SCREEN Develops Truepress JET 560HDX to Deliver Innovation in Print Production

SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. announces that it has finalized the development of its new Truepress JET 560HDX roll-fed digital inkjet press. The system will join SCREEN GA’s lineup for the commercial printing, direct mail and publishing printing markets.

The commercial printing market requires flexible print solutions with high value economics. More complex work with faster turnaround times, shorter print runs, multiple versions, late-stage revisions, and variable information are being required to drive relevancy for customers. These requirements have created new business opportunities for high productivity digital inkjet presses offering offset-like economics.

In the publishing market, aggressive economics and high-quality and flexible format sizes enable a growing number of companies to benefit from the capabilities of high-speed, roll-fed digital inkjet presses. While facing the increasing shortening of production runs and demand for book-of-one requirements, book production systems need to be optimized for extremely low- to mid-volume production.

The direct mail market’s needs for high productivity and flexibility when running lightweight uncoated papers and thick, attention-getting high-gloss self-mailers at low fixed and variable costs are needed to help offset the rising cost of postage. Driving direct mail production costs as low as possible will encourage marketers to continue to utilize the valuable medium.

In response to these changing market realities, SCREEN GA initially introduced its Truepress JET 520HD with the Truepress SC and SC+ ink sets as a practical inkjet solution for printing directly onto offset coated papers without the need for an inkjet treatment.

SCREEN GA’s latest development in this area is the Truepress JET 560HDX, a unique new system that is expected to drive further innovation in printing. The Truepress JET 560HDX can operate in a variety of print modes, enabling it to handle paper widths up to 560 millimeters at speeds up to 150 meters per minute with a maximum resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. It is also compatible with SCREEN GA’s Truepress ink SC2. This newly developed high optical density ink set allows printing directly onto offset coated papers without any pretreatment. The SC2 ink set’s special properties produce high vibrancy colors that pop and have deep saturated hues as well as dense and neutral blacks for clearer printing of even fine text and line work.

Additionally, the new high-efficiency, intelligent drying system enables substrates with high ink densities to be dried efficiently, supporting superior quality and wide gamut printing on a wide range of papers.

The Truepress JET 560HDX is also equipped with a new fast-start operating system that inherits and further improves on the Truepress series’ market-proven technologies. This system ensures flawless integration of all internal hardware and software as well as with both pre- and post-finishing equipment.

The Truepress JET 560HDX will become a game changing contributor for the next-generation of smart factories, where it is expected to introduce new economic efficiency, high-availability productivity and print quality to satisfy customers. More information about this major development in printing will be shared on this website:

The new system will also be displayed at SCREEN’s Inkjet Innovation Center in the United States and Europe. It is also scheduled to appear at drupa 2024, to be held from Tuesday, May 28 to Friday, June 7, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

SCREEN GA remains committed to enriching lives and continuing to make the world more colorful through print. This underpins its goal of helping to build a sustainable society and create greater prosperity for its customers and all others worldwide.