DCS Announces VIBRAHue Line of UV Printers

Direct Color Systems is happy to introduce a new line of printers to its current portfolio. The new product line, named VIBRAHUE, is a collaboration between Direct Color Systems and Team EPS. Direct Color Systems, well known for its innovative products for Braille and Textured printing, is adding the VIBRAHUE product line to meet the needs of traditional UV printing. Team EPS is a 30-year-old service company to the printing industry and is very well known for providing exceptional technical service and support.

The VIBRAHUE line of UV printers are a fast, reliable, and competitively priced lineup of printers with Flatbed, Roll-to-Roll, and Hybrid formats. They are available in a variety of sizes and a choice of printheads. Direct Color Systems will be handling the Sales and Marketing for the product line, while Team EPS will be managing the Installation, Training, Technical Support and Service.

The VIBRAHUE series of printers is a testament to the synergy between Direct Color Systems’ innovative spirit and TeamEPS’ commitment to high quality service. Steve Mills, Global VP of Sales and Marketing at Direct Color Systems, comments on the strategic integration of VIBRAHUE with their existing product line, “The VIBRAHUE product line compliments our Direct Jet line of printers. We are not just expanding our product range; we’re enhancing the capabilities of our clients. Customers involved in traditional Point of Purchase printing can now enjoy a more comprehensive offering, right alongside our Direct Jet products.”

The TeamEPS and Direct Color Systems collaboration is more than a partnership; It is a fusion of expertise and excellence. This cooperation allows the two partners to make the most of their expertise in service and utilize an established sales and marketing network.

This strategic move is part of Direct Color Systems’ broader vision to strengthen its market presence while bringing new product possibilities to its customer base. Tom Kaplinski, Direct Color Systems, President elaborates, “The launch of VIBRAHUE aligns perfectly with our strategy to continuously evolve and provide superior technical products. It is not just about adding new printers; it is about new possibilities like roll-to-roll printing, an area we are excited to explore. Our collaboration with TeamEPS and their world-class service organization marks a new chapter in our journey.”