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  • + Roland DG strengthens its Service and Support for WA customers

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters today announced the appointment of Andy Fung of Printpro Solution Pty Ltd as an Autho...

    February 21 2024

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters today announced the appointment of Andy Fung of Printpro Solution Pty Ltd as an Authorised Service Agent in Western Australia. Andy’s appointment reflects the steadfast commitment Roland DG gives to serving customers through its Roland DG Care initiatives in the state.  With a strong passion for technology, Andy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and has worked in the printing industry, with specific focus on Roland DG machines, for over 17 years.

     As an Authorised Service Agent, Andy has broad experience with various models of equipment and places emphasis on delivering outcomes that exceed customer expectations.  

    "Andy’s attention to detail and strong work ethic means he is focused on keeping Roland DG machines running to their high standard through Preventative Maintenance schedules and responding to any customer requests for machine repairs in a timely manner." says Roland DG Australia Service Manager, Brett Humphreys.  

    Brett commented further saying "We are excited to have Andy’s skills and experience to complement the Roland DG Care Program and look forward to the value he will give our Western Australia customers."  For more information on Roland DG Care and to contact the Service and Support Team, visit

  • + Innovia launches white floatable PO shrink film for light-sensitive products

    Patented extension of RayoFloat™ product range of floatable shrink sleevesThe film will be marketed under the nam...

    February 20 2024

    • Patented extension of RayoFloat™ product range of floatable shrink sleeves
    • The film will be marketed under the name RayoFloat™ white APO (WAPO)
    • New sleeve film expected to increase recycling of food grade PET packaging

    Innovia Films, a leading material science pioneer that manufactures polyolefin film materials for labels and packaging, has announced the extension of its product range for floatable polyolefin shrink films. The new film is a low density white film made from polyolefin (WAPO) that maintains floatability when printed. The opaque film contributes to the light blocking properties of the shrink sleeves that later can be applied to containers for industries that are light sensitive such as dairy, food supplements, nutritional products and cosmetics. The film will be produced at the European Innovia site in Płock, Poland.  „We have seen a need in the market to create an opaque film that floats and can be combined with transparent PET bottles. Many light-sensitive products are packed in HDPE bottles that are not recycled back into food grade packaging – at least not at the moment“, explains Simon Huber, Managing Director Innovia Europe. „This innovation is a game changer and can enable dairy brands and other companies that have light-sensitive products to switch to a transparent PET bottle that can and will be recycled back into food grade packaging – closing the loop.“

    „The new Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWR) that is being created by the EU will be a big driver of Design for Recycling“, explains Lucija Kralj, Business Unit Director Labels EMEA. „As all packaging will need to be recyclable by 2030 and certain recycled content targets will be mandatory, a transparent PET bottle with a floatable sleeve that automatically detached during sorting and recycling is the ideal solution. We have patented the film solution that will be manufactured in Poland but will be available globally.“ 

     Just as the clear film range, RayoFloat™ white APO facilitates easy separation and removal of labels from PET bottles and other types of plastic containers in the recycling process. It automatically detaches during sorting and recycling in the sink/float process and thus enables a high yield of high-quality PET flakes that are the basis of food grade recycling.
     The film also supports a closed loop in the production facility and contains up to 20 percent post-industrial recycled content.

  • + Perfect Night for ASGA Inaugural Victorian Bowls Event

    It was a perfect night in Melbourne last Friday for the inaugural ASGA Victorian Bowls Event, held at the Melbourne Bowling Club in Windsor. More than 30 industr...

    February 20 2024

    It was a perfect night in Melbourne last Friday for the inaugural ASGA Victorian Bowls Event, held at the Melbourne Bowling Club in Windsor.


    More than 30 industry identities came along to try their hand at barefoot bowls while catching up with industry friends and colleagues over drinks and food at the iconic venue, which is Melbourne’s oldest bowling club.


    While the style and skill of some players left room for improvement, the networking was first-class, with attendees relishing the chance to relax after a busy week in the Melbourne sunshine.


    “This is an idea we have had for some time and have successfully piloted in South Australia, and it’s great to be finally rolling the program out nationally this year,” said Mick Harrold, ASGA President.


    “While our golf days are always popular events, we know that not everyone is partial to a round of golf, nor can everyone spare a day away from work to participate. These bowls events are designed to be a more informal way to network with colleagues after work on a Friday night, with a fun round of social bowls thrown in for entertainment.


    “It was fantastic to see so many people come along for this first event in Melbourne, and to have them stay on for so long to enjoy the game and the atmosphere,” he says.


    The next Social Bowls event for ASGA will be in Brisbane at the BOO at 5pm on Friday 23 February. Those wishing to attend should contact Michael Punch by email at  to submit attendee names, or go to and check under ‘Events &  News / Current Events’ to find out more and register online.

  • + Visit Marks New Era of Partnership for Currie Group & Horizon

    Leading supplier Currie Group and finishing specialists Horizon have marked another milestone in their long-term partnership with the visit of Horizon’s new generation of leadershi...

    February 20 2024

    Leading supplier Currie Group and finishing specialists Horizon have marked another milestone in their long-term partnership with the visit of Horizon’s new generation of leadership to Australia.

    Hideharu Hori, Executive Director of the company and grandson of its founder Hachiro Hori, and Managing Director, Sam Miyazaki, spent a week in the country meeting with Currie Group’s operational team, and visiting customers in both Sydney and Melbourne.

    For Hori, it was the first opportunity to visit Australia since taking over the reins from his father, Ejiro Hori, and he was quick to reinforce Horizon’s commitment to its long-term channel partner for the ANZ market and excited to meet and learn from long standing Horizon customers.

    “The relationship between Horizon and Currie Group is a long and close one built on similar values and a shared understanding that partnership delivers the best outcomes for everyone,” he says.

    “As island nations, Australia and New Zealand are similar to Japan in that the vast majority of work produced here is done for the domestic market. We understand this type of market very well, but our partnership with Currie Group has always been vital to ensure we are up to date with what is going on here, and what print service providers in the ANZ region need.”

    For Currie Group, too, the partnership is pivotal. Established under Chairman, David Currie, in 1981, it fills an important role in the company’s ‘complete solutions’ approach.

    “Over many years, Currie Group has grown its stable of brands through partnerships with pioneering manufacturers like Horizon – in this case, enabling us to provide innovative, reliable finishing solutions to complement print production,” explains CEO, Rob Mesaros. 

    “It is more than a supply arrangement, however; we are close at all levels. We have open access to Horizon’s technical experts and regularly factory-train our service technicians, so that we can continue to meet our commitment to outstanding service and support as markets develop and Horizon technology continues to evolve.”

    Horizon has always been a master at anticipating and reflecting evolving market needs, and Hori says this has led to something of a shift in focus, with the company responding to an increased demand for systems solutions with higher levels of automation and integration.

    “Here in Australia, like Japan, I can see for myself that businesses are facing significant skilled labour challenges,” Hori says. 

    “Everywhere in the world, too, the pandemic highlighted the need to optimise the use of staff resources by supporting production teams with systems that streamlined workflows, reduced touchpoints and made cross-skilling easier.

    “This is not to say that we are moving away from supplying stand-alone solutions,” he clarifies, “but we recognise the need for automation for businesses to streamline their operations and maximise profitability.”

    Horizon has responded, driving its future development under three pillars: Usability, Workflow and Automation. 

    “Those who are familiar with Horizon equipment will already know that our interfaces are not only easy to use and intuitive, but are very similar across all our systems and equipment,” Miyazaki explains. “They operate seamlessly on a single platform, and if an operator needs to switch from one machine to another, it’s an easy transition.

    “In terms of workflow, we know that good solutions demand not only machines which integrate seamlessly, but the right platform to ensure smooth operation and optimise performance. This is where our commitment to developing our workflow management software iCE Link and collaborations with all leading print engine manufacturers ensures our customers can maximise the value of their systems. “Finally, as visitors to drupa will see in May, we are increasingly optimising production through automation, and incorporating complementary technologies like robotics and automated guided vehicles (AGV) to further enhance workflow efficiencies. “These are our priorities and, because all our systems are fully modular, businesses can invest in the solutions which meet their needs today, and then scale up as required.”

    Visitors to the world’s leading trade show, which will be held in Düsseldorf from 28 May to 7 June this year, will see an impressive display, says Miyazaki.

    “We have invested in a large stand of more than 1600m2 and will be featuring 16 systems in total, including at least five new products, with end-to-end, highly-automated workflows incorporating features like robotic arms and AGVs taking centre stage,” he reports

    “You will see our systems and equipment in action, both on our booth and in the booths of our collaboration partners. In total, we are bringing over 450 pieces of equipment to Germany!

    “We will also be showcasing our new, predictive AI technology, which is currently under development and already being piloted at three Japanese sites, to test its benefits for set-up and production optimisation.”

    In terms of business more broadly, Hori says Horizon remains focused on growth – but in a measured, sustainable way, and always in partnership with his global supply network and the company’s end-users.

    “At Horizon, we are aiming for sustainable growth, and we know that our success is not built alone as a manufacturer, but together with our global network of suppliers into local markets, and our end-user customer. None of us prospers when another is failing, but together we are strong.”

    Mesaros agrees. “Currie Group shares that understanding,” he says. “As business partnerships go, we have a relationship few can equal, dating back well over 40 years. We are partners and we are friends, and we look forward to that relationship flourishing for many years to come.”


    SAi Flexi, the all-in-one design, print, and cut software for sign and print providers, now offers compatibility with Canon's entire UVgel roll-to-roll printer range. This includes...

    February 13 2024

    SAi Flexi, the all-in-one design, print, and cut software for sign and print providers, now offers compatibility with Canon's entire UVgel roll-to-roll printer range. This includes both the Colorado 1600 series and the newly introduced Colorado M-series. The latest version of our RIP software, Flexi 22, supports all Colorado models, ensuring seamless integration into sophisticated production workflows.

    SAi, a leader in design-to-production software, has released Service Pack 4 for Flexi 22, which adds drivers for the whole Colorado range (1630, 1640, 1650, M3 [W] and M5 [W]) and supports both white and multilayer printing. The new software drivers also support Canon’s FLXfinish+ technology, which enables customers to print matte, gloss or mixed matte and gloss on the same print, without the need for additional varnish.

    SAi Flexi

    Capable of driving up to five printers simultaneously and any number of cutters, SAi Flexi offers a complete all-in-one solution for designing, printing, cutting and print & cut. With the addition of the cross-platform ‘Flexi Designer’, it delivers a versatile experience, giving users a seamless workflow from design to production. An easy-to-use white printing workflow, that allows for the creation and customisation of white layers, comes as standard in all versions of SAi Flexi. The software incorporates a robust 64-bit RIP architecture that ensures optimal performance and precision in advanced colour management, spot colour mapping, Pantone matching, true-shape nesting, and banner finishing.

    Scalable and modular Colorado M-series

    The Colorado M-series is a modular 1.6m roll-to-roll printer with two speed configurations that is also available with Canon UVgel white ink, boosting the printer’s exceptional productivity and substantially expanding the range of applications customers can create.

    The unique formulation of Canon’s UVgel ink facilitates the fast build-up of dense and opaque white images in fewer passes than conventional printing technologies, while printed output retains its original whiteness over time. The particular properties of UVgel also eliminate many of the production, nozzle-cleaning and maintenance challenges commonly associated with white ink, while delivering smooth, error-free printing, reducing ink usage and waste, and increasing productivity.

    Radisa Peric, Flexi Product Manager at SA International, comments:

    “We are proud to offer our wide customer base the full support of the Colorado UVgel roll-to-roll printer range. SAi Flexi software is omnipresent in sign and print shops worldwide so the ability for our customers to use their preferred software with their Colorado printers is a win-win partnership.”

    Mathieu Peeters, Senior Director Strategic Marketing Large Format Graphics Worldwide at Canon Production Printing, comments:

    “Canon Production Printing truly believes in open systems, which enables partners and customers to integrate Canon printers in their workflow by offering an Application Programming Interface (API) and a Software Development Kit (SDK). SAi, one of the largest RIP software vendors, has a huge network of highly satisfied sign makers and print service providers (PSPs) worldwide. I am extremely pleased that our sales partners, offering SAi as their preferred RIP software, can now provide their customers with an integrated solution – SAi Flexi driving our Canon Colorado printers. In addition, PSPs utilizing SAi Flexi software can now capture the benefits of UVgel by adding Canon Colorado printers to their production floor without changing their workflow. SAi managed to create a driver for the Colorado printers supporting the full functionality within the shortest timeframe. This proves that SAi is a true Canon Software Ambassador.”

    Canon Software Ambassador Program

    The Canon Software Ambassador Program is designed for independent software vendors, aiming to integrate with Canon production printers, to provide Sales Partners and Customers an end-to-end workflow solution fully tuned to the customer needs.

  • + Mark Andy introduces Digital Pro PLUS

    Leading US manufacturer of narrow web technology, Mark Andy, has launched a new version of its highly successful and user-friendly Digital Pro series of hybrid presses.  Known...

    February 13 2024

    Leading US manufacturer of narrow web technology, Mark Andy, has launched a new version of its highly successful and user-friendly Digital Pro series of hybrid presses.  Known as Digital Pro PLUS, it uses the well proven Mark Andy Pro Series flexo platform as a base for short to. Medium run high-quality digital printing that combines dry toner with optional flexo and inline finishing techniques.

    Described by Mark Andy’s newly appointed Product Manager for Digital Presses, Ben Luly, as: “An affordable and versatile digital hybrid with expandable capabilities to suit changes in market demand, from roll-to-roll to a fully configured single-pass print and finishing line,”Digital Pro PLUS has a standard web width of 13” (330mm), and a 1200 x 2400 print resolution, equivalent to 3600 DPI.  Capable of production speeds up to 77 ft/min (24 m/min) on a variety of substrates from paper to supported films and foil, the compact design of DPro PLUS gives it a small footprint that will fit into even the most crowded production floor.

    DPro PLUS builds on the success of Digital One and Digital Pro, which have seen more than 300 successful installations worldwide since launching in 2016.  By combining a proven digital toner engine with Mark Andy’s 77 years of web handling expertise, DPro PLUS offers label converters a unique investment opportunity to grow their business organically and in an affordable way in response to changes in customer demand.

    “We genuinely see it as a clear roadmap for growth as its capability can be scaled up as and when required.  It’s the right press for high-quality CMYK printing roll-to-roll but is easily and affordably upgradeable to a full-scale inline production tool that can include flexo printing before and after the digital unit, cold foil, lamination, semi-rotary die cutting, slitting, scoring, sheeting, and delivery onto a stack conveyor – it really is a great all-rounder!” he added.

    With no ‘clean room’ requirement DPro PLUS is the ideal production tool for a variety of prime p/s labels for the food & beverage, industrial, craft goods and health & beauty sectors amongst others.  Its variable data capability is perfectly suited to today’s increasing demand for the shorter runs, more personalization and versioning that are demanded by brand owners and print buyers alike.

    “Perhaps, best of all, it’s a Mark Andy product with all the benefits that brings to the narrow web sector.  This includes service plans, a global network of support and parts, technical expertise in all aspects of printing and converting, and a 24/7 helpline if you ever need it, as well as the availability of all consumables through Mark Andy Print Products (MAPP).  We have the most extensive portfolio of narrow web technology on the market and the knowhow to match – that’s why I’m confident that DPro PLUS will be a winner,” he concluded.

  • + Roland DG unveil first-ever compact UV Flatbed printer

    Exciting news! We’re unveiling our first-ever compact UV Flatbed printer to complement our easy-to-use and...

    February 13 2024

    Exciting news! We’re unveiling our first-ever compact UV Flatbed printer to complement our easy-to-use and affordable desktop products in the VersaSTUDIO range. We present the new VersaSTUDIO BD-8, designed for anyone — even those with no prior experience — to print vibrant and detailed graphics on a wide range of objects.

    The BD-8 fits on your desktop, making it ideal for use in home businesses, small offices, retail spaces and classroom settings to add value to items like phone covers, cosmetic cases, fashion accessories, sports memorabilia, gifts, bottles and more.

    Key Features:

    • Customise 3D objects up to 102mm high, or print on round surfaces up to 2” in diameter with the optional rotary accessory.

    • Versatile - print on a wide variety of materials, including plastics, paper, leather and wood — even glass and metal with the onboard primer ink.

    • Professional Grade - advanced UV printing technology, including a high-definition printhead.

    • Easy to use - engineered with a simple design and bundled with the feature-filled, user-friendly FlexiDESIGNER VersaSTUDIO Edition design and output software.

    • Compact size to fit on virtually any desktop.

    • High safety standards featuring a built-in fume extractor and full-cover design.

    • Affordable - priced for startups and small businesses.

    • Comprehensive manufacturer’s warranties.

    The BD-8 is a powerhouse in a compact frame and this isn’t even the complete list of its advantages…

    Find out More

    To discover more about the BD-8 desktop UV flatbed printer contact us or speak to your Dealer.

  • + SCREEN Develops Truepress JET 560HDX to Deliver Innovation in Print Production

    SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. announces that it has finalized the development of its new Truepress JET 560HDX roll-fed digital inkjet press. The system will join SCREEN GA’s l...

    February 13 2024

    SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. announces that it has finalized the development of its new Truepress JET 560HDX roll-fed digital inkjet press. The system will join SCREEN GA’s lineup for the commercial printing, direct mail and publishing printing markets.

    The commercial printing market requires flexible print solutions with high value economics. More complex work with faster turnaround times, shorter print runs, multiple versions, late-stage revisions, and variable information are being required to drive relevancy for customers. These requirements have created new business opportunities for high productivity digital inkjet presses offering offset-like economics.

    In the publishing market, aggressive economics and high-quality and flexible format sizes enable a growing number of companies to benefit from the capabilities of high-speed, roll-fed digital inkjet presses. While facing the increasing shortening of production runs and demand for book-of-one requirements, book production systems need to be optimized for extremely low- to mid-volume production.

    The direct mail market’s needs for high productivity and flexibility when running lightweight uncoated papers and thick, attention-getting high-gloss self-mailers at low fixed and variable costs are needed to help offset the rising cost of postage. Driving direct mail production costs as low as possible will encourage marketers to continue to utilize the valuable medium.

    In response to these changing market realities, SCREEN GA initially introduced its Truepress JET 520HD with the Truepress SC and SC+ ink sets as a practical inkjet solution for printing directly onto offset coated papers without the need for an inkjet treatment.

    SCREEN GA’s latest development in this area is the Truepress JET 560HDX, a unique new system that is expected to drive further innovation in printing. The Truepress JET 560HDX can operate in a variety of print modes, enabling it to handle paper widths up to 560 millimeters at speeds up to 150 meters per minute with a maximum resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. It is also compatible with SCREEN GA’s Truepress ink SC2. This newly developed high optical density ink set allows printing directly onto offset coated papers without any pretreatment. The SC2 ink set’s special properties produce high vibrancy colors that pop and have deep saturated hues as well as dense and neutral blacks for clearer printing of even fine text and line work.

    Additionally, the new high-efficiency, intelligent drying system enables substrates with high ink densities to be dried efficiently, supporting superior quality and wide gamut printing on a wide range of papers.

    The Truepress JET 560HDX is also equipped with a new fast-start operating system that inherits and further improves on the Truepress series’ market-proven technologies. This system ensures flawless integration of all internal hardware and software as well as with both pre- and post-finishing equipment.

    The Truepress JET 560HDX will become a game changing contributor for the next-generation of smart factories, where it is expected to introduce new economic efficiency, high-availability productivity and print quality to satisfy customers. More information about this major development in printing will be shared on this website:

    The new system will also be displayed at SCREEN’s Inkjet Innovation Center in the United States and Europe. It is also scheduled to appear at drupa 2024, to be held from Tuesday, May 28 to Friday, June 7, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

    SCREEN GA remains committed to enriching lives and continuing to make the world more colorful through print. This underpins its goal of helping to build a sustainable society and create greater prosperity for its customers and all others worldwide.

  • + Color-Logic Unveils Text-FX

    Color-Logic has proudly announced the launch of Text-FX™ , a groundbreaking addition to the Color-Logic product suite. A unique, stylized Illustrator palette that includes 20 ...

    February 06 2024

    Color-Logic has proudly announced the launch of Text-FX™ , a groundbreaking addition to the Color-Logic product suite. A unique, stylized Illustrator palette that includes 20 extraordinary text effects, Text-FX is specifically designed for creatives and graphic designers, enabling them to dramatically change the way text can be used in various design projects, including signage, posters, and greeting cards.

    Announcing the Text-FX introduction, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "With Text-FX, Color-Logic continues a tradition of providing innovative tools that enable designers to push the boundaries of creativity. The easy-to-use Text-FX interface ensures that even those new to design can create stunning professional-level text effects."

    Key Features of Color-Logic Text-FX:

    Fully Editable Text Styles: Text-FX provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing designers to modify color, size, font, and the applied Illustrator FX styles.

    Color Customisation:

    With the integrated Color-Logic palettes, changing colors to suit design needs is a breeze.

    Enhanced Creative Control: The tool offers the ability to edit, add, or remove the applied Illustrator FX styles effortlessly.

    Font Versatility: Switching fonts to create diverse and beautiful designs takes only seconds.

    Compatibility: Text-FX is designed to be compatible with Color-Logic Pattern-FX, Gold, and Pro Palettes, ensuring seamless integration into existing design workflows.

    Color-Logic Text-FX is available for purchase by licensed Color-Logic users. For more information, see 

  • + Kongsberg C64 takes center stage at new GMS Pacific demo center

    First demo room for GMS is also first in Australia to showcase Kongsberg technology 

    February 06 2024

    First demo room for GMS is also first in Australia to showcase Kongsberg technology 

    Following a significant investment in a state-of-the-art new facility, leading Australian distributor GMS Pacific has opened the doors to its first demo center – and the first in the country to boast a Kongsberg C64 at the heart of its automated production. 

    The company, which has delivered intelligent solutions for label and packaging manufacturers for more than 40 years, has handled distribution and servicing for Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS) across the Oceania region since 2021. 

    “We recently relocated the whole business to Notting Hill in Victoria in order to have space for a fantastic new demo facility,” said Andrew McNamara, Managing Director of GMS Pacific. “As this is our first ever demo center we wanted to make it special, and we’re delighted that the significant investment has been so worthwhile. With 240m2 of floorspace, we not only have the room for a full Kongsberg automation line, but we also have ample space for other machinery as well.” 

    Managing all sales, distribution, and servicing of the complete range of Kongsberg digital finishing solutions, tools and consumables across Oceania, GMS Pacific also provides expert advice to customers. “The new facility is in an ideal location for us, and from here we can host and entertain customers from anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia,” said Andrew. 

    David Preskett, Vice President of Kongsberg PCS, EMEA and APAC, said the new demo center gave GMS Pacific the opportunity to show customers how the Kongsberg C64 delivers the highest levels of performance. “The Kongsberg C64 is the ideal centerpiece to any demonstration, with its state-of-the-art engineering and aerospace technology, together with an aluminum composite tabletop, rack and pinion drive system and dynamic table mapping all combining to deliver the greatest cutting accuracy and consistency,” he said. “With the addition of the wide range of optional tooling combinations, Andrew and the team can now also demonstrate how the C64 can tackle any job quickly and easily while being confident in achieving the best quality of final print and cut.” 

    David said that the new GMS Pacific demo center adds to the number of partnerships that have enabled Kongsberg PCS to showcase its digital cutting solutions to customers worldwide. 

    “Kongsberg cutting solutions are renowned for delivering the most robust and reliable digital cutting solutions to packaging, signage and display markets across the world,” he said. “As part of the Kongsberg PCS commitment to better service our clients and provide a more localized service where possible, it is our goal to ensure customers can witness the power and performance of our range without having the expense, inconvenience and environmental impact of travelling half-way around the globe to do so. This latest demo center helps achieve that.” 

    For more on the entire range of digital finishing solutions and tools visit

    For more on GMS Pacific, visit

  • + Konica Minolta appoints Melissa Dempsey as chief marketing officer to support its continued brand transformation across Australia and New Zealand

    Konica Minolta Australia and Konica Minolta New Zealand strengthens its market position with Melissa Dempsey’s appointment to the role of chief marketing officer. 

    February 06 2024

    Konica Minolta Australia and Konica Minolta New Zealand strengthens its market position with Melissa Dempsey’s appointment to the role of chief marketing officer.


    Melissa will support the company’s continued customer experience (CX)-led transformation, with a focus on strengthening Konica Minolta’s leadership position in print and imaging technology while building identity as a trusted partner for managed information technology (IT) services.


    Based in Sydney, Melissa brings more than 20 years of experience in the technology sector to the role, with most of this spent leading high-performing teams in complex, multinational organisations including NortonLifeLock and Symantec.  


    Melissa has developed the skillset to oversee business innovation and digital transformation, from launching new product portfolios and go-to-market strategies, to introducing new brand and product campaigns, as well as leading critical projects to drive people, process, and behaviour changes internally. Her extensive experience in the cybersecurity sector has also helped her develop a unique insight into the challenges facing modern businesses and the importance of building trust.


    Yohei Konaka, managing director, Konica Minolta Australia, said, “Melissa brings a wealth of industry experience and a proven ability to understand our customers and partners, collaborate with global teams, and spearhead positive transformation for the Konica Minolta Australia and New Zealand teams. Konica Minolta has been developing new technologies and innovative solutions for over 150 years, and Melissa’s unique skillset will ensure that traditional print customers continue to be supported by a diversified set of solutions and services that address the challenges of a modern work environment, while also bringing Konica Minolta’s services to a new generation of customers.  


    “We are thrilled to welcome Melissa to the team and have no doubt she will be successful in strengthening the company’s value as a trusted partner for its customers.”


    Eric Holtsmark, managing director, Konica Minolta New Zealand, said, “The appointment of Melissa for the company is fantastic. She will be working closely with our marketing team in New Zealand as well to bring new technologies to market. Since our establishment in New Zealand over three years ago, we have grown very fast and expanding our offerings is the next step in our evolution.”  


    Melissa Dempsey, chief marketing officer, Konica Minolta, said, “Joining Konica Minolta, a brand with a 150-year-old legacy, is incredibly exciting. Helping customers better understand their digital journey from an end-to-end perspective and successfully transform their businesses is a key driver for me.  


    “I look forward to working with the executive leadership team to continue to deliver value in a space that is steeped in tradition, while also investing in the future of Konica Minolta Australia and New Zealand by showcasing the new solutions and services that we're bringing to our existing customer base. Strategically placing the customer experience at the core of our business, and expanding our IT portfolio, are critical steps that will strengthen Konica Minolta’s reputation as a business solutions partner, as well as a managed service provider into the future.” 


  • + Roland DG Introduces Two New VersaSTUDIO Series Products; Compact UV and Direct-To-Film Printers for Increased Creativity and Profitability

    Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters worldwide, today announced two new products in the VersaSTUDIO series. The BD-8, th...

    February 06 2024

    Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters worldwide, today announced two new products in the VersaSTUDIO series. The BD-8, the first flatbed UV printer in the VersaSTUDIO series, and the BY-20 with Roland DG's Direct-To-Film (DTF transfer) ink technology, used by a wide range of customers in the apparel goods market.

    “Our compact, easy-to-use, and affordable desktop products are marketed under the brand name VersaSTUDIO and include a broad range of popular desktop solutions, such as inkjet printers, cutters, engravers, metal printers, and foil transfer laser decorators.” said Tony Miller, President of Roland DG’s Global Sales and Marketing Division. “With the addition of these two new products to the VersaSTUDIO series, we are further strengthening our product lineup.” 

    The BD-8 is a UV printer capable of high-definition direct printing on a variety of shapes and materials. It supports items up to A5 size and 102mm in height. The machine can also print on cylindrical objects such as bottles and lipsticks using the optional rotary axis. The EUV5 ink is compatible with numerous materials, from soft textures like fabric and leather to hard textures like wood and plastics. The primer ink enables improved adhesion for printing on glass and metal. With the BD-8, you can easily produce profitable items such as smartphone cases, stationery, cosmetic items and much more.

    The BY-20 is a water-based printer using the DTF transfer method to improve the design and efficiency of apparel goods production. After printing on a special film, hot-melt powder is applied and thermally melted, and then the film is simply layered on fabric and heat-pressed to create original T-shirts, sportswear, etc. This method makes it easy to transfer even complex designs onto both light and dark fabrics, including not only cotton but also polyester, cotton polyester, denim, nylon, and rayon, among others to produce a vast array of garments. This compact machine combines excellent print quality and productivity to produce highly designed apparel goods beautifully and quickly. 

    Both the BD-8 and BY-20 are equipped with the same print head as our high-end inkjet models and offer multiple print modes ideal for different applications, making it easy for anyone to achieve professional printing results. According to Miller, these machines were designed to offer excellent usability. Following the installation, you can immediately begin production. The printers have a simple design with only a power button. All other functions are easily performed with the included Utility software which supports convenient operation through easy-to-understand icons with high visibility and intuitive, quick access to the menu items you want to use. The printers also come standard with the software FlexiDESIGNER VersaSTUDIO Edition which can be used for everything from design creation to output with simple operations. Even those who have never used design software before can easily create the design you want. 

    Roland DG Connect, a cloud-based service, is also included. This service provides proactive support in the event of errors and visualisation of the printer's operating status, allowing you to use the printer with peace of mind. 

    Even though they come standard with various productivity features and the necessary design and output software, the BD-8 and BY-20 are priced to make it easy for first-time users, which includes a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty.

    “With the addition of the BD-8 and BY-20 to the VersaSTUDIO lineup, which has the brand message “Get Started,” we are confident that these new products will further expand the creative and business possibilities for our customers in diverse settings, including the production and sale of original goods, in-store decoration services, and STEM education,” Miller said. “We will continue to expand the VersaSTUDIO series to meet diversifying needs and encourage new challenges around the world.” 

    For more information about the VersaSTUDIO BD-8 visit the webpage.

    For more information about the VersaSTUDIO BY-20 visit this webpage.


    Designers of Pink Fish, Myrrdah and Jarawee will now be available on THE ICONIC, following a first-of-its-kind program with THE ICONIC x First Nations F...

    February 06 2024

    Designers of Pink Fish, Myrrdah and Jarawee will now be available on THE ICONIC, following a first-of-its-kind program with THE ICONIC x First Nations Fashion and Design


    Australia and New Zealand’s leading fashion and lifestyle platform, THE ICONIC, in partnership with First Nations Fashion + Design (FNFD), a national voice for First Nations creatives, is proud to announce the launch of a new collection from three First Nations brands, that are now exclusively available on THE ICONIC.


    The collaboration stems from THE ICONIC x FNFD Incubator Program, which kicked off in April 2023, marking a significant milestone in THE ICONIC’s commitment to supporting First Nations fashion.


    The designers include Gungganji designer Elverina Johnson, the creative force behind the label Pink Fish, Mt. Isa designers Glenda McCulloch, Jaunita Doyle, Dale Bruce, and Cheryl Perez of the label Myrrdah and Kuranda-based designer Briana Enoch of label Jarawee.  


    Over the course of the nine-month program, the designers immersed themselves in a series of four chapters, engaging in workshops, tours, and experiences guided by cultural peers and curated by industry experts and educators. The chapters were designed to unlock industry opportunities for First Nations designers and covered key aspects such as brand development, merchandising and marketing, providing the designers with the tools to successfully commercialise their brands.



    Gayle Burchell, THE ICONIC’s Chief Commercial and Sustainability Officer said, “It has been a privilege to co-design THE ICONIC x First Nations Fashion Design Incubator program in partnership with FNFD and we are so excited to welcome Pink Fish, Myrrdah and Jarawee to THE ICONIC. Over the course of the program we have witnessed incredible talent, drive and dedication from these gifted designers and we’re proud to bring this extraordinary collection to our customers across Australia and New Zealand.


    “We extend our gratitude to all participants, mentors and partners who have contributed to the success of this industry-first initiative. It is extremely important to us at THE ICONIC to share our business learnings and expertise on e-commerce, tech and retail with growing businesses. It’s equally important for us to seek out opportunities to learn from First Nations designers to ensure we can play a role in better facilitating the economic empowerment of First Nations business owners. Throughout the program we’ve been fortunate to learn more about First Nations cultures and how these three designers’ have successfully overcome some of the common challenges faced by any new designer looking to scale in the modern retail ecosystem.”

    Grace Lillian Lee, FNFD’s Founder and Chair said “The partnership has given the designers a new platform to showcase their incredible work and FNFD is thrilled to see the collections launched on THE ICONIC. It is through these initiatives that we can continue to support the self-determination of First Nations Peoples within the industry and assist them in further developing skills to grow their businesses.”

    Each designer has infused their designs with a distinctive creative vision. Briana Enoch, the owner and creative of Jarawee, ignites the imagination with her bold prints and vibrant colours showcased in her designs. Elverina Johnson of Pink Fish encapsulates a spirit of boldness, vivid colours, and draws inspiration from the reef, rainforest, and her upbringing in Far North Queensland. Myrrdah, the brainchild of four sisters—Glenda, Jaunita, Dale, and Cheryl—features incredible designs inspired by the sunsets, rock faces, clay, and landscape that surrounds their Kalkadoon home in Northwest Queensland.

    These unique designs were consulted on, digitised and printed by Epson Australia via Epson digital printing solutions as part of Epson’s landmark technology and sustainability agreement to support FNFD as print and projection partner.

    This extraordinary collection of pieces from Myrrdah, Pink Fish and Jarawee are now available to purchase on THE ICONIC. 


  • + Agfa launches next-gen Hybrid Anapurna H3200 inkjet printer

    Agfa, a leading provider of inkjet printing solutions, introduces the next generation of its Anapurna H3200 wide-format hybrid printer, representing a significant leap forward in s...

    January 30 2024

    Agfa, a leading provider of inkjet printing solutions, introduces the next generation of its Anapurna H3200 wide-format hybrid printer, representing a significant leap forward in speed and print quality.

    Boasting an almost 70% increase in printing speed compared to its predecessor (in Production Mode), the newest version of the 3.2 m Anapurna H3200 emerges as a serious step-up for sign shops and digital printers, empowering them to swiftly tackle a wide range of print jobs.

    “We are excited to unveil the next generation of the Anapurna H3200”, says Philip Van der Auwera, Product Manager Sign & Display at Agfa. “Since the debut of the first Anapurna over two decades ago, the printer family has undergone multiple enhancements and expansions. Renowned for its exceptional versatility and unwavering reliability, the new version of the Anapurna H3200 now combines these attributes with a boost in productivity and improved quality. This step underscores Agfa’s commitment to innovation and delivering top-notch solutions that align with the evolving needs of our customers.”

    Like its predecessor, the Anapurna H3200 features a six-color plus white ink set and UV LED curing. However, both the print shuttle and print engine itself have been redesigned to achieve a significant productivity increase. The fast-firing print heads ensure rapid throughput – up to 66 m²/hour in production mode – and superior print quality on flexible and rigid materials alike. Additionally, the printer’s newly implemented continuous board feeding capacity enables efficient printing on rigid materials, with the capability to print up to four boards printed simultaneously.

    The enhanced print shuttle also contributes to improved image quality, particularly noticeably in darker solid tones. The Anapurna excels in delivering high-quality prints across a spectrum of applications, from uncoated rigid media like corrugated boards and plastics to roll media such as film, vinyl, banners, canvas, and coated textiles. Its GREENGUARD Gold-certified inks deliver high color vibrancy and a broad color gamut, while Agfa’s patented Thin Ink Layer technology ensures minimal ink consumption.

    The new Anapurna H3200 is equipped with a protective closure. This redesign not only gives the printer a fresh look but also contributes to a safer working environment.

    The new Anapurna H3200 will debut at the C!Print exhibition in Lyon, France (February 6-8). It will be featured alongside Agfa’s high-end Tauro H3300, HS, which boasts a varnish printing option for enhancing prints, and will be equipped with the award-winning Flex roll-to-roll system, a compact module that boosts printer uptime by enabling seamless transitioning from rolls to boards or sheets without the need for undocking.

    Additionally, Agfa will showcase the advanced capabilities of the new Anapurna hybrid printer at FESPA in Amsterdam (The Netherlands, 19-22 March).


  • + Caldera Announces New DTG and DTF RIP Solutions

    Caldera has announced a RIP solution for direct-to-garment (DTG) and direct-to-film (DTF) printing, representing a strategic move into one of the fastest growing segments of digita...

    January 30 2024

    Caldera has announced a RIP solution for direct-to-garment (DTG) and direct-to-film (DTF) printing, representing a strategic move into one of the fastest growing segments of digital inkjet printing.

    The Caldera Direct-to-X product range will initially only be available in a bundle from selected DTG and DTF printer OEMs, as the first of a suite of linked products. It will be followed by Caldera Direct-to-Object and Caldera Direct-to-Fabric, and the new software will form a suite of Direct-to-X RIPs, aimed squarely at the garment decoration market.

    Caldera’s VP Marketing & Operations, Sebastien Hanssens, explains: “We’re already bundling with some market leading garment printer manufacturers, while continuing to work with other OEMs to offer an exciting new solution for garment printing machines. Caldera has also created a new offering for the apparel decoration market, aimed at users who want to provide full customization to their clients, from unique pieces to small batch print runs.” The software’s key features will include color management, a background knock-out feature, intelligent white management, ink management and an easy-to-use GUI.

    Caldera Direct-to-X product range is a radical change for the company in another way: It will be the first Caldera RIP product to natively run on Microsoft Windows, as well as Mac OS and Linux.

    “Alongside being bundled with new DTG and DTF printers, Caldera Direct-to-x RIP will become available to customers on a subscription basis later in the year,” says Sebastien. “It will be suitable for a range of desktop, industrial and hybrid printers – so watch this space for further updates.”

  • + Canon launches new imagePROGRAF GP and imagePROGRAF PRO Series

    Canon has launched a new series of 7-colour imagePROGRAF GP large format printers for both commercial and in-house print service providers.Designed predominantly for high-en...

    January 30 2024

    Canon has launched a new series of 7-colour imagePROGRAF GP large format printers for both commercial and in-house print service providers.

    Designed predominantly for high-end posters but also suitable for other graphic arts applications such as printing photographs, the new series comprises three models: the 60”/1524mm imagePROGRAF GP-6600S and the 44”/1118mm GP-4600S – replacing the imagePROGRAF PRO-6100S and PRO-4100S – and the 24”/610mm GP-2600S. Combined with a new pigment ink set, LUCIA PRO II, the new series delivers A0 size posters on uncoated paper within 48 seconds and provides an expanded gamut of vibrant and accurately reproduced colours, together with greater image durability. The imagePROGRAF GP series will be showcased live at drupa 2024 on the Canon stand in Hall 8A, B41-1 – B41-8.

    Exceptional PANTONE coverage

    The new 7-colour LUCIA PRO II ink set used with the new imagePROGRAF GP series includes orange, which reproduces more vivid, eye-catching colours, and grey, which smoothly reproduces skin tones, for example. As a result, the colour gamut reproducible by the new imagePROGRAF GP series accurately hits 96% of the PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated’ sample book, making the series ideal for printing corporate colours.

    Significantly increased durability

    The LUCIA PRO II ink set also allows users to produce far more robust output as the new inks provide substantially improved abrasion resistance on photo papers, so that posters and other printed output are less likely to be scratched when handled, transported and mounted in place. In addition, a very light-resistant pigment in the ink set dramatically increases colour fastness, so that artwork can be potentially preserved for up to 200 years.

    Productivity boost

    Regardless of the skill or experience of the user, the new imagePROGRAF GP series is easy to use and offers increased productivity, thanks to its ink ejection status monitoring system, simplified settings and easier media handling. Its dual roll capability allows a second roll of a different media type and size to be loaded at the same time so that that the user can automatically switch from printing on matte to gloss paper without interrupting the workflow. By accelerating the automatic media feeding process, the media loading time has also been reduced by approximately 40%.

    Environmental considerations

    In line with Canon’s goal of reducing the environmental footprint of its products and operations by using resources responsibly, minimising waste, increasing efficiency and supporting innovation, it has reduced the amount of expanded polystyrene packaging material used for the new imagePROGRAF GP series – for example, 89.5% less polystyrene foam is used for the GP-4600S than for its predecessor. In addition, its reduced power consumption – using 94W or less during operation and 2.2W or less during standby – as well as other satisfied criteria, has helped the series achieve a ‘Gold’ product rating under the U.S. EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Registry, the highest level of registration in the field of imaging equipment products.

    Mathew Faulkner, EMEA Director, Marketing and Innovation, Wide Format Printing Group, Canon Europe, comments: “With the launch of the new imagePROGRAF GP series, we’re addressing the needs of the high-end, premium poster market. The GP series retains the superb imagePROGRAF print quality, while the configuration of the new LUCIA PRO II inks offers a much wider colour gamut and delivers outstanding Pantone coverage for more accurate corporate colour reproducibility. With image durability also very important for the high-end poster market, any output printed on the new imagePROGRAF GP devices will be both very scratch- and light-resistant, helping to preserve its longevity and value. And with the improved media handling and increased automation of the series, we’ve also made it more productive and easier to use.”The new imagePROGRAF GP series is available from March 2024 across EMEA either directly from Canon or through one of its accredited resellers.

  • + DCS Announces VIBRAHue Line of UV Printers

    Direct Color Systems is happy to introduce a new line of printers to its current portfolio. The new product line, named VIBRAHUE, is a collaboration between Direct Color Systems an...

    January 30 2024

    Direct Color Systems is happy to introduce a new line of printers to its current portfolio. The new product line, named VIBRAHUE, is a collaboration between Direct Color Systems and Team EPS. Direct Color Systems, well known for its innovative products for Braille and Textured printing, is adding the VIBRAHUE product line to meet the needs of traditional UV printing. Team EPS is a 30-year-old service company to the printing industry and is very well known for providing exceptional technical service and support.

    The VIBRAHUE line of UV printers are a fast, reliable, and competitively priced lineup of printers with Flatbed, Roll-to-Roll, and Hybrid formats. They are available in a variety of sizes and a choice of printheads. Direct Color Systems will be handling the Sales and Marketing for the product line, while Team EPS will be managing the Installation, Training, Technical Support and Service.

    The VIBRAHUE series of printers is a testament to the synergy between Direct Color Systems’ innovative spirit and TeamEPS’ commitment to high quality service. Steve Mills, Global VP of Sales and Marketing at Direct Color Systems, comments on the strategic integration of VIBRAHUE with their existing product line, “The VIBRAHUE product line compliments our Direct Jet line of printers. We are not just expanding our product range; we’re enhancing the capabilities of our clients. Customers involved in traditional Point of Purchase printing can now enjoy a more comprehensive offering, right alongside our Direct Jet products.”

    The TeamEPS and Direct Color Systems collaboration is more than a partnership; It is a fusion of expertise and excellence. This cooperation allows the two partners to make the most of their expertise in service and utilize an established sales and marketing network.

    This strategic move is part of Direct Color Systems’ broader vision to strengthen its market presence while bringing new product possibilities to its customer base. Tom Kaplinski, Direct Color Systems, President elaborates, “The launch of VIBRAHUE aligns perfectly with our strategy to continuously evolve and provide superior technical products. It is not just about adding new printers; it is about new possibilities like roll-to-roll printing, an area we are excited to explore. Our collaboration with TeamEPS and their world-class service organization marks a new chapter in our journey.”

  • + Epson announces SureColor V1060 - first UV desktop printer

    Epson has announced the SureColor V1060, their first ever A4 UV desktop printer. This new printer is ideal for customising merchandise and promotional items on demand and transform...

    January 30 2024

    Epson has announced the SureColor V1060, their first ever A4 UV desktop printer. This new printer is ideal for customising merchandise and promotional items on demand and transforming them into unique products, making them an excellent solution for retail and event environments.



    By launching the SureColor V1060 Epson opens up a world of possibilities for businesses to explore diverse offerings to their customers from promotional items and personalised gifts to industrial prototypes with all the benefits of Epson’s cost-effective, consistent high-quality imaging, and innovative compact design.

     The SC-V1060 enables direct printing onto a vast array of materials, including acrylic, metals, wood, canvas and more with superior image quality, colour accuracy and finely detailed text.

    In terms of media handling the SC-V1060 supports substrates up to 297mm x 210mm (A4), and up to 70mm in thickness allowing you to print on thicker materials.


    UV curable UltraChrome UV ink with CMYK+White+Varnish provide a stunning output on both rigid and flexible materials with Epson Precision Dot and Variable Sized Dot Technology (VSDT), additional White ink and Varnish can be applied as a layer or spot colour for enhanced image expression and finish quality.


    Compact (W699 x D699 x H426mm) and innovative design enables the new printer to fit neatly into retail environments where space is always limited and the printer needs to run clean, cool and safely. Additional space savings with built-in air filtration system and as no space is required at the rear of the printer means it can be easily situated against a wall.

     "The SureColor V1060 is an innovative printer and a game-changer in the world of UV printing. We are excited to see this affordable solution opening up new creative horizons for retailers, designers and small businesses.” said Shuhei Sato product manager of Professional Print Solutions Division at Epson Australia.


    Designed with the user in mind, the SC-V1060 features an intuitive 4.3” touchscreen, user-friendly interface and fully automated cleaning system. The use of 140ml replaceable ink pack system simplifies operation while enhancing productivity, reducing waste and mess. Thus, from setup to execution, the operator can navigate seamlessly, streamlining the printing process for maximum efficiency.


    SureColor V1060 key features:

    • Compact and innovative design – The unit is designed to fit most retail environments • Complete front operation - Provides the flexibility for any workflow in limited space.

    • Built-in air filtration system – No additional space and cost required.

    • Precise line and text quality – Superior image quality with incredible detail for small application.

    • Low maintenance – Fully automated cleaning system with fabric head wiper and no waste ink tank.

    • Easy Operation - Intuitive touchscreen with animated instructions and 140ml replaceable ink-pack system.• Epson Edge Print Pro software – Epson genuine RIP which provides a powerful set of image editing tools via an interface that is easy to use.• Epson Cloud Solution PORT– Provides live production monitoring, reporting and job cost accounting (requires Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection)• Reliable and Durable Design – Supplied with a comprehensive on-site 1-year warranty, optional comprehensive CoverPlus extension up to 5 years subject to PORT activation


    Availability and price

    The SureColor V1060 UV desktop printer is expected to ship in Australia and New Zealand in the second half of 2024. Pricing will be announced closer to launch.


    An A3 version of the UV desktop printer is planned to launch in late 2024.

  • + Canon Wins Pacesetter Award from Keypoint Intelligence in Wide Format Sustainability for Product Innovation Across its Portfolio

    Canon is proud to announce that Keypoint intelligence has awarded Canon the Buyers Lab (BLI) 2024-2025 Pacesetter award in Wide Format Sustainability: Product Innovation. This pres...

    January 23 2024

    Canon is proud to announce that Keypoint intelligence has awarded Canon the Buyers Lab (BLI) 2024-2025 Pacesetter award in Wide Format Sustainability: Product Innovation. This prestigious accolade acknowledges Canon as the leading company supporting environmental improvements and initiatives in the wide format printing systems market through product innovation, across its complete portfolio.


    In its extensive research of the global wide format printing systems market, Keypoint Intelligence identified Canon's outstanding commitment to sustainability through innovative features across its wide format print devices. 


    As part of the assessment, Keypoint Intelligence invited all leading document imaging companies to complete an exhaustive questionnaire detailing their environmental efforts and programs in a range of sustainability areas, including business operations, products, recycling, and goal tracking. Participating companies were also asked to make key personnel available for in-depth interviews with the Keypoint Intelligence analyst team to give a complete picture of their sustainability strategies. After gathering this data, analysts used a proprietary rating scale to determine the Pacesetter Award winners.


    Canon's commitment to innovation in sustainable wide format printing technology is evident not only in its extensive portfolio, featuring the Colorado, Arizona, PlotWave and ColorWave lines of printers, but also in its award-winning CrystalPoint and UVgel ink technology. 


    Through innovation, Canon actively strives to minimize the overall impact of its products throughout the complete product lifecycle. This starts with R&D and development – being engineered into the design and use – and continues all the way to end of life and the reuse, refurbishment and remanufacturing of products and parts. 


    Furthermore, Canon is consistently adopting energy-efficient LED curing technologies throughout its portfolio and with Canon’s award-winning, proprietary UVgel ink technology, customers can benefit from up to 40% less ink consumption compared with competitive technologies. UVgel technology also operates and produces output with zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions or hazardous air pollutants.


    Canon designs its products with the circular economy in mind to contribute to a waste-less society. By innovatively designing its printers and products to be modular and for greater longevity, they are upgradable, enabling them to stay operational for longer, rather than being seen as disposable devices with a limited lifetime. 


    Martijn van Hoorn, Senior Vice President Research & Development at Canon Production Printing, comments: “Being awarded the Wide Format Sustainability Award for Product Innovation by Keypoint Intelligence acknowledges the innovative developments we’ve made in designing our wide format printing systems portfolio to be a sustainable solution our customers can rely on. At Canon, we operate according to the philosophy of Kyosei – a Japanese word that means ‘living and working together for the common good’. This philosophy is deeply ingrained in the way we design and develop our products.   Product innovation is key in any R&D centre around the world, and we have actively defined sustainability and environmental impact as a key requirement for our future portfolio. This has led to numerous small and significant innovations that you see in every new product we release, most recently with the launch of our Colorado M-series with its modular design and in-field upgradability.


    “We passionately believe this long-term strategy will change the way large format graphics and other applications are being produced for the better, and will benefit our customers and the wider society.”


    Eric Zimmerman, Principal Analyst and Director Wide Format Printing at Keypoint Intelligence, emphasizes the significance of partnering with environmentally conscious manufacturers like Canon Production Printing, "Businesses have seen the results of becoming more eco-friendly, and by partnering with manufacturers like Canon, which are dedicated to environmental friendliness and place that central in their innovation, you are that much closer to achieving better sustainability."


    For more information about Canon's sustainability initiatives and its wide format printing portfolio, please visit and