Kala's Mistral 1650 takes pride of place at the heart of HP EMEA's demonstration and training centre

At Kala, we know that finishing is an essential step in graphics’ production and a way to generate more profit for the shop owners. Teaching and training is crucial in a more and more competitive environment. 

"We are proud to have entered into this partnership with HP, as we are convinced that our large-format laminator is a valuable asset for any wrap shops and all distributors. Mistral 1650 is compatible with this latest range of printers, enabling latex to be laminated straight off the press. This means no bubbles, orange peel effect or blisters. At room temperature and with no lag time, the result is optimal," says Patrick Marillier, Managing Director of Kala 

A concept shared by Johan Spies, Product Manager, Mid Volume Printing, at HP EMEA, who says:  “ In the HP Graphics Experience Centre in Barcelona, we strive to bring the best out of our HP Latex printers and combining it with the best finishing solutions.  We are very pleased to have the Kala Mistral 1650 laminator next to our HP Latex printers to be able to show and demonstrate the total solution to our customers. By showcasing possible workflows in our HP Graphics Experience Centre, we are now able to advise them the best possible solutions for their applications.”

A promising commercial development for Kala's "waste free laminator". A guarantee of quality and functionality, the French brand's flagship product has made all the difference. Johan Spies says: “The reason for choosing the Kala Mistral 1650 for our HP Graphics Experience Centre, is due to the ease of operation and the short time needed to set it up. This adds perfectly to the way we work and design our HP Latex products. On top, it has a small footprint, consistence quality and versatility of laminating rigid and flexible materials for a large range of applications. Overall, we are very pleased of having the great addition of the Kala Mistral 1650 laminator for our HP Latex printers in our HP Graphics Experience Centre in Barcelona.

For the short term we have multiple demos per week where customers come to Barcelona to see and work with the wide range of technologies, we have available. On the medium term we are scheduling seminars and events where we also show the laminating process with the Kala Mistral 1650 as being part of one of the many workflow solutions we are covering today in our HP Graphics Experience Centre in Barcelona.”

In Australia, Celmac sell the Kala range of finishing equipment including laminators, XY cutters, and mounting tables.