underlines our commitment to digital print production, enabling digital printers to benefit from our native PDF editing software and take their own steps towards getting more jobs to press through automation. Similarly, this latest release has Native Apple Silicon support for ArtPro+, DeskPack and Studio. 

    “Esko Release 22.03 delivers value right across the workflow from ideation to production, be that through protecting the integrity of a design idea from screen to pack or driving efficiencies across the process and reducing the amount of waste generated,” said Jan. “These latest updates are focused on enabling customers to enhance and improve their workflow processes, by leveraging the benefits of the cloud and accessing the latest in automation technology. 

    “In the face of the disruptive market trends in the industry, we continue to work closely with our customers, listening and developing innovations that respond to demands and deliver tangible benefits,” said Jan. “This latest software release achieves this goal by enabling packaging converters to enjoy the accelerated business benefits that Esko solutions deliver.” 

    The new Esko Release 22.03 will be launched at a live webinar event, on Thursday, 7th April. To register for the free event, just click here

    For more information about the new features in Esko Release 22.03 and the full range of Esko software solutions, visit the Esko Innovation Hub here.

  • Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and 3D devices, today announced it will be hosting a free Demo Day with Graphic Art Mart on the IU-1000F UV-LED High-Productivity Flatbed Printer.

    The IU-1000F UV-LED High-Productivity Flatbed Printer is the ultimate in high-volume, high-impact print production. Compatible with hundreds of substrates, the IU-1000F will ramp-up UV printing speed, volume and profit. In today’s complex market, it is more important than ever to invest in the right technology, that is going to give a business the edge over their competitors. 

    On 7th April, Roland DG will host a special Demo Day with Graphic Art Mart. The Demo Day will be held in two sessions and is free for anyone to join. Attendees will learn how the advanced features of the IU-1000F can quickly expand their output, grow their profitability, and secure future growth.   

    Details of the Demo Day are outlined below: 

    When: Thursday 7th April 
    Session Times:   
    1st Session 9.30am – 12.30pm 
    2nd Session 1.00pm – 4.00pm 
    Where: Roland DG, 14/25 Frenchs Forest Rd, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086 
    RSVP: Click here by Monday 4th April

    For those who are unable to attend the Demo Day in person, Roland DG are offering virtual demonstrations conducted by a product specialist. To register your interest for a virtual demonstration, simply email

    To discover more about the IU-1000F and how it can boost business growth, click here to download Roland DG’s free guide.

  • Alfex CNC Open House details:

    Alfex CNC Australia is proud to present our March 2022 Melbourne Open House, event showcasing our Laser, CNC and Additive machinery range.

    As part of the launch of our Alfex Additive division, we are hosting two free Additive Manufacturing focused seminars featuring guest speakers, Suraj SethiAnthony Rosengren and Richard Elving from Markforged Australia-Pacific.

    Discover how Australian companies are using Industrial #3dprinting and other #additivemanufacturing technologies to revolutionise their manufacturing operations - and learn about the advantages of additive manufacturing for your business. Network with other like-minded #engineers, business owners and executives in the industrial manufacturing space.

    We will have experts from our Alfex Additive, Alfex Laser and Haas Factory Outlet Australia divisions available across the three days, for live machine demonstrations including the Epilog Laser, Lotus Laser and Haas Automation series. Engineers from Markforged Australia Pacific will be providing live demonstrations of the #markforged X7 and Mark Two Industrial Composite 3D printers on Wednesday and Thursday, and print samples produced on the Markforged Metal X will also be available for viewing.

    Register your spot for our Melbourne Open House Event now on Eventbrite:

    When: Mar 23, 2022, 4:30 PM - Mar 25, 2022, 5:00 PM 

    Where: 10 Northgate Dr, Thomastown, Victoria, AU, 3074


  • ColDesi, Inc announced the release of the new DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H4 high volume direct-to-film printer.

    High volume, automated DTF printers have an integrated roll-fed film printer and an integrated hot melt applicator and belt dryer. All producing what the company reports as the best quality fabric (t-shirt) transfers on the market.

    Following on the success of the record-breaking DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H2, which is a 24” DTF printing powerhouse with two print heads, ColDesi has released the Four head DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H4.

    The new DTF printer from ColDesi prints at an astounding 145-155 linear ft. of full-colour film printing per hour, which equates to between 250 and 350 full shirt front transfers.

    But the company is equally proud of the technological advancements made in this latest model.

    “Whether you’re running a one machine shop, adding transfer production to a high-volume business or replacing expensive direct to garment printers, power requirements are a big deal,” said Don Copeland, digital product manager for ColDesi. “We’ve worked with our in-house R&D team (you might know them as BelQuette Technologies) to reduce the requirements for BOTH the printer and the dryer to a single 30AMP, 220v circuit or run 2 systems off a single 50AMP, 220v circuit! Not only does this cut initial setup costs it can save literally hundreds, even thousands of dollars in power costs over the course of a year – especially for multi-printer shops.”

    For a full demonstration of the product and capabilities, ColDesi has provided the following video. 

    “The DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H2 2 head machine is rated at between 45 and 55 linear feet per hour production, which is approximately 100 full front transfers per hour, which is more than enough volume for most shops,” commented Mike Angel, head of ColDesi OnDemand software programs. “But the new four head is more than three times as productive which meets virtually ANY demand”.

    Other advances include a smoother operation for fewer touches per print job and a centralised control location to reduce interface time overall.

    Management also said that just like all of the ColDesi digital systems the DTF line comes with a self-paced online training program that you can put any and all of your operators through as well as included technical support for as long as you own the machine. Every printer comes to you fully assembled, test printed, calibrated, and ready to print – already mounted on the stand. It is simply a matter of installing the print software, rolling the printer and shaker/dryer up to one another, powering up, and going through the simple out-of-box start-up instructions and you are printing transfers – typically within 2-3 hours.

  • At the CCE International Corrugated and Carton Exhibition, Electronics For Imaging, Inc. announced its newest ultra-high-speed inkjet solution for the corrugated market – the EFI™ Nozomi 14000 LED press. This advanced direct-to-board digital press leverages world-class Nozomi single-pass UV LED inkjet technology with improvements that bring enhanced productivity, reliability, value and flexibility to the industrial packaging segment.
    Available this year, the 1.4-metre-wide press runs at faster speeds up to 100 linear metres per minute with new productivity modes, offering remarkable throughput while meeting corrugated packaging manufacturers’ needs for more compact production lines. The Nozomi 14000 LED also boasts a robust design for heavy industrial use, high reliability and high productivity. It offers packaging converters high uptime plus the versatility to print nearly all board flute types, with enhancements to automatically reject damaged boards without stopping print production. 

    The digital solution for success in mainstream packaging operations
    This next evolution in EFI’s breakthrough Nozomi technology delivers a tailor-made solution to meet the current demands of the industrial packaging segment,” said Evandro Matteucci, vice president and general manager, Packaging & Building Materials, EFI. “This remarkable new press builds on the industry leading technology that defines our Nozomi platform to balance the many requirements crucial to successful day-to-day corrugated packaging operations in a manufacturing plant. The EFI Nozomi 14000 LED is the robust industrial solution the market has been waiting for.”
    Users can choose from a range of configurations to complement individual needs, with single or dual bottom feeder options, a roller coater capable of applying varying amounts of primer, an optional varnish station that allows for a range of gloss or satin finishes, and full or bundle stacker options. Available with up to six colours, including white, the EFI Nozomi 14000 LED press’s high-viscosity inks provide outstanding colour registration and coverage, and its high-speed, non-clogging, high-performance jetting printheads deliver unrivalled accuracy and smooth colour gradients.
    The new press features powerful image management and data collection software, as well as a new, intuitive, user-friendly interface. The latest-version EFI Fiery® NZ-1000 digital front end (DFE) used to drive the press features the new Fiery system platform – Fiery FS500 Pro – enabling quick processing and outstanding colour management at full press speeds. Plus, the Fiery DFE can connect users with EFI IQ™, a robust, comprehensive suite of cloud business intelligence and management solutions.
    Unlocking digital’s sustainable potential in digital print
    The new press takes the award-winning, proven high-volume EFI Nozomi capabilities used by packaging businesses worldwide to an even broader swath of the packaging industry. Businesses from independent box plants and start-ups to integrated paper companies will find the EFI Nozomi 14000 LED to be a durable, reliable, sustainable and efficient digital alternative to analogue corrugated production. It delivers energy-efficient productivity, with virtually no volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and up to 35 percent lower energy consumption than flexo printing. The press also significantly reduces ink and board waste compared with flexo and litho-lamination. Plus, unlike analogue printing methods, it does not require water for cleaning, reducing converters’ costs and their environmental footprint. 
    EFI Nozomi is the industry’s best single-pass inkjet corrugated technology in terms of power consumption efficiency, according to testing by the Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies against the ISO 20690 energy standard. Plus, EFI Nozomi is the only single-pass inkjet offering in the industry to have its output certified for OCC recyclability and repulpability by the Western Michigan University Recycling, Paper and Coating Pilot Plant – a leading certification organisation for corrugated recycling.
    EFI’s expertise in industrial digital printing, and its broad installed base of single-pass equipment, make it the ideal consultative technology provider for converters making the move to digital corrugated packaging production. Beyond equipment installation, EFI closely collaborates with customers through the necessary technology adoption curve, offering a 12-week ramp-up and training programme, a one-year warranty, and 24/7 remote and in-person service maintenance packages. Nozomi 14000 LED users can also take advantage of additional professional services that help them get the very most out of their digital investments, including advanced training in prepress, colour management, sales and more.
    For more information about high-volume, sustainable digital corrugated production on the EFI Nozomi 14000 LED press, visit

  • The Kawahara BMS-1100 is designed as an entry-level machine for automated stripping and blanking of folding cartons.

    • Distribution agreement with AN Corporation of Japan for Kawahara postpress products
    • Complete workflow for in-mold label and folding carton production available
    • Heidelberg presenting Kawahara TXS-1100 blanking system during Label Day at Wiesloch-Walldorf site

    In summer 2021, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) launched the Generation 4 CutStar, the Speedmaster XL 106-D rotary die cutter, and a new Performance Package for in-mold label production on the Speedmaster XL 106. It is now further expanding this portfolio by entering into a worldwide distribution agreement with the Japanese company AN Corporation for the Kawahara TXS-1100 and Kawahara BMS-1100 automated postpress systems. This marks the global rollout of a pilot agreement concluded for the North America region last year.

    All the technology needed for a highly efficient workflow“Heidelberg is systematically investing in the growth markets of packaging and label printing. The distribution agreement for Kawahara blanking systems adds a further key production step in the workflow to the company’s label printing portfolio,” says Rainer Hundsdörfer, CEO of Heidelberg. “In this way, we are helping our customers further automate their processes and thus make them as efficient and cost-effective as possible,” he explains.

    As a result, Heidelberg now offers all the technology needed for a highly efficient workflow in industrial label production – from job creation, prepress, and plate imaging all the way through to printing, die cutting, and fully automatic blank stripping.

    Kawahara blanking systems combine excellent productivity with established technologyThe Kawahara TXS-1100 and Kawahara BMS-1100 blanking stations are both high-performance models. It takes less than 15 minutes to set up a job and tooling costs are minimal. The cycle of the TXS-1100, whereby a stack of 1,000 IML sheets can be quickly blanked and offloaded, takes between 1.5 and 2 minutes. “The new Kawahara TXS-1100 is a high-performance system boasting enhanced components and an innovative feeder and unloading system. It is ideal for the in-mold label market and has proved an outstanding stripping and blanking solution for this label material, which is difficult to handle. The Kawahara BMS-1100 offers an excellent price-performance ratio for folding carton print shops that are looking to automate blanking,” emphasizes Markus Höfer, Head of Business Development Label at Heidelberg. The BMS-1100 can process up to 20 blank individual stacks of packages per minute and handles single cut and nested products equally well.

    Heidelberg presenting Kawahara TXS-1100 at Label Day in AprilOn April 25, 2022, Heidelberg and Gallus will be welcoming existing and potential customers to the Label Day in the Print Media Center at the Wiesloch-Walldorf site. One of the solutions on show will be a complete workflow for in-mold label production on a Speedmaster XL 106 press, a Speedmaster XL 106-D rotary die cutter, and a Kawahara TXS-1100 blanking station.

  • + Inkcups Launches Automated Artwork Preparation Software for Digital Printing

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    March 22 2022

    Global printing industry leader Inkcups announces the launch of ArtPrep, an automated artwork preparation software for digital printing that will greatly reduce time and labor associated with traditional manual preparation methods.

    ArtPrep automatically prepares artwork for digital printing through a flexible user interface that is adaptable to any workflow. The software easily integrates with all Inkcups digital printers and workflows and accepts PNG files directly through any user’s art department or automatically through an API connection. ArtPrep adds desired layers, including customisable trapping, and can manipulate image placement and size as well as perform image adjustments.

    By reducing image preparation time, ArtPrep improves overall productivity of Inkcups’ established digital printer workflows. This innovative new software has a unique capability to seamlessly handle variable data, name drops, challenging gradients, and highlights, all while providing maximum control over ink usage and production costs.

    “We’re excited to launch our first artwork preparation software, ArtPrep. This new capability will further enhance the Inkcups customer experience by offering significant time savings over manual preparation of artwork for printing. Our main priority is to make sure our customers can easily create high-quality artwork quickly and efficiently, while saving them time and labor,” said Ben Adner, CEO of Inkcups.

    ArtPrep is a huge cost and efficiency gain for companies handling any volume of artwork files for printing on Inkcups digital machines. The software is compatible with all Inkcups cylinder and flatbed printers, which include: the Helix®, Helix Hi-Fi®, Double Helix®, Revolution®, X360, X2®, X5®, X5-T, XJET, and XJET800. ArtPrep is especially suited for print-on-demand companies handling one-off printing.

    Inkcups will be offering two versions of the software: ArtPrep and ArtPrep Pro. ArtPrep is now available worldwide and will be available in Europe starting Spring 2022.

  • Ricoh Europe has agreed a landmark €50million printhead technology deal to extend its successful collaboration with Durst Group AG.

    A leading manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, Durst Group already uses Ricoh Gen 5 inkjet printheads in its Alpha textile printing systems and the Durst P5 series for large format printing – considered the most successful, productive and versatile printer series in the market. As part of this new deal, in future, Ricoh printheads will also be further developed for upcoming Durst printing systems for their various fields of application.

    Both Durst and Ricoh share a commitment to delivering long-life performance. In recent years, the two companies have intensified their partnership and created the most stable and flexible printing system, especially in digital textile printing with the Durst Alpha series. Though the end result might seem simple, to achieve maximum print quality and productivity and such reliable, risk-free solutions has involved intensive development and ink formulation work, plus rigorous testing of thousands of printheads and tonnes of ink. This experience was then applied to Large Format Printing.

    Dr. Christian Compera, Global General Manager of Ricoh’s Industrial Print business, Ricoh, says: "The partnership will allow us to develop our printheads in a more focused way with real-world requirements. Often there can be a high level of protectiveness surrounding printhead intellectual property, materials and printhead production technologies as well as ink formulations. By bringing together the Ricoh and Durst development teams, we share the goal of continuously improving the entire printing system, which ultimately benefits customers.”

    Christoph Gamper, CEO and co-owner of the Durst Group, adds: “This deal reaffirms and continues a collaborative approach with Ricoh. Extending our partnership with Ricoh enables us to achieve a faster time-to-market for new printing systems, as we work together on the perfect interaction of printheads inks and substrates. Not only does this allow us to achieve maximum print quality and performance but also to guarantee reliability for extended printer life. It gives our customers a clear basis for their investment decisions, without the risk factor of the printhead."

    The technical expertise and teams of both Ricoh and Durst will collaborate on new solutions, developing printheads as well as printers, to open up potential for inkjet technology to address the needs of emerging applications. New ways to use inkjet technologies and materials for enhanced sustainability – for example lower drying energy consumption – are already being explored. Further collaborative initiatives will be revealed in the coming months.

    For more information visit

  • Display graphics print providers now have a powerful solution for saving media and reducing prep time with newly available EFI™ Fiery® Prep-it™ true-shape nesting and cut-preparation software. The newly available solution from Electronics For Imaging, Inc. connects to any digital front end (DFE) – including full integration with EFI Fiery proServer and Fiery XF DFEs – to increase the profitability of cut jobs printed on wide- to superwide-format inkjet printers.
    Media and time savings
    This easy-to-use, powerful offering can reduce the time needed to manually nest jobs by up to 90%. It also reduces nesting time by more than 10% compared with other leading true-shape nesting offerings. Plus, Fiery Prep-it software saves users more than 10% in media usage compared with other, similar products thanks to its highly effective nesting algorithms. Display graphics businesses that currently use rectangular in-RIP nesting will find that Fiery Prep-it software reduces media consumption to a fraction of what they use today.
    On media savings alone, this affordable, effective software can pay for itself in as little as 2 months.
    Efficient, accurate, and fast true-shape nesting for cut jobs such as stickers, road signs, and more, are three critical capabilities for a display graphics workflow product,” said John Henze, vice president of sales and marketing, EFI Fiery. “Fiery Prep-it software excels over other products because it delivers all three at an affordable price, saving our customers hours of prepress time while reducing material usage.”

    Automated cut job preparation
    Fiery Prep-it software can take jobs destined for cutting from different sources and prepare them quickly and correctly for print-then-cut production. This can be done manually or semiautomatically with the use of pre-sets and hot folders. Jobs that arrive to production from prepress workflow, web-to-print, or MIS solutions can take advantage of the capability to apply every available Prep-it cut setting in a full “hands-off” job production mode. Minimal-touch-point production reduces the potential for expensive human error and frees up operators for other important tasks such as graphic design or production planning.
    Decreasing preparation time, media consumption and touchpoints on cut jobs is the key to making customers’ operations more profitable.
    Economic advantages for all display graphics businesses

    Whether print businesses do their nesting layouts manually in Adobe® Illustrator®, or use an existing nesting solution, switching to Fiery Prep-it software offers compelling productivity gains and media savings. It has some of the best true-shape nesting technology on the market, including its 1° increment rotation capability and accurate double-sided nesting, giving users the ability to reduce media waste and turnaround time even further.
    On top of its ability to generate at least 10% in media savings, Fiery Prep-it also increases profitability by:


    • Giving companies the ability to win more tight-deadline business by preparing cut jobs in a fraction of the time required with manual nesting methods;
    • Reducing errors and expensive rework due to minimal touchpoints in job production with hot folders and automation capabilities;
    • Removing production bottlenecks with increased utilisation of existing printing and cutting equipment.
    The software integrates with EFI Fiery proServer and Fiery XF DFE print servers, providing access to an additional 1,300+ cutter and router types on top of built-in Prep-it connectivity options. The software can also connect to any RIP or DFE that accepts PDF files, serving as a central hub for cut job preparation.
    For more information about EFI solutions for display graphics printing, visit

  • FloorSignage, LLC, launches DriveOn Graphics, the world’s first wide format print media designed to be applied to surfaces that support both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. DriveOn Graphics is the first retro reflective digital print media created with drivers in mind. DriveOn Graphics can be applied directly to streets, parking lots and driveways providing motorists with clear visual communication. This first of its kind material offers ground graphics in full color that will stand up to the rigors of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

    “Placing graphics on outdoor walkways was a radical idea in our industry back in 2013 when we launched AlumiGraphics Grip,” said Scott Wieclaw, President of FloorSignage, LLC. “Thanks to our product, AlumiGraphics Grip, outdoor floor and ground graphics are now commonly used worldwide and known to be the most reliable solution for graphics on concrete, asphalt, and brick, withstanding weather conditions and pedestrian traffic,” says Wieclaw.

    “We began R&D efforts for DriveOn Graphics not long after launching AlumiGraphics Grip, in response to customers asking if our material could withstand vehicle traffic,” continued Wieclaw. “The missing piece of the puzzle was to develop a wide format print media product that would combine the ease and utility of a pedestrian use graphic with the strength and durability of a vehicular traffic marking,” said Wieclaw.

    Until recently, stenciled, painted graphics and thermoplastic products have been the only options for graphics placed on parking lot and driveway surfaces. “DriveOn Graphics provides a better alternative to these current methods that suffer from design limitations, are difficult and expensive to apply and are not easily removed,” stated Wieclaw.

    “Not simply just an outdoor ground graphic, DriveOn Graphics offers vehicle durability,” explains Wieclaw. “When ground graphic materials are used on surfaces supporting vehicle traffic such as parking garages, cross walks, drive thru lanes and transit stations, most graphics cannot withstand the forces they are subjected to by vehicle traffic. Some manufacturers claim their graphic materials can withstand limited vehicle traffic, but the truth is, these materials are thin and soft leaving them susceptible to damage,” according to Wieclaw. “DriveOn Graphics provides dimensional stability, designed to withstand the kinetic friction that takes place between a tire and the graphic material,” said Wieclaw.

    “DriveOn Graphics solves the common issue faced by graphic materials used in areas serving both pedestrian and vehicle traffic, providing a retro reflective, slip resistant pedestrian safe product reducing accident risk. DriveOn Graphic’s retro-reflectivity results in a highly visible material both day and night, providing crucial response time for vehicle drivers,” said Wieclaw.

    DriveOn Graphics can be cut to shape and used as turn arrows, symbols, and other traffic control and curbside messaging. The material is matte white and direct print compatible with latex & UV flatbed and hybrid printers. USA Made, DriveOn Graphics offers easy, heat free installation, and is sold in 44” x 35’ rolls to suppliers.

    “This new material blows the door wide open for endless uses from parking lot traffic markings to creative cross promotion for brands that can now easily access endless amounts of available surface area. Think branded parking spaces or sponsored curbside

    pickup areas and electric vehicle charging stations. There are no limits to the uses of DriveOn Graphics,” says Wieclaw.

    DriveOn Graphics is a product of FloorSignage, LLC. Headquartered in Sunbury, Ohio, FloorSignage, LLC has built a niche as the industry expert offering premium quality substrates that serve as the most reliable solutions for graphics applied direct to rigid wall and floor surfaces in a wide range of environments both indoors and outdoors.

  • Inkcups announces the launch of ArtPrep, an automated artwork preparation software for digital printing that will greatly reduce time and labor associated with traditional manual preparation methods.

    ArtPrep automatically prepares artwork for digital printing through a flexible user interface that is adaptable to any workflow. The software easily integrates with all Inkcups digital printers and workflows and accepts PNG files directly through any user’s art department or automatically through an API connection. ArtPrep adds desired layers, including customizable trapping, and can manipulate image placement and size as well as perform image adjustments.

    By reducing image preparation time, ArtPrep improves overall productivity of Inkcups’ established digital printer workflows. This innovative new software has a unique capability to seamlessly handle variable data, name drops, challenging gradients, and highlights, all while providing maximum control over ink usage and production costs.

    “We’re excited to launch our first artwork preparation software, ArtPrep. This new capability will further enhance the Inkcups customer experience by offering significant time savings over manual preparation of artwork for printing. Our main priority is to make sure our customers can easily create high-quality artwork quickly and efficiently, while saving them time and labor,” said Ben Adner, CEO of Inkcups.

    ArtPrep is a huge cost and efficiency gain for companies handling any volume of artwork files for printing on Inkcups digital machines. The software is compatible with all Inkcups cylinder and flatbed printers, which include: the Helix®, Helix Hi-Fi®, Double Helix®, Revolution®, X360, X2®, X5®, X5-T, XJET, and XJET800. ArtPrep is especially suited for print-on-demand companies handling one-off printing.

    Inkcups will be offering two versions of the software: ArtPrep and ArtPrep Pro. ArtPrep is now available worldwide and will be available in Europe starting Spring 2022.